*~Breaking Plateau — Just a Little Saturday Inspiration ~*


Happy Saturday!

I’m in love with SUMMER! It took a while, spring was just a long series of crappy weather! I have decided to invest in a lamp for my S.A.D. for next year. That is hard to admit, but you really don’t know how bad you have felt until you feel better! I pop out of bed at 5am everyday! No alarm needed! The weight has just literally melted off the last month! One pound away from TEN POUNDS! I feel like “ME” AGAIN! I have energy, I am really happy, and the things that should stress me out JUST DON’T! I’m super busy pulling off the last two weeks at school with a lot of hard work, but NO resistance. Even when I put things off and am busting out assignments, papers, etc. at the very last min … I’m O.K! The last month really the only thing I am doing different with the weight loss is……

I put my mind to it. I had been on a plateau for a while!

Literally! I made the decision that workouts come first above school work. The better the workouts, the better I stick with my planned meals! I have more focus for my school work than when I put workouts last after homework. I have been very MINDFUL about what I eat lately. If I’m full I stop.


My blog has been next to last on my list of things to do. VERY Last being housework! LOL My two week break from school, my goals are to upgrade my blog and clean my whole house, MAJOR de-clutter and garage sale! Oh, and get as much SUN AND FUN as possible!

What If

* What IF….

* What if…. I only buy fresh fruits and vegetables at the store.

* What if…. I go to the GYM on all the days I DON’T want to go.

* What if…. I eat slow and savor what I am eating instead of inhaling.

* What if I do my extra credit for my classes first before assignments that are due.

It’s been my WHAT IF’S THAT have been keeping me going the last couple month’s and they are working!


YES! I am feeling very happy! 6am and ready to tackle my workout and follow it with my TO-DO list and a butt-load of homework! Also…… Make some time for a little Vitamin D (SUN) today and a little FUN!!!!

Question of the day….

I always feel like in Spring and Summer I literally come out of hibernation.

Are you happier when the weather is nice?


4 thoughts on “*~Breaking Plateau — Just a Little Saturday Inspiration ~*

  1. Debbie Rodrigues May 31, 2014 — 4:13 pm

    Since I moved to Belgium, I learned to appreciate the sun. I used to take it for granted when I lived back in Brazil. But to tell you the truth, fall is my favorite season by far. Maybe because I am a autumn-child… Each season has its charms though. 🙂

    1. I agree fall is nice too especially on warm days!!!! Spring where I live is a joke always windy, major allergies, but I am happy to have it after winter!

  2. I am definitely so much happier in the summer and find it so much easier to eat well. Good for you getting back on track

    1. Thanks!!! Yes!!!! Summer is the best! Now to find a way to quit “putting on my winter coat” LOL

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