Randome Thoughts ~ Life Happens


Right when you think your all caught up on everything and everything is running smoothly, a curve-ball get’s thrown right at your head! You have choices.

Option A. You can stand there and get hit.

Option B. You can move and get out of the way.

Option C. You can get a tight grip on the bat, close your eyes and pray, have faith, and  swing.

This week I had to go with Option C. My mother in law got taken to the ER this week and the taken by ambulance to another hospital about a hour and a half away. She is going to be O.K. for now. However, without getting into details, it’s going to be a battle for my whole family. It’s not a problem that will just go away. If your reading this and you pray, like to send positive thoughts or positive energy, that would be great.

I have managed to make it through the week so far. I have so much on my plate as far as school, I kept my head above water this week, and this weekend, I will be spending it doing one heck of a homework/ study marathon! I have so much to catch up on, my anxiety level is off the hook. But, this too shall pass, I will carry on and do what needs to be done.


I AM feeling stressed! But, I am going to choose to not let stress rule me, rule my life. Life goes on, and so shall I.

At school, I am lucky I have P.E. because I have been still getting a workout in. This has helped me so much. Even though I have a million and five things to do this weekend, deadlines, taking care of my mother in law (she should be released today or tomorrow,) I know I have to get my workouts in if I want to keep my sanity! I absolutely can not wait to go to my Yoga class tonight and de-stress! I’ve gotta make time for myself in all this CHAOS.


I have got to ATTACK this weekend with determination! Since I’m in school, my weekend technically starts today. I am going to make the CHOICE to not get overwhelmed, and just do what needs to be done! Take time outs when needed and give myself some grace.

I just wanted to check in here. It felt pretty good to get some stuff off my chest. If any time is a time to be strong and just push though. It’s now.


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