Just another Random Saturday~*


Happy Saturday! I took a little break from blogging this week. Even though I vowed to write everyday, during my first week out of school! Part writers block maybe, and part trying to wind down and make the adjustment from something ALWAYS needing to be done. It’s been a good week!Coming off a stressful one!


I had been complaining about the lack of summer weather all this day Pictured Above and I got I got a little reminder that everything happens for a reason! Took a beautiful Soul Stroll, enjoyed the fresh air and beautiful double rainbow!


I feel TOTALLY “official”  now with Team In Training!!! Yesterday, I got a beautiful card, hat and visor on my front porch! I haven’t started my training, but made all the connections with my trainer, and mentor! I did get some awesome workouts in this week and reached my ten pound weight-loss goal! Ready for the next ten!

Got my fundraising page all set up and made connections with the Team In Training Groups!  I am so excited to be on the JOURNEY to my first Half! 13.1 feels scary to me right now! But, I’m ready for the challenge! (I think!?!?)

Last night was SOOOOOOOO Much fun!!!! I went to a fundraiser, blackout party at MY gym to raise money for the local Boys and Girls club! They are starting a fitness program with the Boys and Girls Club, how cool is that!! Two hours of Zumba and one hour of Yoga!

I won the raffle TWO times in a row. I didn’t believe it when my name was called the first time and REALLY didn’t believe it when they called my name! AND the very next raffle draw I freakin won again!!! I got 3 months of free gym membership, full auto detailing, and some cool Zumba towels on the first draw! The second time, I won free one month unlimited tanning at the most expensive tanning place in town and gave the three month membership to my friend that was with me as her Birthday Present! She won a awesome box of Zumba Clothes and odds and ends at the end!!! Itwas a blast! OMG I am totally sore, but up early and ready to go check out a new class at the gym, Pi-Yo!!! My Zumba teacher just got certified in it. I just bought the DVDs yesterday.


All in all it was a good week! Finished up Bikini Boot Camp this week (tear,) but no fear I have another challenge starting Monday!

Need to get ready for the gym, do my grocery shopping today, meal prep maybe too so I can enjoy the rest of Saturday & STRESS free Sunday!

Question of the day!?!? What are you doing this weekend?!?!?!

I hope you are all

2 thoughts on “Just another Random Saturday~*

  1. Wow what a great pic of those rainbows! I’m dong a team relay tri race tomorrow so excited should be lots of fun

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