Moving Forward Monday

Happy Monday~*

Ahhhhh… a fresh New Monday in a fresh new Month!

It started off good, I woke up at a decent time 5am. Which is good! I typically had been waking up everyday at 4 and dragging all day! This has been the time for the last few days. Before the time change all of a sudden, I went from 4am to 6 am, and then with the time change BAM 5am feeling like 6am! I FREAKIN LOVE it!

I woke up got my morning pages done and was dressed and out the door heading to the gym ay 6am. Got my “test run” in. Let’s just say I have a starting point. Came home and took a nice shower that turned into a detox bath, because my body felt achy today.  When I was doing dishes, I briefly noticed my back pain radiating through my back, legs, hips! BUT, when I got into my real workout, I realized… “Houston We Have a Problem Here!” My Hips/Back/Legs are off and the back pain was/is horrible. I made the decision to quit messing around and get in for Physical Therapy. I’ve been trying to avoid this. Been seeing a Chiropractor sporadically, and thanks to insurance I get a massage once a month. But, It’s just not enough. My problem is way bigger than that. I haven’t been listening to my body and the problem has been progressively been getting worse. No wonder I have been skipping certain workouts on purpose and sticking with stuff that won’t hurt. OK sorry that was a long rant, bottom line I listened and now it’s time to fix the problem! and, my point being that I haven’t been listening. Or if I have I’ve been ignoring the voice!

In other news, I actually met my word goal of 2500 words a day towards my Novel Challenge for NaNowrimo. Basic goal was like 1667 words a day, but I decided 2500 was the number I need. It was super fun, and it didn’t even feel like a chore.  I am so relived that this isn’t as hard as I had been making it out to be, like UM, my whole life. I have always wanted to write a Novel or two or 5! I wasn’t so sure how everything was going to balance out by me taking on this challenge. If I could still have time to workout, blog, and homework! But, as it turns out adding this one thing that is time consuming, that I LOVE to do, was the key to me completing other tasks. I planned really good, did food prep etc. 🙂

Now, I have to re-vamp my workout schedule and claim this as “Yoga Week!”

Maybe, I have found my balance?!?!? 🙂


Yes! Yes! Yes!!!!! Right freakin now!!! No more excuses!!!!!


Anyways, had to lock myself in my room to write this and next up in homework!

Hope you all are having a great start to the week!

4 thoughts on “Moving Forward Monday

  1. Woohoo! 2500 words! Awesome!

  2. Love those quotes! I had to get up at 5 today for a flight and I feel like a zombie. don’t know how you do it everyday

    1. If I HAD to get up it’s a ehole different story! Usually i watch the clock all night and just fet to dead sleep when the alarm is going off! Especially for something like a flight!!! Safe travels!!! Somewhere warm and tropical I hope?

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