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Gratitude – Ten Things Tonight

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Happy Friday Evening! 

I just have to take a quiet time out to just BE grateful! 

1~*  My Husband.

2~* My Children.

3~* My friends.

4~* My Family.

5~* My home.

6~* My pets.

7~* My Bed.

8~* Knowledge.

9~* Intuition.

10~* Common we all know Coffee Made the top ten list!

Have a blessed Evening 


#Confessions T’was the Day Before Turkey Day

Rumi quotes

And, all through the house..

The only creature stirring… is ME and my new baby April! 

Happy Wednesday! 

I am running five miler tomorrow morning! #EarnYourTurkey or in my case, prime rib #EarnYourPrimeRib lol. Taking today as a rest day as far as workouts! Stretching and a little yoga. I have shopping and cleaning to do today!

Tomorrow is going to be weird. It is the first with out my Mother In Law, it was hard enough without Father In Law, and my Sister In Law is not hosting, Thanksgiving this year. My daughter is growing up and is in Alaska with her boyfriend visiting his mom, and my son is working. I think my husband is hunting in the morning.

My kids aren’t even out of the house and I am getting a taste of being an “Empty Nester!”

My daughter left on Saturday. She is only 17 (going on 25) and it was quite scary for ME to be honest! I’m more worried about the weather than anything. But, I’m lonely.

You would think I would be super productive. And, hopefully I can SAY that at the end of the day, however I have been … well lazy!

Maybe, a little Winter Blues. Sitting with my happy lamp on me as I type.

Where’s my REAL confession?! 

I have paid to upgrade this blog a long time ago, at least 6 months. All I really need to do it get on the phone with Blue Host and let them walk me through the transfer. This scares me, literally I fear change. I’ve tossed around the idea of starting a Blog from scratch. Still, this weighs on me. I was going to post my giveaway on Monday, but noticed the dates I wrote down were wrong, so…. what better way to kick off the new blog or new “old” blog than with a giveaway. 🙂

Another confession… I have been binging last couple days. I mean real honest to goodness, mindless eating until I feel sick. I do NOT purge, I just simply inhale food.

Honestly, I wrote it out, what I “really” come up with for reasons why, is I just had a scale victory. I didn’t realize that I had lost 20 lbs until I got on the same scale from two months ago. According to my clothes I knew I lost weight, but it wasn’t until i seen the number on the scale that I think I freaked out and started eating!

(I’ve had different forms of ED though the years) I’ll save all that for another blog.

So, I will recognize and accept that “that just happened!” And, move forward. As always easier said than done, but I put myself on front street and put a sticky note on fridge and cupboards to be “mindful” of my eating!

I am very thankful that I can recognize this pattern only a couple days in to the binge, because I will NOT “have” to lose progress. And, I should be PUMPED from MY success, not let it bring me down!

I am not even worried about tomorrow. I’m cooking so it’s gonna be a good post run Thanksgiving Feast!

So, tell me one confession and one thing to be thankful for!?!?! 

Wishing Everyone a wonderful day,




Yes – I am a Elf4Health

Happy Sunday! 

Just taking a break from cleaning and cooking and getting ready for Thanksgiving week!

Time to actually sit down and do some planning!!!

I don’t know how many years now, 4 perhaps, but it’s time again for the awesome Elf4Health Challenge! This year Lindsay from The Lean Green Bean teamed up with Georgie from In It For The Long Run to host this challenge!

I’m really excited about this challenge! Off to get ready for my ….”going to be amazing” week! 

Come back tomorrow .. My giveaway starts!


Randomness #JustBecause

Happy Wednesday! 

It’s two o’clock in the morning….

The End

Just Kidding! I just can’t sleep! I am not at home, I am watching my friends kids while her parents have surgery. It just so happens that the strongest windstorm ever recorded hit Washington State and the worst is where my friend is at, poor girl in a Hotel in the dark! (I would HATE that!) Luckily, her dad’s surgery was today and she had to spend the night, and she didn’t have to drive back home (which would of been REALLY bad,) because her mom’s pre-op appointment is tomorrow.

If I had my Journal this would be a major Brain Dump moment, but I don’t I have my blog — and here I am.

I have so much to be thankful for and so many exciting things are happening over the next few months, well… the randomness never ends!

I’m currently doing the Holiday Sweat Challenge with Run To The Finish and Fit Approach. I have my 5 miler Virtual Race Next week with Running on The Wall #EarnYourTurkey race. I’m kind of EXCITED! I’ve been getting in shape and my running is improving each and every time I run! This week, Holiday Sweat is focused on Core, which I have been neglecting lately! Something I realized I need to focus more attention on!

Side Random Note: I have another giveaway starting soon! Be on the lookout!

My last giveaway was so much fun I LOVE doing them! My winner Was Sandra from A Promise To Dad Blog.  I am loving her blog!

On another note I WON a giveaway! (I guess what goes around, comes around!) I won the Sunwarrior Giveaway from Susie’s amazing blog Suz Lyfe.

Geez… I could write forever right now, but I need to try to get a couple hours sleep before these kids wake up and have to be taken to all different schools!

Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!



Workout Wednesday — Seattle — Fitness Retreat

Happy Wednesday!

Don’t Ever Give Up (EVER)

Today is my weekend! I am waiting for my clothes to dry, so I can take off to Seattle for the night and then, take off in the AM to the Ocean in Seabrook with For The Glow, at The Seabrook Cottage Rentals, with my personal trianer and #GlowGirl sisters.So, going to a free workout in Seattle with the girls am and I am so stoked, I actually lost weight leading up to this and broke my “Plateau Weight!” I have more work to do, when it come to being back at 100% physical recovery and getting in shape again. FYI running isn’t exactly like riding a bike! I am starting over in that department, and still trying to get my hips to adjust to running again. So, I’ve worked out, but I have been doing all my workouts that with help me not hurt me!

However, I am gonna be doing lots of great workouts and eating completely clean! This is a really long drive for me to do alone. It’s weird, but I’ve been married so long I’m so used to my husband doing all the long distance driving!

I’m gonna take my time, spend tonight with Family (to break up the drive) and go to a workout event in Downtown Seattle. If you are in Seattle ask me more details! It’s free and TONIGHT!

I am not even sure if I will have internet or cell service when I get to the retreat. Either way, I can get some work done if I do have internet, and if I don’t have internet, I am just going to enjoy it!

Anyways, I’ve gotta get moving! It’s gonna be a long trip and lots of fun! I can’t wait to share more!

I hope you are all having a wonderful week!