Motivation Monday — Weekly Intentions


Happy Monday!! This is the best Monday morning I’ve had in a long time! Why?!?! NO SCHOOL!!! I didn’t spend all day Sunday finishing assignments, and stressing Monday morning before school to finish assignments or cram for a test!  up!

My Sunday was LOVELY! I got some cleaning done, took a long hot DETOX bath  to start my day, I took a nap, my friend cam over just to chill out, my son cooked Fathers Day Dinner, I read a book just for FUN, and woke up to a semi-clean house. AND…. I just spent some quiet time after everyone went to bed to write in my journal and set my intentions for the week!



Things I am loving right now….

* I just LOVE Heather Waxman’s Blog!

* I am in LOVE with Heather Waxman’s Meditation Album! Check it out Here! She really connects with my inner Soul Sister! Typically what she writes in her blog and even her social media posts is just what my SOUL needed to hear! I am a part of the Soul Sisterhood community, and everyone there is so amazingly supportive! I freakin love all my Soul Sisters! It’s so amazing to… just have an instant connection over the internet! I feel like I was led there and I am truly grateful!


*The excitement has really set in about Running the Nike Women’s Half in SF in October. I got an email from my trainer With Team In Training and it really sunk in that I AM DOING THIS!!!

*Goals: Get a couple 5k’s in and a 10K while I am training for the Half! Oh and actually train for them!


*I just picked this image “Slow”…. because I love it! I have so much work cut out for me to REALLY become a runner. And, I am ready to do this no matter how slow the progress may seem!

Slow Progress Running Inspiration

I started my day with a For The Glow “Flow”video workout almost a hour. It’s free week of meal plans and workouts. You can check it out HERE!

Gonna check out a Noon class at my Gym today, It’s called Complexes Cardio and I have no idea what it is!?!?!?! BUT, I will find out! Noon workout classes I have not been able to do because of school, I always had a class at Noon. I will follow it up with a treadmill workout!

My week is planned out, I didn’t get to grocery shop and meal prep yesterday, I will be doing that today.

Monday it’s the New Sunday! LOL

What are your plans for the week?!?!


2 thoughts on “Motivation Monday — Weekly Intentions

  1. ahhh staycations are the best!! looks like you have an awesome week (:

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