Happy Soul Sunday — Birthday Edition

Happy Birthday To Me & Happy Sunday!!!!


Another year older & another year wiser~*

Woke up at my usual 4 am (no alarm) time. Spent some time with my journal and coffee! I can’t believe how fast the years are flying by at this point in my life. I’ve been waking up at 4-5am for months. If I go back to sleep I feel like crap when I wake up. So, I have graciously accepted that if the universe wants me awake at 4 am then… SO BE IT!

I used to be a night owl. But, this was when my kids were little and had early bedtimes. It’s taking me a long time to come to terms with this early hour. For a while I was dragging all day & a little pissed off that I couldn’t sleep in. Now I enjoy the peace and quiet of my mornings with every one still asleep. I would have to stay up REALLY late now to have this kind of peace and quiet. I guess it’s part of growing older. I do have to have a nap during my day & I am in bed before 10pm. I’ve tried staying up later, but my body clock still wakes me up this early! This may change as the days grow shorter. Just a few weeks ago if I got up at five, the sun was already coming out to greet me. Now it’s completely dark when I wake up. Once school is back in and perhaps I find a job this will all be changing. I used to enjoy my evenings when everyone was all sung in their beds, just as much as I have come to enjoy my mornings.


Everyday IS a Second Chance~* (My mantra to get me through each and every day!)

Now, I have a whole new year upon me. I am actually very excited for it!!!! I have had, major personal growth in this last year and it feels AMAZING!  It’s time to set some new personal goals/intentions for this next year. This last year I spent learning, preparing, and setting myself up for THIS YEAR! I’m at a even age and it’s still a even year and I have BIG plans! Personal growth and development are still my main priority. However, now I am READY in my mind, body, and Soul to take daily action towards making my dreams come true.

Priority #1 — ME — This is my time and TODAY IS THE FIRST DAY OF THE REST OF MY LIFE!



Remind yourself that it’s okay NOT to be perfect! A big fat Halleluiah!

This is hard…..

But, I am getting there and realizing that it really is OKAY!

In fact I LOVE that I am Perfectly Imperfect!


Cherish Yesterday ~ Dream Tomorrow~ Live Today — Richard Bach

I wrote a very long journal to myself this morning, about what I want to accomplish for the next year!

This journal entry is super long and completely attainable. I’m not ready to share all of it here on my blog yet. But, I will write out my main point.

* Daily, Daily, Daily!!! Habits, Workouts, Making time for MYSELF, and taking a step each and every day towards the direction of where I want to end up in a year! #DreamBig

My first major intention is Weight-Loss! This requires some major dedication! I am once again on a plateau! I know exactly what I need to do to break it. It’s only a little extra effort #Igotthis #imREADY — I’m going to be brave and post my transformation and progress on my blog & keep my friends and family aware of this intention, instead of keeping it to myself. I know exactly what to do…Now I just have to DO IT!

I could write all day, I will get more into my intentions in future blogs, but for now I am gonna go ENJOY my Birthday!!!

No Excuses!! Bring it on!!!!!!!!



14 thoughts on “Happy Soul Sunday — Birthday Edition

  1. Happy Birthday, Laurie!! Hope you have an amazing day filled with fun and fitness (:

    ❤ Jamaica

    1. Thank you!! Do you live in Washington State? Love your blog!!

  2. Linda @ Fit Fed and Happy August 24, 2014 — 7:03 pm


  3. Happy birthday! I hope you have an amazing day! :] I love your positive outlook! 😀 (I am still very unsuccessfully trying to turn myself into a morning person.)

    1. Thank you!!! Some days it kinda sucks! If I stay up late I still wake up that early!

  4. Everyday is a second chance-great reminder! Happy Birthday

  5. Happy birthday! (So glad you took a minute to link-up on #BlogDiggity today!) Today is also my husband’s birthday! Hence my late reply in reading all these awesome blog posts! Hope you have amazing outcomes on your next year’s “to-do” list! 🙂 And be sure to bring more blog awesomeness to #BlogDiggity next week! 🙂

  6. Happy Birthday! Hope it was great!

  7. Love this! That is so true, every day is a second chance, and a chance to be the best you can be! Keep up these inspiring posts 🙂

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