Snack Attack + Giveaway — With — @gomightynut #eatmighty #sweatpink

Happy Thursday! #TGIT (THANK GOD IT’S Thursday!)

Side Note:

I’ve been away from technology, (not particularly by choice!) however, here for a brief moment, I stayed as far away as possible, because nothing seemed to work quite right! Much needed… now that “break” is now officially over! And I am just totally inspired to really get back into the “life groove” again! The personal work, that I have been doing ON & FOR myself has been well worth the “life interruption,” that came with my technological challenges lately! There is a lot more personal issues involved as well, but that’s for a much later date, because I am on track again and loving life a little more each day! I am MOVING FORWARD and spending a lot of time working on gratitude, true gratitude, and it’s literally life changing. 

One thing I have been doing lately, is really being true to eating clean! When I fall off the wagon, I fall off the wagon. However, ever since my trip to Seabrook for my retreat. I have been excelling at this area. I have been very, very mindful about what I eat and what I put into my body. Really paying attention to when I am “really” hungry. And, watching out for when I am HANGRY! I’m not kidding this a real thing,and for someone like me, who experiences Binges, it’s best that I not get “Hangry!”


I’ve been really good about my meal planning, prep, and having plenty of snack’s on hand! 

The two flavor’s I received from Vanilla and The Regular PB flavor are fantastic! They’re like a million uses for them. I was really happy that everything cooked with the powders, turned out excellent!

And, it adds to and blends well with coffee (my #1 thing I use to choose my protein,) for a quick on the go, yummy coffee with protein has always been one of my favorite post workout snacks.

Green Smoothie’s that taste like PB Cups is always a win!

Super Easy Recipe:My  PB Cup Smoothie

  • Almond Milk 8 Oz.
  • 2 TBSP Organic Cacao Powder
  • 2-4 Handfuls of Greens.
  • Dash Cinnamon & Turmeric
  • 2 Scoops Mighty Nut Peanut Butter Powder.

Any Kind of veggies or even Apple slices are great with the PB Powder.

The possibilities are endless!!! 

Giveaway through Rafflecoptor opens at Midnight PST tonight 10/29 Enter Here or Here or by Mobile Here to win your choice of flavor for one bottle with a scoop. 

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One prize per person. If you win this giveaway, and have already won another prize from Mighty Nut through another blog, please disclose that you have already won so we can choose another winner. 

Come back for more recipes and more chances to enter, until the winner of the Giveaway is chosen! 

Hint: Tomorrow’s recipe is for a Chia Pudding. 🙂

Have a recipe? Add it for extra entries!

Disclaimer: I was paid a fee and given two bottles of Mighty Nut Peanut Butter Powder, but the opinions are my own! And I actually like this product…a LOT! #AD 



Nicole’s Naturals #GFree Pancake & Waffle Mix Review and Giveaway #FitFluential

Happy Tuesday!

Or perhaps, I should say, “Try It Tuesday!”

Who doesn’t LOVE Waffles and Pancakes!?!?!

Recently, I was given a can of Nicole’s Naturals Gluten Free Waffle and Pancake Mix to review and host a giveaway. Through my affiliation with FitFluential.

I fell in love! I’m already ready to order my next can of Mix. It was a HIT with the whole family and they didn’t even notice or care that it was Gluten Free – Wheat Free – and Soy Free.

I did a lot of experimenting with toppings and batter add in’s such as fresh fruit, Greek yogurt! I didn’t capture a picture but, I added in Spurlina Powder on St. Patrick’s Day to make some awesome “Green” pancakes! I plan on making some Easter Gluten Free color dye waffles for Easter Breakfast/Brunch. Check out Nicole’s Naturals Pinterest Board for some awesome inspiration and recipes!

waffle Pic

While I do love simple. Waffles and fresh strawberries. I found out the BEST add in that my family LOVED the most was Apple Cinnamon Waffles & Pancakes. because my family wanted both. Really easy! I just chopped up some beautiful Organic Gala apples, chopped them into very small pieces & cooked them until soft with some medium high Unrefined Coconut Oil.

I’ve tried lot’s of recipes to make my own GF Batter, but this was by far the cheapest, simplest, and most tasty option!

Secret Recipe… My Husband whom learned this trick from his father, has used Pancake Batter on fish & Shrimp for years, Vs. Tempura or Beer Batter.

Just made the batter as instructed and added just a touch of garlic powder. The shrimp came out perfect! Again, I used the medium high heat Coconut Oil and the shrimp was crisped to perfection. It was family approved AND requested again! It will also, be great to use as batter for any kind of white fish, green beans, asparagus, onion rings, and pretty much anything you would typically batter fry!


* Store it in a Ziploc with paper towels surrounding it. Heat oven to 350 and throw the leftovers on a cookie sheet and in 5-8 min you have crispy fish or shrimp, which tastes exactly like you made it the first time! Not soggy like if you tried to microwave it!

* Favorite dip… Ghee or whatever you use for better melted in garlic powder. (TO DIE FOR!)


Here is some great Info facts and Nutritional Information. FAQ Nicole’s Naturals! Click HERE!


Now for the GIVEAWAY!

– 1 can of Nicole’s Naturals GF Mix.

– 1 small container of syrup.

– 4 small breakfast plates.

– Nicole’s Naturals apron.

Simply, follow the link to Rafflecoptor and enter to win all of these items Here! Or on your mobile at my Facebook page. HERE!

A couple options can be repeated each day for more entries until the contest closes on April 7th at Midnight.


Find Nicole’s Naturals on Social Media!

Facebook: nicolesnaturalproducts

Twitter: @NicsGlutenFree

Pinterest: @NicolesNaturals



What are your favorite toppings or add in when you make your PANCAKES OR WAFFLES?

Wishing you all a beautiful week!




I Heart Hemp Hearts — Review + Discount

Happy Thursday!

TG it’s almost Friday!


I absolutely LOVE Hemp Heart to use as protein!


Unfortunately, I don’t have any good Pics to share due to switching phone and camera issues. So, I started Pinning on a new Pinterest board ~ You Can also find some amazing Recipes on the Manitoba Harvest Recipe Page! I will be adding my own recipe pins so keep your eye out!

I add Hemp Hearts to just about everything!  I add them to Juice/smoothies, salads, veggie toppers, Oatmeal, Pancakes, Desserts, Yoguart,Dip a Banana in almond butter and dip that in Hemp Hearts (YUM!) The possibilities are endless!!! Literally you can use them for just about everything. A lot of my smoothies require, just throwing every fruit/veggie that needs to be used up and adding Hemp Hearts. I also do this for Salads as well. If you blend your own homemade salad dressings, you can even throw some in the dressing and blend it!

I admit it I can be a snob on certain things! It makes me happy that these hemp Hearts from Mantitoba Harvest are Certified Non GMO Project Verified!


Want to learn more about Hemp? Click Here!

Try them for yourself if you haven’t already fallen in love with them already! If you have please add a recipe in the comments!

Here is a awesome Discount code that you can use at checkout! Here is a 20% off any purchase at with the code HHSweatPink14

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, I received a small bag of Hemp Hearts to try. The opinion’s here are my own! I use Hemp Hearts as a staple in my daily Diet!

TGIF — AmrapBar Review + Giveaway


Busy? On the go all the time? These bars from Amrap Nutrition are so delicious and packed with nutrition!

I got the opportunity to try each of these new flavors and review through Fit Approach AKA. Sweat Pink and AmrapBars they are SO YUMMY!!! I couldn’t even pick a favorite! (Allergy warning contains protein from egg whites and also contains nuts.)

They have a AMAZING Blog. Check it out an be sure to leave me a comment with which blog you liked the most! I really liked this blog post on, “How the Paleo Diet Benefits Runners.”

I am doing a Giveaway!!! Be sure to enter to win to try these delicious who food Nutrition bars! Enter to win Here.

Here are some links to check them out!


Good Luck everyone! You can also enter to win from my Facebook Page!

I hope you all have an amazing weekend!!! XOXO





My Oatmeal Review~The Most Important Meal of The Day~ Simplified~

Happy Friday!!! TGIF!!! When you are a super busy College Student Friday’s have a whole new meaning!

Recently, I was offered the opportunity to do a review from My through Fit Approach AKA #SweatPink & I jumped at the chance, once I checked out the website!

Build your own combination, shipped directly to your mailbox! I was so excited I accidentally ripped the bag (lol! ) On the left Pictured is the PB Lean Powder which is amazing, It has been super yummy addition to my Green Smoothies too! On the right is Organic Oatmeal Gluten Free, Thick Rolled Oats. I added Flax and Chia Seeds. There are literally…..

22 Billion combinations of healthy oatmeal!

I decided not to get too crazy with the ingredients on my first order. I wanted a simple staple to add my own fruit and experiment with baking. My next order is going to be Cookie Dough and Cheesecake! Separate of coarse lol! Oh yes! I have new staple to my diet! Forget BK… “You can have it your way!”

Oatmeal is so good for your Heart. I have high Blood Pressure and a long family history of heart disease.

O-M-G this was so good! No Sugar needed!

Pictured below; The GFree Oats (already had Flax and Chiat in it), with the PB Lean powder, I added a little almond milk, a little cinnamon, and Fresh Blueberries. It was SO GOOD and ready in less than ten minuets from start to finish! My kids both LOVED it too! I’m think I’m going to have to hide the flavored ones that I ordered from them. Just Kidding! I will let them pick their own flavors and combinations!


This morning I have some fresh Honey Crisp Apples that I am going to add to it, with cinnamon!

I don’t think I could rave about this stuff enough! It was so delicious! when my order comes in, I will post some cookie and power bar recipes!


Check them out! Let me know what you think & if you have any good Recipes PLEASE leave them in the comment section!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, I was compensated with product only. The opinions are 100% my own. I love the product and can’t wait to get my order in the mail of the ones I ordered myself. It is affordable, easy, and OH so YUMMY!

So, What’s for Breakfast? Please Share!!!!!





Late Night Random Thoughts ~*~*


OMG I hate when You write a novel in a blog post and poured out your heart and soul, look away for a second and the whole thing got deleted!!!! Having my favorite tea at 1am, because I have so many thoughts running through my mind about this new month! I REALLY want to have success in my fitness and personal goals! My B-Day is on the 24th, and I really want to live healthier. I NEED to get back to the doctor. I was supposed to go back about three months ago ten lbs lighter, so they could try to get me off my blood pressure and cholesterol medicine. Instead, I am UP 15 from where I started, so that’s 25 away from where he wanted me to be!

I need to find my “Happy Place” my balance in my life, and this IS going to be MY MONTH!!!!! Does not matter  I get the sleep I want or not!!! I am gonna be trying some different things this month, as well as searching for some active adventures in my life!! Paddle-boarding yoga?! River rafting?!?!? Maybe I will get brave and jump off the smaller cliff for my birthday in my sacred spot, that I go with my friends, where we float in almost peace, except for the usual few cliff divers. But one thing is for sure, I am NOT gaining weight this month, and I am NOT looking like I swallowed a watermelon, because I can’t control my eating. Gluten type foods in particular!


I am also up to try new things, try new foods, new recipes! It’s so easy just to make my usual green smoothie, and chicken or steak with Brussels. I want to try some different classes, different videos, there is plenty on You Tube of some of my personal heros that I have been wanting to try. Get out of my comfort zone! Get my booty out of bed and  just run or get my booty out of bed and try a crossfit class that I have been DYING to try FOREVER!!! Also, I AM GOING to Seattle to go to one of @fortheglow ‘s fitness classes! I have been wanting to get over there ALL summer! It’s time!! It’s time to make changes and HABITS! Go vegetarian for a little bit, just make this month about trying NEW things! I am getting older and to tell the truth this birthday is not my favorite number…at ALL!!!!


But, I am sticking to my August goals that I have written in previous post! I am not working, no school, I have nothing but TIME this month!!! My FOCUS is on me!!! Focus on myself and really let go of my fears. I am SOOOOOOOOooooooo freakin excited to start the #MCM book over and journal and FINISH it this time! It really is an amazing book!!! And, I already know I am involved in a group of AMAZING women to join me on this journey!!! If anyone is reading it or would like to start over, or just START May Cause Miracles, I HIGHLY recommend it!!! Just let me know or get a hold of @YouInBloom on twitter or Instagram!

Another random thought is about all my Tone It Up Sisters, I have been with tone it up for a year and a half and some of the transformations are so freakin incredible, it would take a whole blog post just to acknowledge them all! Not just that they are amazing, but are venturing out on their own now that they have had so much success!!! OK, yes I will save that for another post!!!!

I also keep finding new fitness professionals that inspire me DAILY! Such as Bex Life, Amanda Russell, and For the Glow has so many exciting things happening right now! I am so proud of her, she is away at yoga teacher training, just to add another notch to her already accomplished belt. Two more mentions, Sweat and Curls, and I could go on!!!

OK for real I am going to bed, gonna wake up and have to re-read all this stuff I wrote to see if it makes any sense at all! Also, goal is to blog more about my journey!!! I don’t know if I can commit to everyday, but I will try!!!! XOXO

971365_626287227395410_400121772_nP.S. I promise you won’t regret signing up for this!!! It’s AMAZING STUFF!!!

5129231_orig My Mantra for the month!!! OK Now time for sleep!!!!! LOL