Thursday Thoughts~


Good Morning and Happy Thursday!

The month of August is just flying by. I can’t even believe it is Back To School time already! I woke up extra early to get a workout in before taking my daughter Back To School Shopping and to a doctor appointment out of town today.  It’s so crazy to get up and it’s still dark out.

I’ve been extremely vulnerable to other peoples energy with the state of affairs that have been going on in the world. I had to cut myself off from watching the News for the most part.  Sure there is good things happening every day, but when it comes to the news right now… it makes my heart break. I see what’s going on and I read about everything on the internet. But, it is not how I have been starting my day! I’ve been turning the TV on right to Pandora Radio to set the tone for the day. I must say, it’s been a very productive and busy week.

My Birthday is in a couple days. Another year wiser. It’s been a good year, pretty amazing actually, however I tend to think of my birthday as a “New Year.” A time to refresh, reflect, and make some new intentions for the next year.


This quote by Mila Bron, rings so true for me. I really am learning to trust my journey and all the bumps, hiccups, and setback that go along with it. When I look back and reflect on where I have been and where I am, it’s nothing short of Amazing.

Where my journey is taking me in the future is pretty exciting as well!


I have been practicing a lot of “gratitude” and giving myself a whole lot of “grace” lately.

Everyday is a fresh start, full of possibilities and I am “getting there.” A light bulb went off and I am just taking my time, going with the flow, and going to see what happens next on the journey I call life!



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