Sunday — Night Before MY 21 Day For The Glow — Metabolic Reset


Twas the night before the 21Day Metabolic Reset Challenge and all through the house…..


This isn’t my house!

And, 4 kids that aren’t mine are stirring allllllllll over the house. I am so totally prepped and ready to take on this challenge.

It’s not the fitness/ nutrition challenge that will be the challenging part, It is doing it from someone’s home with LOTS of kids. Five kids here and my two at home. Long story short… My best friends husband was in a bad accident at work and he is over in a special hospital until at least Sunday. My friend didn’t leave me a car-seat for the two year old. Thank GOD my daughter drives and has been helping me this weekend, Luckily I found a loner car-seat tomorrow and when my daughter will not be around to help.

I had to bring my juicer and blender, back and forth from home grabbing stuff and get food for all these kids and food for my challenge! Right now all of a sudden I have a beautiful quiet moment. Calgon take me away! Seriously, I’ve been here since Friday. It has been an adventure I will tell you that. And it’s a long week ahead of me! Oh yeah, and kids and myself have been sick. Me, bad sinus infection settled in my chest. Kids are getting over strep and one kid with a double ear infection. So, I have been to walk-in clinics lots of prescriptions to pass out and keep straight. I am so glad that I finally got on some and finally getting relief.

It’s QUIET night here. I let them all wear themselves out. I have my food prepped, detox tea that I am going to add Coconut oil and Cinnamon to almost ready. My alarm set early. I am gonna have to get my workout in, way before kids wake up. I am going to spend some time ME time journaling, reading, and mentally preparing myself! I am not gonna let this chaos get in the way of my challenge! I am ready to #getupandglow



I love that word!

I have the intention of success and getting everything taken care of here and other things that I have to be doing!

Starting off the challenge on Labor Day, I didn’t have plans anyways. So, I am happy I don’t have to turn down a good BBQ!

I haven’t really had a second to think, much less write a blog. I am going to use this blog to track my progress.

LOL the only thing I forgot was my yoga mat! OOPS. I literally brought half my house over here!

I got on the scale today and it said, “HELP ME!” LOL!!! I know for a fact all my fall clothes from last year do not fit, I have been living in yoga pants. I have to stay accountable and organized and I’m ready!

I honestly don’t know how my friend keeps her sanity. I’m used to two kids! So here’s hoping I make it through the week with out literally going CRAZY!

Anyways, it felt really good to hide myself away and write this!!!



2 thoughts on “Sunday — Night Before MY 21 Day For The Glow — Metabolic Reset

  1. Really nice of you to help out your friend-hope her husband is ok. Good luck with the 21 days

    1. Thanks! So far the surgery went well. I will be here until Sunday if they let him out then. Day One off to a good start…couldn’t make it through whole workout, but also getting well. Baby-steps. Focusing on really eating clean and no sugar.

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