Life Happens

Happy Wednesday! 

Just a quick check in. I am on day three For The Glow Resolution Challenge, detoxing from sugar, meat, processed foods. Allowed one cup of coffee a day this week and none next week. This is my third year and every single year, I forget how real the struggle is. Headaches, body aches, and brain fog!

Yesterday, wasn’t so great, but I stayed strong.

Last night I took my Mother in Law to the ER, she has a bad liver and just got out of hospital Sunday. Took her in, because she was vomiting pure blood. I will find out more later, but she is doing good and stable. Well, they transferred her to the ICU a hour and a half away and headed out of town. I am determined to stay “detox approved” food today. Feeling the brain fog from detoxing. Sugar and caffeine most likely the main cause of my detox symptoms. Really re-evaluating myself and realizing the “addiction aspect”as I go through this process.

Will talk more on my feelings and emotions during this process as I go along. Just being real, because I am ready to fess up and get down to my main issues. which I will talk about more when the brain fog clears.

With the back and forth to the Hospital out of town presents new challenges and stress in the mix. Staying strong, staying strong, just a reminder to self!






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