Workout Wednesday — Back In Action — Half Training #wowlinkup

WOW link up


Happy Wednesday!!!!

Thank You Diatta For inviting me to the the Workout Wednesday #WOWLinkUp!

Head on over to her page Femme Fitale Fit Club  and show some love! And, Check out the amazing blogs that link up there!!! Also Thank you to the Co-host Shelia at The Frugal Exerciser.


What a beautiful quote! — Everyone should take this to heart.


Can I get a AMEN! This is so simple…yet so powerful! I am a true believer in Karma!

Nike Womens Half

Let’s Just say, My Journey to my first Half Marathon, STARTS RIGHT NOW!!!!!!

I have 13 weeks and 5 days until the BIG EVENT! I’ve had some setbacks! My ankle is better, it has not been bothering me, I had two massages next week and started seeing Chiropractor again for my hips/back. I am feeling about 80% better with that issue. So, with the clock running down it’s time to get serious and take this to the next level.

The FIRST level — Confession — I am at the starting point of not being able to run a whole mile with out walking! However, I can HIIT it for a few miles, so that’s a good thing! I know this is a 100% mental challenge that I will have to get over, in order to be successful!


I am so thankful to be working with Team In Training for this BIG goal/milestone in my life!

I have received so much support from the Team and my Mentors!

I re-visited an amazing Guest Post Five Tips for Setting (and Reaching!) Your Running Goal   written by: Katie — at Live Half Full.

In her post she linked —

Top Ten Fundraising Tips for Runners

I really needed this today, in re-visiting her post.

So far, I have not raised any money for LLS — My Fundraising page for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Well, It’s time to get my rear in gear and get going on my GOAL!

My Ideas so far…

* I am trying to volunteer at The County Far in the Bar to raise money in August. I am also, going to talk to local bars.

* I am running a raffle! For every dollar donation, I will be running a raffle to win a Gift Card from Starbucks, Amazon, and iTunes.

* I am working on sponsors, for every Five dollar donation I will be running a raffle with a big prize. The contents are still to be announced.  I will be adding in some stuff myself so it will be an amazing Prize!!!


Have you ever done fund raising for a Marathon?

* What worked for you and what didn’t work for you! I am totally open to suggestions tips, tricks, etc.

* Any and all suggestions are appreciated! And, if you can spare a dollar I will start adding in names for the raffle!

I hope you are all having an amazing week!!!





Sanity Saving Saturday — Mission Weekend Warrior


Happy Saturday!!!! Kinda been a little off and on all week. I don’t know if it was a little writers block, or I just didn’t feel like blogging! It wasn’t a BAD week just not a great one. I’ve been trying to adjust to being at home all the time and not in school or working. It’s been a tough adjustment.

CONFESSION….. I couldn’t get in to Chiropractor, but I did get in two massages this week. My back is feeling much better, but I still need to get in to chiropractor and get my hips aligned. This is holding me back from working out and marathon training! I got a couple good workouts in this week, however, I have honestly not been eating good! So, time to step up my game in the clean eating department! I’m gonna be doing kind of a elimination diet, not “diet diet” I will call it a plan! And, working on my meal plan, grocery list for this next week today. If you are curious about what kind of PLAN I am doing you can check it out at For The Glow It’s called 33 to glow and I am pretty much eliminating certain foods and seeing how my body responds, for the next month. It’s not that hard, I can still have coffee and lean protein, but it WILL be challenging!

This week I was also focusing on getting my home in order. So far, I’ve done a lot of cleaning, but it’s time to focus my intentions on organizing! Clearing LOTS of clutter! I don’t know why this comes so hard for me. Let’s just say I am “Domestically Challenged! Off to a good start thanks to having guests this weekend! But, I have to focus harder on getting ahead.


YES! It is time for me to EVOLVE! (This is the name of my gym…lol) I need to get my MIND in the game and my body will follow. I really know that the most important thing about killing GOALS is when I have my mind in the game. Kill the “I can’t do it voice!”

My Evolution…

Get back to everyday mentality working out. I was there before with amazing results. Active rest days are my friends! It keeps the momentum going, which is what I need right now. And, now that my back in getting fixed, it’s time to put marathon training action plan into action!! 100% COMMITMENT~!

So, just WATCH me, I am on a mission!!!


Made this my home screen on my phone. Yes, I do believe it’s time to be awesome! 🙂


Time for some SELF-LOVE! This includes working out and eating for optimal energy. 

Daily meditation and  writing in JOURNAL! (MY ultimate sanity saver!)

Planning, and execution of my weekly planning.


I love this saying, posted above!

Sometimes, I feel like I fall down more than most, but it’s time to pick myself up.

It’s all about the commitment! My daily and weekly intentions. To do my BEST every single day, Because my BEST IS good enough!

I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed about the SF Nike Women’s Half, because I have not been getting my runs in. I have not stuck to what I said I would do as far and waking up and just going for a run. I have not worked on fundraising at all and time is closing in (TICK TOCK TICK TOCK,) FOURTEEN WEEKS UNTIL MY HALF!

I AM GOING TO STEP UP OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE AND FOCUS ON OUTSIDE RUNS. Next week, I may do runs at gym to see where I am as far as heart rate, where I am at on a physical level. My STARTING point. Also plan out my other workouts to give myself some well rounded training!

Well, I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend.

I’ve made the decision that weekends are not meant for “REST days,” or “permission to eat whatever I want!” I know myself, and week days are better for this. So much easier to have a rest day in the middle of the week, less likely to fall off the wagon for the whole weekend!


QOTD — DO you have rest days on weekends or weekdays? What works for you?????




Hello July~* July Intentions~*


Hello July~* Oh, how I missed you! I am ready for some SUMMER! June weather where I live is always bi-polar, but July is always nice! I’m sure this month will go by just as fast as all the other months! I swear I always feel like the month is just getting started and then it is over~*


OK! So I’ve officially changed the word goals in my life, to intentions!

This month is all about finding “balance” and creating habits.

My Intentions~*

* I intend to eat mindfully and drop some extra weight!

* My intention for the month is to get up to 1.5 – 2 miles without walking.

* Stick to a running plan & balance out other workouts.

* My intention is to clear clutter in my life, from computer clutter, phone clutter, and the big one HOME clutter!

* Feng Shui my life! Going through The Tao of Dana’s Feng Shui Book! (Note if you wanna join me message me!)

* #JustRunJuly Challenge!

* July 14th Start 33 to Glow Challenge

* Wake up and go to bed with intentions!!!

* Have some Fun!!!

*Go to Seattle for the Torchlight Run 5K in Seattle

* Find a 5 or 8k for August!

* Register for The Color Me Rad Run in Seattle in September. ( FYI Discount code RADFIT ) #DoRadStuff

* Work on Fundraising for Team in Training Nike Women’s half in October! So far I’ve raised 0$!! 😦

* Drop some weight duh, this will help my running! I know I repeated that…but yup drop some weight!

* I intend to meditate everyday!

* I intend to be GRATEFUL everyday!


* Daily Journal & Blog

* Laugh everyday!


OK, So I joined this challenge group to help me with my intentions!

If you want to join in the fun…..

You are REQUIRED to post in the ChallengeLoop page at least once per week to be entered to win the prize.
**To join the ChallengeLoop page, visit this link: **

Also, join the Facebook Group!


So, that’s just a quick rundown of my month!

What Do you have planned for July?!? Do you use the term “goals?” or “intentions?”

Wishing everyone a fantastic July!!! XOXO Laurie~

2 Year Blogiversity!! ~Workout Wednesday ~ #WOW Link Up + A Giveaway

Happy Wednesday!!!!

Thank You Diatta For inviting me to the the Workout Wednesday #WOW Link Up!

Head on over to her page Femme Fitale Fit Club  and show some love! There are some awesome reads this week, so I decided to join in the fun!!!!

My Daily Mile report from last week — I killed it on the workouts, but did not get my runs in! That’s OK I am conditioning right now! I am down 11 pounds since May! I killed 4000 calories last week!!! Which is great! Now it’s time to start focusing on my half-marathon training!!

Daily Mile


OK, New GOAL — I can get up put on a video, but getting out the door is the hardest part of my mornings! I have never been a morning get up and run person! THAT’S ALL ABOUT TO CHANGE!!! Y’all can hold me accountable to that!!! I realized that this is the KEY to reach my goals!!!!!

Wake Up And Run

I can’t believe it’s my 2 year anniversary with my blog! Time just flies! I can’t believe June is almost over. I am gonna DO IT I am gonna lace up my “sneaks” and get out the door in the morning! I can’t believe how much I have changed over two years. Not just physically, but mentally! I’m happy, I still have goals to reach and that is just FREAKIN AWESOME!!!!!




I find it so important to take some time outs and just power down and RELAX!!! This is one of my guilty pleasures and I’m #sorrynotsorry !!!!! Tonight is going to be a fun weights class, a treadmill run, and finish with some AMAZING HOT yoga!!!!!

Ready for a Giveaway!!!!


Enter to WIN a really cool swag bag curiosity of Team In Training and LLS! 

Enter to win HERE  or from your mobile phone Here

I hope you are all having a beautiful Workout Wednesday!



Help us get to the Finish Line of Cures! #TNTRunsSF @LLS @TeamInTraining + A Giveaway

I am so Excited!!!

Get excited with me and Join Team In Training!!!

I will be teaming up with Team In Training and The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) 



For The Nike Women’s Half Marathon in San Francisco #TNTRunsSF


You can have an impact on cancer. Join Team In Training (TNT) and run the Nike Women’s Half
Marathon (NWHM) in San Francisco on October 19. You’ll be helping The Leukemia &
Lymphoma Society (LLS) fund research to advance lifesaving blood cancer treatments.
TNT is the flagship fundraising campaign for LLS, and the NWHM in San Francisco is always sold
out. At its 25th anniversary last year, TNT has trained more than 600,000 participants and
raised more than $1.4 billion.
With TNT, in exchange for raising funds, you’ll train for four months with world-class trainers,
have access to clinics on nutrition and injury prevention and race through San Francisco’s
iconic landmarks.
Learn More About Team in Training  and help TNT harness the power of physical
activity to help LLS find cures and improve the quality of life for patients with blood cancer.
Help patients feel better while you achieve your personal best.
Join TNT and help us get closer to a world without blood cancers!


Please FOLLOW me on this Amazing Journey!!! I am starting from ground Zero! Right now 5-10 min in my longest run with out walking! Every once in a while the shock sets in like holy **** I am traveling to another state and going to actually run 13.1 Miles!

As soon as the opportunity presented itself to me I just KNEW I had to do it! With my own Personal Fund Raising Goal I know I CAN DO THIS! I set my goal higher than the requirement! I have already received tons of amazing support! My trainer reached out to me right away and so did my Mentor through this incredible Journey. They have gave me the confidence, I will get the training, and knowledge that I need to TAKE ON THIS AMAZING CHALLENGE!!!!

I don’t know that anything I have ever done in my life will compare to this experience!

So, Question on the day!?!?!


Do you have any tips for me? Running tips? Fundraising Tips? “Keep my sanity” tips? Injury prevention tips? I want to hear from you! ALL OF YOUR TIPS WILL BE GREATLY APPRECIATED!

One More Thing!!! A GIVEAWAY!!! Enter Here(from Your Mobile Phone)or Here  (on FB)or….

Here (Directly to Rafflecoptor)to win a Very COOL Swag bag from Team In Training and LLS!!!

Wish me LUCK!!!

And, if you wanna get crazy with me join in on all he fun with Team In Training & LLS!!!





Just another Random Saturday~*


Happy Saturday! I took a little break from blogging this week. Even though I vowed to write everyday, during my first week out of school! Part writers block maybe, and part trying to wind down and make the adjustment from something ALWAYS needing to be done. It’s been a good week!Coming off a stressful one!


I had been complaining about the lack of summer weather all this day Pictured Above and I got I got a little reminder that everything happens for a reason! Took a beautiful Soul Stroll, enjoyed the fresh air and beautiful double rainbow!


I feel TOTALLY “official”  now with Team In Training!!! Yesterday, I got a beautiful card, hat and visor on my front porch! I haven’t started my training, but made all the connections with my trainer, and mentor! I did get some awesome workouts in this week and reached my ten pound weight-loss goal! Ready for the next ten!

Got my fundraising page all set up and made connections with the Team In Training Groups!  I am so excited to be on the JOURNEY to my first Half! 13.1 feels scary to me right now! But, I’m ready for the challenge! (I think!?!?)

Last night was SOOOOOOOO Much fun!!!! I went to a fundraiser, blackout party at MY gym to raise money for the local Boys and Girls club! They are starting a fitness program with the Boys and Girls Club, how cool is that!! Two hours of Zumba and one hour of Yoga!

I won the raffle TWO times in a row. I didn’t believe it when my name was called the first time and REALLY didn’t believe it when they called my name! AND the very next raffle draw I freakin won again!!! I got 3 months of free gym membership, full auto detailing, and some cool Zumba towels on the first draw! The second time, I won free one month unlimited tanning at the most expensive tanning place in town and gave the three month membership to my friend that was with me as her Birthday Present! She won a awesome box of Zumba Clothes and odds and ends at the end!!! Itwas a blast! OMG I am totally sore, but up early and ready to go check out a new class at the gym, Pi-Yo!!! My Zumba teacher just got certified in it. I just bought the DVDs yesterday.


All in all it was a good week! Finished up Bikini Boot Camp this week (tear,) but no fear I have another challenge starting Monday!

Need to get ready for the gym, do my grocery shopping today, meal prep maybe too so I can enjoy the rest of Saturday & STRESS free Sunday!

Question of the day!?!? What are you doing this weekend?!?!?!

I hope you are all

Random — Saturday Inspiration — And, The Race That Wasn’t Meant to Be~*


One thing about me is my refusal to give up. I may have setbacks, and mistakes, and learn by trial and error…

BUT, I don’t give up!

*I live with intention~*~*

*These Next four photos were made while I was doing a week long daily Mantra Challenge from Erin Stutland

* Day One was an amazing audio called a Soul Stroll. It was about a 20 min audio with music and Mantras playing in the background. It was absolutely amazing and empowering! I even used the Soul Stroll audio as I was doing chores around the house.

*The rest of the week… was 5 min get you moving workout videos with a Mantra, said out-loud, while you were doing “Just Five Minutes” of exercise. This really set my tone for the week, as I was going through exams and preparing for finals.

*It was amazing how five minuets of positive affirmations and setting an intention for the day changed my whole world for the day!


Sadly… The Color Me Rad 5K is today and I am not going. I am feeling a little disappointing, but it’s just one of those $hit happens, kind of things. I WILL be doing one in the future, however today’s race was just not meant to be. First it’s about a hour and forty-four min. away from me and I planned on going with my best friend. Unfortunately, she has the worst eve infection I have ever seen. And, it just didn’t feel right to go all by myself and cross the finish line with out her. So, we will be traveling in the near future to one of the Color Me Rad Runs and do it together~*

*I am about to embark on an amazing journey….

*Journey to the Half!

This is going to be a dream come true, for me. I am teaming up through Fit Approach Aka. Sweat Pink Ambassadors, with Team in Training LLS. to partner up for The Nike Women’s Half in beautiful SF, on October 19th. I’m sure I will be blogging a LOT about this throughout the next six months! I am so excited and so proud to be doing this, not only for me, but to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

TNTI am Officially, Official part of Team in Training!!! 



I just wanted to share this with you. As many of you probably know I am a member of For The Glow and next week they are kicking off a free challenge that I highly recommend!!! It’s free JUST DO IT!!!

About the Challenge:

They are, kicking off a FREE 5-day challenge next week with online Glow Flow workouts + a slimming #glutenfree menu to maximize your results. To access all the goodies, join our community here:

What is Glow Flow?
Part yoga, part barre, part boot camp — this workout is the total package. The music is bumpin’, the pace is steady, and the sweat is pouring. Glow Flow will work you from head to toe, but in the midst of the movement — you’ll find yourself giggling and grooving. We push, we plank, we party. 60 minutes of bliss to start your morning, and you’ll be on your way to having the best day (and butt) ever.
#fitness #fortheglow #motivation #yoga #barre #bootcamp #glowgirl

Sweat Sclupt

Just wanted to share this Free challenge with you! Gives you a chance to get to know members of an awesome community and really get to check out what I’m always talking about when I talk about For The Glow!


I apologize! Yes, this blog post is random, and I jumped around subjects a lot! This happens when I take time off blogging!! But, I am back, ALL MY FINALS are DONE!!!! Last two weeks of school were nuts!!!

I will be posting a LOT more now and more in-depth with some of these topics.

Especially, my Journey TO THE HALF!!!  I have def got my work cut out for me on this one!!!

Hope everyone is having an amazing weekend!