My First Marathon –12k and Late Night Random Thoughts


I freakin did it! I did my very first Marathon and it was a 12K and absolutely AMAZING! I didn’t even train much except for the week before, because I didn’t think that I was going to go through with it, so I singed my bestie up and made her do it with me!  I was signed up a month ago with another friend, but I already knew she would be way ahead of me in the race. So I went into it with no expectations other than to finish! Why?!?! Because…. I could keep being afraid… I would never been completely ready or prepared…. so I just went for it! This quarter in school is kicking my booty! But, I’m surviving! Pictured below is my Daily mile for the week before the Marathon & marathon results.





I can’t wait to write a race recap next year! I know my pictures will be better, my time will be better, and I will have other races in the books. Now, the fear is gone and I’m ready to RUN!  I’ve already lost 5 lbs since the picture. I didn’t even take a rest day afterwards. My first rest day was, yesterday Sunday (Mother’s Day,) only because I came down with a sinus infection. Even today I got some miles in on the bike at school and then came home and crashed until 11PM. I should of went to doctor. Maybe tomorrow if I am not feeling better. I feel a little better, but I am also medicated.

One thing for sure I am freakin so proud of myself. I had mid terms last week, kept it all together. I want to do a real race re-cap later. It is a day I will never forget!

Moiving forward…

I feel like I’m on top of the world right now, even with being sick, because I am taking care of business and I feel the change in myself. I know I am going down the right path with my goals. My current goal is weight loss! Summer is right around the corner! I signed up for a new gym which is where the majority of my workouts have came from. I think my daily mile from last week said 12 workouts! The new gym has different classes all day long and brand new equipment! I LOVE it. I am still keeping my old gym membership, because my hubbys company pays most of it. There is one class I can’t give up from there… and that is Breath and Balance Relax Yoga. My teacher Michele is amazing. It’s also called Holy Yoga.  I always feel AMAZING after class. It’s a late night class and I always feel my stress and/or soreness go away.

So that’s it for now. I just had to get some of that out so I could go back to bed. Planned on this long race recap, had the pictures saves as a draft for a week now. I just wanted to SCREAM FROM THE ROOFTOP….I DID IT!!! Really, it is a big deal to me. Next up is a 5k in a few weeks. Who knows after that! A 12k for the first one really broke me in. When me and my friend passed mile three which we had run all that way, were like oh now a 5k will be a cake walk. The course was all hills and and they had a BIG hill called “doomsday” and after that it’s just feels like BRING IT ON! WHAT’S NEXT?!?!?!?



7 thoughts on “My First Marathon –12k and Late Night Random Thoughts

  1. YOU

  2. Congratulations I can almost feel your excitement. You rock girl! You definitely have the running bug. Have fun

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