Workout Wendesday ~ Summer Bucket List ~ #wowlinkup

Happy Wednesday!!!!

Thank You Diatta For inviting me to the the Workout Wednesday #WOW Link Up! This is my second edition, it was so much fun last week! Lots of connecting between the people behind the blogs in the link up!

Head on over to her page Femme Fitale Fit Club  and show some love! And, Check out the amazing blogs that link up there!!!

WOW link up

Summer Bucket List

My Summer Bucket List — took a lot of thought!

There is so much to do during the summer — I am ready for some Outdoor adventures!!!

My Intention — is to try two different things a month, if not more! It’s time for some getaways!!!!


TODAY!!!!! Scary, YES! I am trying to talk my friend into taking off to the lake today for her SPECIAL B-day and we’ve always talked about cliff jumping and watched everyone else while we were floating on Sun Lakes in Washington State.  It’s a little bit bigger jump but straight down no rocks sticking out like that.

Rock Climbing! I have done this before…But I was like 21! Such a rush!!! I wanna do this with a few girlfriends!!!


Paddle boarding until Sunset! Throw in some Yoga moves, see if I fall off LOL

water rafting

I live in the Pacific Northwest! I can’t believe I haven’t been white water rafting yet!


Learn now to golf!!!

Stay tuned for the REAL pictures of my ADVENTURES!!!!


This is my friend Amy always up for adventure!!! Today is her Birthday Happy Birthday Bestie!!!!

Fitness Bucket List —

* Lose 20 lbs

* Run 5-6 miles without stopping by end of summer!!!

* Become a outdoor/morning runner!

* Increase Flexibility!!! (Lots of yoga!)

* Color Me Rad Run! (OK So it’s after summer) Discount code — RADFIT

* Mud Run! (Still looking)

* And last….. but not least…. be fully prepared for my Half In October!!!!

So, what is on your Summer Bucket List? Anything fun you would suggest? I didn’t list everything, just the ones I know I will complete before summer is over!





18 thoughts on “Workout Wendesday ~ Summer Bucket List ~ #wowlinkup

  1. I have been meaning to create a summer bucket list. Thanks for the great inspiration.

    1. 🙂 started it with a road trip with my bestie

  2. Rock climbing, paddle boarding, rafting…it all sounds wonderful!

  3. I just started rock climbing in an indoor gym and its been one of the funnest things I have ever done! I really love it and hope to see you do it soon! xo C #wowlinkup

    1. I got all excited because one (lol) of my gyms hyped up a rick climbing wall and all it was, was wooden boards with pegs. A place in town the closed had a rock climbing wall it was fun!!

  4. Love your list! You totally got this! #wowlinkup

    1. 🙂 I hope so!! P.S. My adventure yesterday was fun and relaxing! Took a air mattress and went floating on the lake out of town with my bestie. Only problem it was overcast so got a little sun-fried!

  5. Great bucket list! Lots of amazing and challenging summer activities on here. I really want to try SUP too! Thanks for joining the #wowlinkup!

    1. I really want to SUP too!! I would like to be able to paddle without falling in too many times first!!!

  6. Nothing like living life to its fullest – SERIOUSLY! You only get one so make a positive mark. Your bucket list is pretty extensive. Rock climbing seriously? Makes me nervous. LOL #wowlinkup

  7. What a great idea to have a summer bucket list! You are inspiring me to do the same 🙂 I’m not sure if I’d be good on the SUP, but have a few things I’d like to do. Thanks for sharing. Visiting from #wowlinkup

  8. Awesome bucket list! Would love to have you join my birthday party! It started yesterday, but feel to join in anytime. #ETCRunStreak #ETCYogaStreak

    1. Awesome!! Happy birthday!!! I will joint tomorrow since I ain’t doing crap today! Lmao!!!!

      1. Feel free to join anytime!

      2. Starting today with some HOT YOGA!! ❤ @lauriev767 on twitter~*

  9. On my summer bucket list is to go to some new outdoor festivals and have a picnic by the lake. I think I have already did a few of the others already. Visiting from the #wowlinkup

    1. Sounds wonderful!!! I love picnics by the lake!!! ❤

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