One Day at a Time ~


I have the Intention of this week to stay Committed!

To, everything. Main Focus…. prior commitments that got put on the back burner while my Mother In Law lived with us, until her last breath in her body that was fading away here on Earth. Even in her “sleep before death” her Heart stayed strong and so did her Soul. It was is a hard road. The smallest things feel like the end of the world right now. My anxiety is off the hook! One task at a time, one workout at a time, one clean meal at a time, one completed Homework assignment at a time, moving FORWARD one day at a time! And, I have other new commitments. All I can do right now is do what is absolutely necessary to keep me moving forward and keep going.

It’s Sunday…. Homework, Cleaning, Grocery Shopping, and Meal planing day. Looking forward to spend some time with family today.



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