*– Motivate ME Monday — *

Motivation Monday1

Good Morning!!  Happy Monday!!!

Jumped out of bed at first alarm, ready to tackle my week! Last week, I had a good week. Mostly non-productive, except for a few good workouts, spending time with friends, family, and really just trying to calm down after Finals! Got my grades all A’s. I worked really hard spring quarter, lost 11 pounds (during spring quarter, mostly from Bikini Boot Camp,) and managed not to go insane! So, overall it was a total success!!!


I am determined to have a great week! I shopped, prepped yesterday. I wrote in my journal my planned workouts, I am doing a free Five Day Grain Free Challenge  from For The Glow. Link is to the Facebook group. Go ahead and check it out! It starts today. I think this will be really good for my body. I shouldn’t eat bread, pasta, wheat, gluten etc. But, that doesn’t always stop me! Going to see what happens and how my body responds through, different kinds on elimination over the next few months. I’m on a quest to find what works for me!

MARATHON TRAINING!!! I didn’t get any runs in last week, just workouts,so lets just say I am “getting started” on my training for my half in October! My biggest challenge will be…everything!

Truth — I am not an outdoor runner! I am about to change that, baby-steps. I’m one of those oddballs that actually like the the treadmill. The temperature indoors is perfect, my gym even has cable ON the treadmill and there are no dogs chasing me! (Note to self…mace!)

Breaking out my Marathon Training Journal, that I have had forever, and keeping track of everything! I keep track on daily mile too, but I need to write it out.

Marathon Journal

Also, have classes at my gym planned with friends this week! 🙂

No Excuses

I have a bunch of other stuff on my list of NO EXCUSES for the week! Really getting my home clean and organized is one of them! I sort of skipped Spring cleaning! So, I guess it’s time for a good WEEK or two of SUMMER cleaning!!!


So, what are your plans for the week!?!? I wanna hear from you!!!






6 thoughts on “*– Motivate ME Monday — *

  1. I’m an outdoor runner when the weather is nice. If it’s too cool, too hot, or too rainy, I’m a indoor runner. 😀

    1. Haha! Yeah I like perfect weather! I am a total sissy about that!! I have a goal to get somewhat out of my comfort zone with weather conditions. But, I doubt you will ever see me running in snow or 110 degree weather! #keepingitreal

  2. I have 150-175 miles of biking this weekend so I’m taking it relatively easy.

    1. Wow!!!! Hey, can you reccomend a good bike?!? Once I got some goals I want a “GOOD” one for a reward!!!!,

  3. I love running outside and really couldn’t stand to run on a treadmill for more than 30 min. I love summer running and feeling like I’ve sweat it out. I have got to organize my house too but I keep putting that off!

    1. Honestly my goal is to learn to love outside running!!! I think once I get proper gear and try different spots for runs I am gonna learn to love it!!! Especially bow the mornings and evenings are perfect!

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