Fab Friday — Let’s Talk New Year’s Resolutions

I don’t know what happened to 2014 — I must have blinked!

I know it’s not even Christmas, but New Year’s still tops my Favorite Holiday List! Call me crazy, I don’t care!!! I love the promise of a New Year, new changes, wipe the slate clean, and fresh starts. I don’t even care that I will be one of those people at the Overcrowded Gym on New Years day! Hey, I’m there all year, but going to the gym on New Year’s just fine. I think New Year’s Resolutions are “under-rated!” You may find me in the storage bin isle at Wal-Mart with 20 other people, that’s cool too! I love aspiring to New Goals, Intentions, Self-Improvement etc. etc. etc.

This year my number #1… (drum Roll please)

Getting Organized! Yup! That is my New year’s resolution.

After going all the way through The Artist Way with Morning pages and all (again!) I realized….. that It’s time for me to come out of the closet! But, First I have to clear a pat to the actual closet! Yup, you heard that right! Oh man, I am stepping out of my comfort zone with this one. I am gonna designate a day here on the blog to update my progress with “Before and After” pics and how I am handling this emotionally. It’s my best kept secret and I am really letting it out! I can stash n dash with the best of them, but piles, and piles, and piles of STUFF is hidden behind closed doors! And, quite honestly… Out in the open, you just aren’t invited over or in! Yup, it’s true. It’s sad and it’s my one big big downfall that is holding me back fro any more goals or intentions that I have.

Well, I have had enough! I am doing something about it! Seriously, some rooms I don’t even go into in my home, just to throw something on top of a mountain and quickly shut the door. I don’t even need to make any more Resolutions this “one BIG thing” will clear the way for everything else! And, It is a BIG thing.


(Image Via, The Tao Of Dana)

Yup, I joined in the Catalyst Camp from, The Tao of Dana and that is how I am starting my new year! Seriously, check it out! I just love her style, I’m already stoked based on the intro Video Series! Check it out! This is the best gift to myself for the New Year is less stress and a clean and organized home! If you can’t find your closet either message me, I love accountability partners! I’m gonna Feng Shui my way to happiness! I’m a little nervous to put myself out here like this, seriously. I’m not sure what day I will designate here on the blog yet, but I am putting it all out there to keep MYSELF accountable!


Anyways, There it is my dirty (literally!) little secret!!! And, the truth will set you free!

Bring it ON 2015! I already feel better just writing about it.

How about you, what is your New Year’s Resolution? Big small I wanna hear about it. Even if your Anti-Resolutions let’s chat! As, always tips are welcome! If you are joining me at Catalyst Camp let me know!



22 thoughts on “Fab Friday — Let’s Talk New Year’s Resolutions

  1. I started to declutter my life in the last few months but I still have a LONG way to go! My kitchen cupboards are next…

    1. It is never ending! I am totally stoked avout the Catalyst Camp. I’ve been a huge fab of her blog for a year!

  2. getting organized is big for me too and to blog more!

    1. Yes! Both!!! I think blogging will come easier to me once i remove all this darn clutter!

  3. I’m looking forward to your before and after photos. Few things excite me more than organizing. I was a very messy disorganized teen. If you didn’t know what colour my carpet was, you wouldn’t have been able to tell by looking in my room. I’m the other extreme now. It happened when I went away to university. It wasn’t a gradual thing. I was a slob one day, and pristine the next. I don’t recall it being a conscious decision. It just happened. I don’t know why I changed my ways.

    1. I swear I’ve been supressing OCD to let the house go like this for ummmm years! I think i may be closet perfectionist so I’m all or nothing and it’s been years of nothing!!! Omg this is gonna be a seriously big project for me that’s why I sought help and doing the Clutter Camp Challenge! This clutter is very emotional for me!!!!

      1. You’ll do great with Dana. If anyone can inspire great things to happen, it’s her. 😀

      2. Omg I love her!!! Her blog/vlog is amazing! I just went through her Artist Way Group! She is just sooooo inspiring!!!!

      3. I love everything she puts out there. When I’m having a rough day at work, I just let her YouTube channel play in the background. Her artist way group inspired a lot of changes in me. I’m really grateful that she does what she does.

  4. Hi! This is my first time stopping by, and you know, I’ve never heard of Catalyst camp. Very interesting. I’m actually a neat freak, who lives in a small city apartment so I don’t have a problem with clutter. But I like to do more with less, and I’m guessing that is part of this whole concept. Happy Friday to you! I love the restart of a new year too, by the way!

    1. I think there is a LOT more involved in this challenge! It deals with the emotional side of the clutter.. feng Shui and changing my energy. Kind of a wholistic healing approach! I’m totally excited!!

  5. My new years resolution is to take every opportunity that is thrown my way!
    Thanks for sharing.
    x Tiff (Creator & Editor-In-Chief @ http://hautemessmag.com)

    1. Awesome Resolution!!!!! I love it!!! Wishing you lots of Opportunities in the New Year!!! Xoxo

    2. Thanks! You unintentionally inspired me! I totally agree that is just so AWESOME…. I’m with you. I’m all about following every opportunity in the New Year! XOXOXO Laurie~

      1. Ahhh, that makes me smile! All the best to you this year! LETS KILL IT!
        x Tiff (Creator & Editor-In-Chief @ http://hautemessmag.com)

  6. That first quote is definitely one of my favorites, and something that I really try to live by!

    I have a never-ending pile of stuff in my life to declutter, haha. One step at a time! 😛

    1. Exactly!!!! Never-ending pile of clutter.. My lifes theme song lol

  7. Organizing is a big one for me next year, but not so much stuff and clutter (I do pretty good with that) but more like time management and organizing all things blog related! It’s like once I had my third kid back in February I still haven’t been able to get my act together.

  8. Hi I am visiting from How To Get Organized At Home. Thanks for sharing your post, I love to organize and there is so much more stuff to it than just putting an item away, decluttering the mind is important too! Thanks for sharing:)

    1. Thanks! Love your blog!! Yeah, it’s totally a lot more, for me it’s super emotional! And, that’s really why I put nyself out here like this for accountability and I’m ready to emotionally deal with all this crap and move forward!!!!

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