My Oatmeal Review~The Most Important Meal of The Day~ Simplified~

Happy Friday!!! TGIF!!! When you are a super busy College Student Friday’s have a whole new meaning!

Recently, I was offered the opportunity to do a review from My through Fit Approach AKA #SweatPink & I jumped at the chance, once I checked out the website!

Build your own combination, shipped directly to your mailbox! I was so excited I accidentally ripped the bag (lol! ) On the left Pictured is the PB Lean Powder which is amazing, It has been super yummy addition to my Green Smoothies too! On the right is Organic Oatmeal Gluten Free, Thick Rolled Oats. I added Flax and Chia Seeds. There are literally…..

22 Billion combinations of healthy oatmeal!

I decided not to get too crazy with the ingredients on my first order. I wanted a simple staple to add my own fruit and experiment with baking. My next order is going to be Cookie Dough and Cheesecake! Separate of coarse lol! Oh yes! I have new staple to my diet! Forget BK… “You can have it your way!”

Oatmeal is so good for your Heart. I have high Blood Pressure and a long family history of heart disease.

O-M-G this was so good! No Sugar needed!

Pictured below; The GFree Oats (already had Flax and Chiat in it), with the PB Lean powder, I added a little almond milk, a little cinnamon, and Fresh Blueberries. It was SO GOOD and ready in less than ten minuets from start to finish! My kids both LOVED it too! I’m think I’m going to have to hide the flavored ones that I ordered from them. Just Kidding! I will let them pick their own flavors and combinations!


This morning I have some fresh Honey Crisp Apples that I am going to add to it, with cinnamon!

I don’t think I could rave about this stuff enough! It was so delicious! when my order comes in, I will post some cookie and power bar recipes!


Check them out! Let me know what you think & if you have any good Recipes PLEASE leave them in the comment section!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, I was compensated with product only. The opinions are 100% my own. I love the product and can’t wait to get my order in the mail of the ones I ordered myself. It is affordable, easy, and OH so YUMMY!

So, What’s for Breakfast? Please Share!!!!!





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