Happy Holidays

Happy Thursday! Merry Christmas!!!!

I can’t believe it’s already Christmas already! One thing that is nice is about the kids getting older is I don’t have to worry about them waking up at 4 am! I actually slept into almost 7. I am in my New Jammies and Fuzzy Socks (with no plans the whole day to get out of my Jammies) and everyone still in nestled all snug in their  beds!!!I have candles lit and Christmas Music going and I am truly counting my blessings, for I have had so many! we did dinner yesterday so it’s leftover and Movies all day!

Woke up overwhelmed with gratitude. Taking some quiet time to journal and read this morning! It’s only Christmas and I am already thinking about New Years!!!! I know I mentioned my Big Resolution was to get Organized in 2015. But, this is a full circle kind of “O” that I am going for! You better believe, I have big Goals and Intentions for 2015! I may be starting with my home, but that will overflow into everything else in my life! I want balance in every part of my life and I am as ready for it and it is for me! Being overall healthy is very important to me! I will continue on my health journey in 2015!


Energy & Intentions…. Nuff Said!


Wishing everyone the Happiest of Holidays, from My Family to yours!





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