Fashionably Early Friday’s — Superbowl Weekend Edition

TGIF! Happy Friday!

Another super early morning for me! Woke up at 3am, finally decided to drag myself out of bed at 4am. I don’t know why this happens to me every Friday Morning, without fail. I have been even trying to stay up late, so that I can sleep in and it does not work on Friday’s no matter how hard I try! all I can say is I can’t wait until nap-time today! O well, I’m up and going to make myself productive and start getting ready for Superbowl #49 Weekend!

Working on Menu & workout planning for the weekend! Just because it’s a holiday, doesn’t give me permission to fall off the wagon, #NoExcuses I am going to be making some deliciously healthy treats! But, a few indulgences will not hurt me! I am really excited about this Superbowl! I may do a little shopping for a New Jersey this morning as well!

There is one thing I hate about holidays, (yes, I consider Superbowl Weekend a National Holiday) and that is…. crowded stores! I am getting all my shopping and errands done this morning! Also, getting the house cleaned and all my homework done today so that I can actually enjoy the weekend! Probably, why I woke up so early. I am going to hit up Hot Yoga this morning, after my appointments.  Get it all done this morning and then…….. take an Amazing Nap this afternoon!



Another bonus…I am watching last night’s episode of Vampire Diaries. #dontjudge

I do appreciate my morning’s while everyone is sleeping, but 3am is just crazy! I need to re-set my internal alarm clock to something more along the line of 5-6am. That would be great, and I wouldn’t be dragging all day. But, I’m up and it’s time to get busy setting myself up for a great weekend! And, a great nap!

Question Of The Day?


What are your plans for the Big Superbowl Weekend? Do you have a favorite Recipe to Share?

Hope you all have a blessed weekend!




11 thoughts on “Fashionably Early Friday’s — Superbowl Weekend Edition

  1. I’m going to try and get up and get a relaxing yoga class in. I desperately want a sleep in on the weekend, though!

    1. I’m really hoping for a sleep in on Saturday!!! I hate waking up when I don’t n have to!!!

  2. I am such a chronic early riser. It’s my worst quality. Haha. No, it’s good when I actually get out of bed and do something productive! Happy weekend!

  3. I wake up at about 4:30 every single day with no fail. I feel your pain, but I can’t ever seem to nap though. You’re more motivated than I am, I lay in bed for hours getting frustrated that I can’t sleep haha. I’m going to my first Super Bowl party in years. I need to figure out what dessert I’m going to make.

  4. They are calling for snow on Sunday late afternoon into the evening so my husband and I will probably just stay home for the Super Bowl and I will most likely make my yummy Buffalo Cauliflower Bites to enjoy during the Super Bowl 🙂

  5. hang out and relax with my puppy and husband

  6. i’m so sad my team won’t be there but i’ll get up early get things done and still watch the game

  7. UGH! So sorry you are up that early, that would be so frustrating!! Good for you though, in being productive in those early hours opposed to parking it on the couch. Happy Holiday Weekend!!

  8. We are having a bunch of friends over. I did a healthy super snacks post a few days ago. It’s hard to stay away from the chips

  9. We have a pretty laid back weekend…which is always a blessing!

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