Memorial Day Weekend – – Road Trippin — & Catch Up!

Road trippin on Memorial Day Weekend. Since, I will probabally have no service where we are going, I decided to keep a running log of my trip from my phone. We are headed to The Icecicle River, near beautiful Leavenworth, Washington. Hopefully, we catch some Salmon!! I was really stressed out leaving town this weekend when I am in my last weeks of school, finals, exams, I really brought all of my school books like I am going to get anything done! If I get my book read for my book report I will feel accomplished lol. Just hittinn the road, meeting friends there we are towing their boat, because we planned on going to Oregon, but plans changed, and we couldn’t take our boat where we are going. Hopefully, I stay on track brought some healthy snacks & food. Maybe a hike!?!?! Trail run!?! I know if I hook into a Spring Chinook, I will get my arm workout for the next two weeks! Well, just wanted to get this started and will add to it throughout the weekend!!



Well, we got in before dark and fished on the bank and didn’t get anything!



We were gonna sleep in our Honda Pilot but hubby decided to get a room in Leavenworth(a German town.) We had a awesome dinner at a little Italian place. So, good worth every extra calorie!!


Got up at 5am about ready to launch boat its cold and the river is running pretty fast. It’s beautiful out, but I’m sure it will be cold once we start moving.



Ok off we go!!!
Day 2 6am still  no cell phone reception, no fish! I’ve had the most deliciously wonderful cheat meals! Sorry, Not Sorry! Lol hopefully off to catch a fish, head home and homework homework all day Memorial Day! And the gym and green smoothies will be calling my name!!!

Day 3 — Pic at end of trip before we were on the road home. It started raining, no fish, I’ve been freezing, burning up and sun-burnt the last three days! My cell phone kept dying + no service + no fish + plus OWIE I look like a raccoon! O well, we got away, no kids and had a good time anyways! I won’t bore you with too many details. It was quite an adventure! The anchor to the boat got stuck and about a hour and a half the guys tried to get it out by climbing trees, fighting the rapids, and then going to a little hardware store and making their own anchor with chain, a bucket, rocks, holes, and a rope. It worked on some parts of the river. (We were drift fishing no motor on boat just a trolling motor allowed.) You had to anchor off to catch fish. Well, we ate out a lot in Leavenworth and everything was fantastic. I’m not even worried that they could be considered cheat meals! Worth every calorie!


Sunday night — I got back and CRASHED! I think I was sun-sick!

Monday — Homework all day I managed a whole weekends worth of HW in one day!

Tuesday — Back to school and my last two weeks and I have to buckle down like no other quarter! I was super pleased to still be down another pound,(even by not so clean eating all weekend!) when I went to my PE class! So far, in about a month I am down EIGHT POUNDS!!! I have broken my plateau and I am going to take major advantage of this! My weight gets stuck and then when I am off plateau I am steadily losing two lbs a week. Looking for my next marathon. I want to train right, for a 5 or 10 K. I’m thinking 5k that I run the whole coarse is a awesome goal!

Wednesday — Up early and ready to make today great! I love this Quote posted below! I’m still reading Miracles Now daily, and picking a random page. I’ve been doing some serious SOUL searching, maybe because I am at the end of the first part of my school, just summer quarter and I will have degree,but I am far from done! Trying to decide what path to take. I’m signed up to take signed up to take CNA class summer quarter for my remaining random credits. This is really pulling on my heart, I’m not sure becoming a nurse is for me. But, who knows, after this class I will either love it or hate it and decide to continue through the nursing program or change directions.

My truth — I don’t know which road to take. But, I am set up for all options!

I got this message in my email this morning! I LOVE my Daily Email From the Universe!

I’ve got decisions to make. But, I can take steps every day towards my dreams! Right NOW my focus is on the last two weeks of school, finals, exams projects, etc. If I think about it all, I’m overwhelmed! But, I choose to not get stressed and take it one step at a time! Getting in my daily workouts has been crucial to KICKING ASS during this hard quarter! I have to put ME first! And….. it’s working!


I hope this finds you all having a wonderful week!

What can you do today to take you in your direction of your dreams!?!?!?

Finishing this Blog, during quiet coffee time was my step for the day. I’ve decided to really learn what I am doing when it comes to blogging! FYI, I’ve been winging it. After all, this was just a journal. I never expected to WANT more out of it! So suggestions of taking the next steps on improving my blogging skills welcome! This is still a free Blog.

Anyways, many blessings to you all, I hope you are having a wonderful week!!!



2 thoughts on “Memorial Day Weekend – – Road Trippin — & Catch Up!

  1. I love finding little Italian spots when we travel that’s my favorite splurge.

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