Random Saturday — Hello August

Welcome August!

EEEK! I can NOT believe it’s August already!

Time flies while you are going crazy, I suppose! Crazy in a good way. Me and hubby have been taking off out of town every chance we get to go fishing. And. every trip is unplanned pretty much. He just wakes up in the morning and says lets go. And I’m like I’ll be ready in ten! I kinda like it this way! Just throw in some clothes a bag make sure we have all our chargers and pillows (can’t sleep without our own pillows!) Another reason I truly LOVE summers! Random days with friends as well when we are at home.

So, this is sort of a “Random Saturday” at my house! I am actually AT HOME all day with no plans. Except doing a BIG time cleaning session! EVERYTHING needs to be done. All this fun we have been having the house has been seriously neglected. Also, just taking the time to SLOW DOWN it’s a planning day as well. Time to set some intentions! Of coarse I can’t plan for all the random Adventures that August is going to bring, I can make a meal plan, a home plan, workout plan, work, studying etc. I really wanna stretch August out as much as possible! Get myself more organized, so that taking off is not such a big deal and I am thoroughly prepared!

It’s also, my Birthday Month! 

It’s also, the beginning of Football Season.

And, what feels like the end of summer. 

So, I am ready to make the most of it!

I am also, focusing on running (I’ve feel off the “runners wagon” a little bit with running due to my hips,) Yoga Everyday, and filling all the workouts in between! Some of which will fall under the adventure category! Which makes me smile!

I am about to get ready and head to our local Farmers Market. Eating so super clean is also a top priority this month!

Writing EVERYDAY is way up there on that list as well, as I am working on some projects!

Well, off to go enjoy my “Random Saturday,” pretty excited for a New Month. I feel good, like a lot of pieces are falling into place all at the same time. A lot to get excited about! And, how about last nights beautiful Full Blue Moon!?!?! Maybe that’s where my energy is coming from today! lol Whatever it is giving me all this energy it’s time to make use of it!

I hope you all are having a beautiful weekend!!! 



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6 thoughts on “Random Saturday — Hello August

  1. Ohhh! You and your husband sound just like us. Some clothes, our pillows and an adventure always waiting. It’s the best way to spend the summer I agree!!! Though I don’t fish as much…I do adore being near the lake.

    Happy Birthday month by the way Laurie! Hope you have/had an amazing Birthday surrounded by all the people you love. You definitely deserve it for all the joy you spread in this world 😀

    Amber xoxoxox

    PS. I agree 100%. That full moon was POWERFUL. I had some crazy dreams and things feel very different this morning.

    1. Thank You Amber! Yes, the moon was seriously powerful! I feel a sense of clarity this morning. And, I’m loving it!

    1. Thanks for the link up…love your blog ♡♥♡♥

  2. Yeah, Happy Birthday! Mine this month too! Also trying to keep up with running, fitness, and now a dance exercise program. So much to do in the summer! Enjoy!

    1. You too and have a wonderful Birthday Month as well!!!

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