Late Night ~ Random Thoughts

Monday ~ Late Night!

ACK! I fell asleep at like 6ish! Had a headache after I FAILED a test, because I ran out of time. I put in my headphones, without music playing just to “kinda”drown out background noise. My mistake! I had My husband and Mother in Law on both sides of me, kids asking for things, Mother in Laws phone going off, and I didn’t tell them to “STFU!” I was on a tight time limit and as usual taking it last minute after studying all day.  Lesson Learned…the hard way. This class doesn’t offer much points, so this will severely affect my grade. Crazy how something so little can affect me so greatly. The Hubs and the MIL, didn’t seem to care or get why it was a big deal. I think only people in school, can understand other people in school! The stress of assignments and due dates etc. Kids fresh from high school have it easy. People like me have to work harder and care more about the outcome of every little assignment.

I didn’t even get to post my Monday (Home) feature today. (sigh)

BTW the house is coming along great. And, Catalyst Camp is exactly what I need right now. I’m loving it so much! It is like magic for my soul.

But…. seriously! I am faced with this new challenge (MIL living with us) and I’m getting really frustrated. I am trying my best, and my best is not good enough. at least it feels that way. I’m not perfect. I don’t want to be perfect. I just need some CALM!

Going back to sleep, I AM GOING to take it ALL out on my Mat in the morning!

Sorry, this post was pointless. I should of just grabbed my journal. But, I feel better letting out my frustration, and can hopefully go back to sleep.

Tomorrow is a New Day Full of Possibilities! XO






2 thoughts on “Late Night ~ Random Thoughts

  1. Today is a new day!! You got this!

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