Serenity Sunday~ * Rest Day — Weekly Planning~*

*~Happy Serenity Sunday~*

Today is a day of rest, self-care, planning, etc.

I’m a little under the weather today. Good day to take it easy, a perfect day to take care of ME and feed my soul!

An old injury has been bothering me. I broke my ankle two years ago on both side and all of a sudden it’s aching, sharp pains, and creaking. My back feels out and my hips feel off. Time to get in to the chiropractor and massage therapist this week. It’s first on my to-do list for the week.

It has been a really off week as far as workouts and eating good. It’s a catch twenty-two don’t eat good don’t feel like working out, don’t workout don’t feel like like eating good.

*~Weekly Planning — Intentions~*

Just kinda taking my time in turtle mode today.

Get my workouts planned out.

Meal planning/prep and start of the week with a spotless kitchen is my goal for today!

Write out a good plan for the week for house (clearing clutter is the theme of the week.)

STUDY — plan out a block of time to focus. I have less than a month to take my CPT Exam.

Schedule in some FUN!!!!!!!!

Schedule is some ME TIME!!

Really, my intention for the week is to work on time-management, (one of my weak points.)

Limit my social media time, so get organized today, clean up email, set some time limits each day!

Take a block of time each day for just learning and reading. I’m really getting interested in crystals, aroma therapy, holistic health, Feng Shui etc. This could be ME TIME, because I enjoy this so much.

So, today it’s time to pamper me! (Biggest thing on the list is the kitchen.but that will start off my week right!)

* Detox Bath~* (Epsom Salt, Sea Salt, Lavender Oil, surrounded by candles!…ahhhh)

* Mani-pedi~*

* Hair Mask~* (I use Coconut Oil and honey.)

* Face Mask~* (Avocado, Greek yogurt and a little honey.)

* If the sun decides to come out today, a little time in the sun reading~*

* Take time tonight to journal, meditate, and watch the sunset!

Question of the Day???

How do you pamper yourself? Any good DIY rituals? Do you have a specific treat yourself day?







8 thoughts on “Serenity Sunday~ * Rest Day — Weekly Planning~*

  1. I love how you take the time on Sunday to plan out your week. I do it much more informally but it does make me feel so much more ready to face the week! I hope that your ankle, back and hips feel better! Injuries are no fun.

    1. Thank you!! I go see miracle workers for my back & hips! I don’t know what’s up with my ankle though. I haven’t injured it or anything.. just weird!! Hope you have an amazing week!!!

  2. the mani pedi is a must and that’s on my schedule this week too

    1. Yes a must!!! I do it myself! Went to school for that in HS hated it!

  3. Linda @ Fit Fed and Happy July 7, 2014 — 2:51 pm

    I made a goal to myself to spend all of ainday unplugged. Sadly, I lasted eight hours because of lack of tjingd to do in the afternoon!

    1. I was in bed at 6 slept until 7 am slept through a fever! Not even 80% today bit I’m gonna try to get some stuff done and stay off internet.

  4. So sorry your ankle is bothering you. Hope it feels better soon.

    1. Thanks! Whatever kind of went away. I was kind of unsure of Hot Yoga last night, but if anything it helped. Have two massage appointments this week. Get myself straightened out. 🙂

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