Ambitious — August

Happy Friday!!!!

Welcome August!

I can’t believe it’s August already! I don’t know where this year is going! I want to make the most of this last full month of summer! I LOVE summer and haven’t got a chance to enjoy most of it! Weather has been crazy! It’s just gray and gloomy today or it has been too darn hot! They are calling for thunder storms this weekend.

Am I gonna let that get me down?!?!

Heck to the NO!

I Love a good thunderstorm! I just pray that there is lots of rain to go with it, to help the wildfires burning here in Washington State!

I have a few major “Intentions” for the month of August!

* P.S. It’s my Birthday Month!

* Focus on my productivity and get the certifications that I am going for.

* Focus on my ABS — ABS August!!! Strengthening my core is a BIG one!

* Run, Run, Run, and runs some more!!!!

* I am putting it in my mind and I WILL lost some weight this month! When I really focus on losing weight I DO!!!! Let’s watch these lbs melt off with the heat of the Summer!!!!

(I may come back and edit and get detailed on this list later. Gonna spend some time writing in my journal and have appointments and some important errands to run!!!

I plan on making August Injury free, and ABSOLUTLY AMAZING!!! HOW ABOUT YOU?!?!?




  1. Sounds like a good plan to me. I would like august to definitely be a healthy month for my training too. I will be there for you! I would also like to find peace within myself, that is a major goal of mine. It is my birthday month tooooo, how exciting 🙂

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