Random — Saturday Inspiration — And, The Race That Wasn’t Meant to Be~*


One thing about me is my refusal to give up. I may have setbacks, and mistakes, and learn by trial and error…

BUT, I don’t give up!

*I live with intention~*~*

*These Next four photos were made while I was doing a week long daily Mantra Challenge from Erin Stutland

* Day One was an amazing audio called a Soul Stroll. It was about a 20 min audio with music and Mantras playing in the background. It was absolutely amazing and empowering! I even used the Soul Stroll audio as I was doing chores around the house.

*The rest of the week… was 5 min get you moving workout videos with a Mantra, said out-loud, while you were doing “Just Five Minutes” of exercise. This really set my tone for the week, as I was going through exams and preparing for finals.

*It was amazing how five minuets of positive affirmations and setting an intention for the day changed my whole world for the day!


Sadly… The Color Me Rad 5K is today and I am not going. I am feeling a little disappointing, but it’s just one of those $hit happens, kind of things. I WILL be doing one in the future, however today’s race was just not meant to be. First it’s about a hour and forty-four min. away from me and I planned on going with my best friend. Unfortunately, she has the worst eve infection I have ever seen. And, it just didn’t feel right to go all by myself and cross the finish line with out her. So, we will be traveling in the near future to one of the Color Me Rad Runs and do it together~*

*I am about to embark on an amazing journey….

*Journey to the Half!

This is going to be a dream come true, for me. I am teaming up through Fit Approach Aka. Sweat Pink Ambassadors, with Team in Training LLS. to partner up for The Nike Women’s Half in beautiful SF, on October 19th. I’m sure I will be blogging a LOT about this throughout the next six months! I am so excited and so proud to be doing this, not only for me, but to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

TNTI am Officially, Official part of Team in Training!!! 



I just wanted to share this with you. As many of you probably know I am a member of For The Glow and next week they are kicking off a free challenge that I highly recommend!!! It’s free JUST DO IT!!!

About the Challenge:

They are, kicking off a FREE 5-day challenge next week with online Glow Flow workouts + a slimming #glutenfree menu to maximize your results. To access all the goodies, join our community here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/235206243331088/

What is Glow Flow?
Part yoga, part barre, part boot camp — this workout is the total package. The music is bumpin’, the pace is steady, and the sweat is pouring. Glow Flow will work you from head to toe, but in the midst of the movement — you’ll find yourself giggling and grooving. We push, we plank, we party. 60 minutes of bliss to start your morning, and you’ll be on your way to having the best day (and butt) ever.
#fitness #fortheglow #motivation #yoga #barre #bootcamp #glowgirl

Sweat Sclupt

Just wanted to share this Free challenge with you! Gives you a chance to get to know members of an awesome community and really get to check out what I’m always talking about when I talk about For The Glow!


I apologize! Yes, this blog post is random, and I jumped around subjects a lot! This happens when I take time off blogging!! But, I am back, ALL MY FINALS are DONE!!!! Last two weeks of school were nuts!!!

I will be posting a LOT more now and more in-depth with some of these topics.

Especially, my Journey TO THE HALF!!!  I have def got my work cut out for me on this one!!!

Hope everyone is having an amazing weekend!



4 thoughts on “Random — Saturday Inspiration — And, The Race That Wasn’t Meant to Be~*

  1. Debbie Rodrigues June 14, 2014 — 8:16 pm

    Sometimes it is better to drop one race here, to enjoy many more on a later date. Wishing you lots of success with your half!

    1. Thanks! Been a little bummed all day about not going. But, it wouldn’t of been any fun by myself! It’s not a timed race or anything. Just for fun and it woulda been no fun without my bestie!!!! Hope your having a great weekend!!!

  2. It is always disappointing to have to miss a race but there is always another one. Sounds like you are a really good friend. I did the NIke DC last year such a fun race. One year I have to do San Fran too!

    1. I’m so excited about the Nike Race!!!!! Ice been on cloud 9 ever since I got the news!!!

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