Soul Sunday — My Mantra/ Word for the Week — Enthusiasm

Happy Sunday!

From Week Nine in The Artist way I came upon a quote that spoke to me, which led me to my mantra for the week — Enthusiasm

“Enthusiasm is not an emotional state. It is a spiritual commitment, a loving surrender to our creative process. Enthusiasm – from the Greek, ‘filled with God’ – is an ongoing energy supply tapped into the flow of life itself.”

(Julia Cameron)

I will ATTACK this week with Enthusiasm!

I think out of all the days of the week, Sunday is my earliest wake up! I awake around 3 am almost every Sunday, finally decide to get out of bed around 4 am; as visions of To-Do lists, chores, workouts, homework, things that need to get done etc. swim in my head.

I can make great plans for the week, that easily get taken over by life! It is the actual execution of these plans where my problems manifest. I overestimate my week and what I can get done successfully. I come up with this “Grand Plan,” and when some things don’t get done… I feel…. FAILURE. Then the whole week’s plan goes out the window!

I’m pretty sure this has something to do with my other morning “too early,” wake ups!

Trying something different this week. I am going to plan only the MUST-DO’s. A “realistic” Morning and Evening routine that I will stick to, if ONLY for this week, One day at a time. One task at a time. And, add in “Enthusiasm” and “gratitude” to each task. Especially the mundane tasks such as cleaning. If you don’t know anything about me, this is the main area in my life, that I can never seem to get under control.




I’m not lazy, I am just a closet perfectionist. And, doing stuff that gets undone faster than I can do it is frustrating! Then I get in the overwhelm mentality, the “I’ll do it tomorrow,” mentality.

If only for this week, I am going to do these tasks with “Enthusiasm!” Especially the tasks I don’t want to do!

Get rid of clutter a little each day, and keep up on my basic plan of some routines. Perhaps, I can create some habits by doing these routines everyday? Try going to bed with a empty sink, instead of a sink full of dirty dishes that starts off my day on the wrong foot. Waking up and wrestling with the dishes in the sink to get to fill up the coffee pot with water. In turn, making a bigger mess. Set my coffee the night before, during my PM routine. Simple things that will make a huge impact.

I’ve honestly created some bad habits with my “I will do it later” thinking!

This is something that comes up everyday in my morning pages. Clutter. It’s emotional for me. How and where did all this crap come from?

I know I can make and execute a plan that will make my life a whole lot easier. That will keep me in bed until at least 5 or 6 with out waking up in the middle of the night thinking about everything that needs to be done. Everything that I said yesterday that I will do tomorrow.

So, I am gonna DO IT! If just for this one week! I am meal planning and prep today. Cleaning, scheduling out my workouts. Writing it all down in my little journal and also experimenting with “time,” how long it takes me to complete tasks etc. Use my timer to, work on certain areas each day just to get rid of stuff!

ACK! So, I spilled the beans if you don’t know me! I am going to change the way I look at the stuff that I have to do this week. I will not be doing all this “stuff” because I have to..I will be  because I “want” to, and I will do it enthusiastically! I will do it, because my SOUL NEEDS and CRAVES balance!

And, it all starts today with a lot of coffee, planning, music, candles, incense, and a desire to have a great week!

And, to LIVE in the moment at ATTACK each day with Enthusiasm!

Wish me luck! I would love to hear from you. Tips and tricks are always appreciated. And, if anyone else is a procrastinator, I would love to hear from you to!

8 thoughts on “Soul Sunday — My Mantra/ Word for the Week — Enthusiasm

  1. I love this post. I’m still struggling to get out of bed because I’ve been getting up so early every other day. But your post is the perfect motivator to get me up and going, with enthusiasm.
    I’ve been trying to declutter and get rid of some clutter every day.
    One tip that’s worked for me: I have a lot of useless items that have some slight sentimental value that was cluttering my apt. I have been able to finally get rid of them by taking pictures and saving the pictures instead of the item.

    1. That’s a woderful idea. I have a lot of stuff that I can do that with, have lits of sentiment stuff mixed in with junk from years of stash and dash!

  2. I’m guilty of procrastinating too, and am only half in the closet about my perfectionist tendencies. Good luck this week! If you can be successful all week then next week will be even easier!

  3. Holy cow! Sunday is the least amount of steps for me- sleep in and rest day. Going to church or a walk is all I really do lol. Good job

    1. Trust me I would love to sleep in n Sundays! I just wake up on my own thinking about all my to do’s and cant go back ti sleep. Hopefully, im getting myself more organized so I stop waking up stressed!

  4. Wow 3 am is pretty early! I don’t get up that early but I do find I get quite a bit done in the early morning hours.

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