SOUL Sunday — Intention * Planning * Success *


It’s a beautiful morning and I have come to love waking up early before the rest of the family. No matter how much I complain, I’m IN LOVE with the PEACE of the still quietness~


Up being a busy little bee getting ready for my week! Ahhhh the Sunday Ritual! The most important part of my Sundays is ME time!  I love that the Sun is up at 5am with me now during this time of year! I’m feeling overwhelming gratitude, that today is going to be a beautiful day weather wise. Nice and calm outside for a This years weather has just been BLAH to be perfectly honest. It gets so windy, My allergies are in full bloom, but today as I sit on the deck in the peace and Sunshine, I feel the change. Which in my region of the world is the Calm before the Calm! I love Summer here! This is the first morning the sun got up with me, it’s not blowing 50 mph, gray, or cold. I can’t wait to enjoy this beautiful day!


But, first I must do what needs to be done which is setting my Intentions for the week, planning, cleaning, and homework.

My Intention this week is to focus on my Weight Loss Journey.Going to get back to “Bootycalls” (working out when I first wake up!) This has been hard for me lately. But, it’s time to get up and GLOW!

I’m lucky I already have my menu made out for my week, which is amazing! A For The Glow  an AMAZING Perk of Bikini Bootcamp! The menu this week is mostly raw, because I am doing the “challenge!” Plus, morning video workouts my goal is to hit every GLOW workout this week, first thing in the AM! I need to print out my grocery list, clean the fridge & pantry & cupboards! After my Gym time and my run with my Friend! We are doing the hills by the park by my house! Then soon as my new AMAZING gym has their schedule up schedule in my classes that work with me and my friends schedule. My favorite new class is Hot Yoga and an amazing Strength training class!

UGH then the most Dreaded task….shopping LOL


I am so PUMPED & dedicated to this new week!! Only a few more weeks of Spring quarter and then a nice little break!

Time to GET ER DUN!!!!

Question?!?! What are you doing to prepare for your week?!?!?! I would love to hear from you! So please leave me a comment!!





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