2 Year Blogiversity!! ~Workout Wednesday ~ #WOW Link Up + A Giveaway

Happy Wednesday!!!!

Thank You Diatta For inviting me to the the Workout Wednesday #WOW Link Up!

Head on over to her page Femme Fitale Fit Club  and show some love! There are some awesome reads this week, so I decided to join in the fun!!!!


My Daily Mile report from last week — I killed it on the workouts, but did not get my runs in! That’s OK I am conditioning right now! I am down 11 pounds since May! I killed 4000 calories last week!!! Which is great! Now it’s time to start focusing on my half-marathon training!!

Daily Mile


OK, New GOAL — I can get up put on a video, but getting out the door is the hardest part of my mornings! I have never been a morning get up and run person! THAT’S ALL ABOUT TO CHANGE!!! Y’all can hold me accountable to that!!! I realized that this is the KEY to reach my goals!!!!!

Wake Up And Run

I can’t believe it’s my 2 year anniversary with my blog! Time just flies! I can’t believe June is almost over. I am gonna DO IT I am gonna lace up my “sneaks” and get out the door in the morning! I can’t believe how much I have changed over two years. Not just physically, but mentally! I’m happy, I still have goals to reach and that is just FREAKIN AWESOME!!!!!




I find it so important to take some time outs and just power down and RELAX!!! This is one of my guilty pleasures and I’m #sorrynotsorry !!!!! Tonight is going to be a fun weights class, a treadmill run, and finish with some AMAZING HOT yoga!!!!!

Ready for a Giveaway!!!!


Enter to WIN a really cool swag bag curiosity of Team In Training and LLS! 

Enter to win HERE  or from your mobile phone Here

I hope you are all having a beautiful Workout Wednesday!





  1. Congratulations on your blogiversary and you KILLED IT last week with burning 4,000 calories! What were you doing? Climbing Mt. Rushmore? Now let me go check out this giveaway. Thanks for joining our WOW Link Up this week. I hope you don’t become a stranger. #wowlinkup

  2. Congrats on your blogiversary!!! My fave race tip, well one I try to remember anyway, is to pace yourself. The adrenaline at the beginning of a run always makes me want to start out too fast, then I’m burnt out way before I reach the finish line.

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