Completely Random Saturday’s — Coffee Talk — Running, Yoga, and Healing

Good Morning & Happy Saturday! 

Day Before, my Virtual 5K with Running On The Wall. 


This is my Swag! Love it ALL! OMG those sandals are to die for. And the shirt is so soft and perfectly fit. But I will tell you more after my virtual race tomorrow. Sunday Runday’s are on a big-time comeback for me.

Long story short + *disclaimer I was offered a chance to run a Virtual Race a month, tell about it for a sawg pack like posted the above, once a month for a year. (Can I get a heck YES?!) Talk about some running motivation! This opportunity came to me last weekend at the Seabrook Retreat, during my brief spot of internet, after a horrid attempt at a run. What really stood out to me was the thought, perfect timing! because, I had actually cried after a asthma attack at the beginning of a beach run. I made it to top of steps and kept on going back to the house to get calm, I didn’t think to bring a inhaler, I have only had a asthma attract a couple times in my life. And, this was  at the very beginning of the workout. (TOTALLY WILL HAVE A POST ON SEABROOK with For The Glow….It was an amazing, life-changing trip that deserves a whole blog post for itself, just like my Running recap will be tomorrow!) 

To add to that *Disclaimer, all opinions are my own. I would totally do this, get a bunch of friends from all over the world, to Virtually race with me. With that amazing quality of “Swag” involved and it’s cheaper than a real race and if the weather does not cooperate and you can sort of pick your own date close to that of the event time.

And then I cried, and cried, and cried, in a nice warm shower. It wasn’t just the attack, it was the fact I gave up and I really need to make running and consistently running back in my life.

So, I seen the opportunity to run a virtual race and commit for a year…. I was all over that…. DONE! It said run, walk or crawl! So, my first race will be my starting point basically!

Oh man, it looks beautiful out, but Oh man, my allergies really “turned on” this morning. I am really contemplating the weekly allergies shots. It feels like every season is a season that I have a different allergy.

So, for me “right now” running outdoors is what completely flares my allergies up is out of the question. It sucks because it would be optimal outside running weather! (Shhhhh I am a fair weather runner!) Lucky for me, that’s exactly why I joined the gym!

And, the beauty of a Virtual 5K!

I just got done doing something totally crazy…

Ready for it…

I did my “own” yoga workout early this A.M. No planning ,just flowing this morning. Giving lots of extra attention to what I have been working on healing and stretching what needs to be stretched. I finished…..

… and I just sat there. And, then I meditated for a while no time limit, just until I felt like stopping… and felt this overwhelming sense of gratitude, that I just did something very special for myself.

I have not done that in a long time. My body is so happy right now.

I truly believe that everyone should take their yoga & meditation practice HOME with them!

Also, side note I had to get in and get some Spa Time at Espri Corps Ame’ I told her what hurts where, and had the most AMAZING Massage, and then did an AMAZING Infrared Sauna treatment. Another light-bulb moment from Seabrook, I needed to fix my back and hips AND clear out my lungs or I won’t have any good workouts!

Now I have no plans today except cleaning in my PJ’s! Yes, I took a shower and put new PJ’s on, because … it’s freakin Saturday! It’s my planning day and R & R “personal” spa day.

Anyways, gonna enjoy me some “Wonderful Saturday!” 




Monday Madness — Inspiration — Motivation — Oh My

Happy Monday!

Woke up this morning to puppies my dogs new puppies and feeling really inspired and motivated to have a great week! They are adorable but a lot of work! I think my son stayed up all night while she was having them!

O.K. So, my digital detox is over. But, I am going to take some of what I’ve learned last week, to carry me through this week. I don’t need to be plugged in 24-7 and I am going to work on being more productive when I am online. (Work smarted not harder!)

It is such a weird feeling, I have a visitor coming today and I am NOT stressed about it. Yes, I have a little cleaning to do. but I am no longer living in total CHAOS! It’s so weird to keep up on stuff around the house. I’ve been letting my home hold me back for longer than I can remember. Slowly my home is coming together. Not just my home, but ME in general. I have been practicing lots on of daily self-care. I took quite a break here, focused on myself and keeping up with everything. Took lots of downtime while I have been in “transition” getting my Mother in Law moved in and back to better health, getting my home in order and keeping up with daily routines.

I can do more!

I consider myself a lifelong learner. Besides school, I spend my free time…. learning! I love learning about  different things. I realized how un-balanced all the areas in my life are. It’s getting better, but it’s still a lot of work that needs to be done. With everything that has been crazy that has been going on in my life, I still feel like I am in control. And… guess what?!?! I AM in control.



I’m really excited to get to the gym today and get my week started off right. Other than some allergies, the “I’m sick” excuse isn’t gonna “fly” anymore!

I have goals, dreams intentions……..

When I think about the main thing that I need to be doing in order to achieve balance in all my areas, my health is priority #1. It’s time to start 1/2 Marathon training, daily yoga, and work on my “own personal” exercise routines.

Another BIG focus…..

Going 100% Gluten/Wheat Free.

I know I’ve mentioned it before, but it’s a lot easier to “say” that I will do it than it is to actually “live it.” and Guess What?!?!? It’s time to live it. I’m not one of those people that are going on some “new” craze. I really should have no wheat or gluten and I know this. Every time I slip, I physically regret it. That always doesn’t stop me. Gonna start getting super creative in the Kitchen and just come to terms with “No More.” There are plenty of things that I can eat that I don’t NEED to put my body through pain just to have one stupid snack or meal that doesn’t serve me as fuel.

I may be a slow learner, but I am getting it! I feel myself coming together and it feels amazing!

This week….

* I choose to focus on my house, get the areas organized that I have been avoiding. (Trust me there are a lot, even if the main areas are company/visitor friendly!

* I choose to FUEL my body with “real food.”

* I choose to get to the gym everyday! (#noExcuses)

* Time management. Yes, I need to work on this. My digital detox may be over, however I need to keep a actually schedule and limit my time on stuff that sucks me in to getting stuck.

I’m gonna keep on keeping on! Keep clearing space, space, and more space. Make room for some new exciting stuff to come into my life.

Missed a couple weeks of joining in on the — Monday Madness “Link Party”


Go check it out…there are a lot of good and useful blogs in this “Link Party!”

So, what had been my secret to getting all of this to come together?!?! Honestly, going through this Feng Shui Catalyst camp has been life changing! Seriously, you should go check her out, Dana from The Tao of Dana is pretty amazing, and even if your not in the camp the blog and her You Tube Channel is filled with lots of inspiration and just some really good and positive ideas!

It’s not all superstitious Feng Shui, it’s just a energy thing. I mean ear ARE made up of energy!!! The changes that are happening feel like a “miracle” to me.

It’s all about complete “Wellness!” Mind, Body, & Soul connection!

Stay tuned, I have a giveaway coming up tomorrow on the blog! #yay I love doing giveaways!

I don’t know about you all, but I am ready for an AMAZING week!

Be well my friends!!! XOXO

Sanity Saving Saturday — Mission Weekend Warrior


Happy Saturday!!!! Kinda been a little off and on all week. I don’t know if it was a little writers block, or I just didn’t feel like blogging! It wasn’t a BAD week just not a great one. I’ve been trying to adjust to being at home all the time and not in school or working. It’s been a tough adjustment.

CONFESSION….. I couldn’t get in to Chiropractor, but I did get in two massages this week. My back is feeling much better, but I still need to get in to chiropractor and get my hips aligned. This is holding me back from working out and marathon training! I got a couple good workouts in this week, however, I have honestly not been eating good! So, time to step up my game in the clean eating department! I’m gonna be doing kind of a elimination diet, not “diet diet” I will call it a plan! And, working on my meal plan, grocery list for this next week today. If you are curious about what kind of PLAN I am doing you can check it out at For The Glow It’s called 33 to glow and I am pretty much eliminating certain foods and seeing how my body responds, for the next month. It’s not that hard, I can still have coffee and lean protein, but it WILL be challenging!

This week I was also focusing on getting my home in order. So far, I’ve done a lot of cleaning, but it’s time to focus my intentions on organizing! Clearing LOTS of clutter! I don’t know why this comes so hard for me. Let’s just say I am “Domestically Challenged! Off to a good start thanks to having guests this weekend! But, I have to focus harder on getting ahead.


YES! It is time for me to EVOLVE! (This is the name of my gym…lol) I need to get my MIND in the game and my body will follow. I really know that the most important thing about killing GOALS is when I have my mind in the game. Kill the “I can’t do it voice!”

My Evolution…

Get back to everyday mentality working out. I was there before with amazing results. Active rest days are my friends! It keeps the momentum going, which is what I need right now. And, now that my back in getting fixed, it’s time to put marathon training action plan into action!! 100% COMMITMENT~!

So, just WATCH me, I am on a mission!!!


Made this my home screen on my phone. Yes, I do believe it’s time to be awesome! 🙂


Time for some SELF-LOVE! This includes working out and eating for optimal energy. 

Daily meditation and  writing in JOURNAL! (MY ultimate sanity saver!)

Planning, and execution of my weekly planning.


I love this saying, posted above!

Sometimes, I feel like I fall down more than most, but it’s time to pick myself up.

It’s all about the commitment! My daily and weekly intentions. To do my BEST every single day, Because my BEST IS good enough!

I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed about the SF Nike Women’s Half, because I have not been getting my runs in. I have not stuck to what I said I would do as far and waking up and just going for a run. I have not worked on fundraising at all and time is closing in (TICK TOCK TICK TOCK,) FOURTEEN WEEKS UNTIL MY HALF!

I AM GOING TO STEP UP OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE AND FOCUS ON OUTSIDE RUNS. Next week, I may do runs at gym to see where I am as far as heart rate, where I am at on a physical level. My STARTING point. Also plan out my other workouts to give myself some well rounded training!

Well, I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend.

I’ve made the decision that weekends are not meant for “REST days,” or “permission to eat whatever I want!” I know myself, and week days are better for this. So much easier to have a rest day in the middle of the week, less likely to fall off the wagon for the whole weekend!


QOTD — DO you have rest days on weekends or weekdays? What works for you?????




Workout Wendesday ~ Summer Bucket List ~ #wowlinkup

Happy Wednesday!!!!

Thank You Diatta For inviting me to the the Workout Wednesday #WOW Link Up! This is my second edition, it was so much fun last week! Lots of connecting between the people behind the blogs in the link up!

Head on over to her page Femme Fitale Fit Club  and show some love! And, Check out the amazing blogs that link up there!!!

WOW link up

Summer Bucket List

My Summer Bucket List — took a lot of thought!

There is so much to do during the summer — I am ready for some Outdoor adventures!!!

My Intention — is to try two different things a month, if not more! It’s time for some getaways!!!!


TODAY!!!!! Scary, YES! I am trying to talk my friend into taking off to the lake today for her SPECIAL B-day and we’ve always talked about cliff jumping and watched everyone else while we were floating on Sun Lakes in Washington State.  It’s a little bit bigger jump but straight down no rocks sticking out like that.

Rock Climbing! I have done this before…But I was like 21! Such a rush!!! I wanna do this with a few girlfriends!!!


Paddle boarding until Sunset! Throw in some Yoga moves, see if I fall off LOL

water rafting

I live in the Pacific Northwest! I can’t believe I haven’t been white water rafting yet!


Learn now to golf!!!

Stay tuned for the REAL pictures of my ADVENTURES!!!!


This is my friend Amy always up for adventure!!! Today is her Birthday Happy Birthday Bestie!!!!

Fitness Bucket List —

* Lose 20 lbs

* Run 5-6 miles without stopping by end of summer!!!

* Become a outdoor/morning runner!

* Increase Flexibility!!! (Lots of yoga!)

* Color Me Rad Run! (OK So it’s after summer) Discount code — RADFIT

* Mud Run! (Still looking)

* And last….. but not least…. be fully prepared for my Half In October!!!!

So, what is on your Summer Bucket List? Anything fun you would suggest? I didn’t list everything, just the ones I know I will complete before summer is over!





2 Year Blogiversity!! ~Workout Wednesday ~ #WOW Link Up + A Giveaway

Happy Wednesday!!!!

Thank You Diatta For inviting me to the the Workout Wednesday #WOW Link Up!

Head on over to her page Femme Fitale Fit Club  and show some love! There are some awesome reads this week, so I decided to join in the fun!!!!

My Daily Mile report from last week — I killed it on the workouts, but did not get my runs in! That’s OK I am conditioning right now! I am down 11 pounds since May! I killed 4000 calories last week!!! Which is great! Now it’s time to start focusing on my half-marathon training!!

Daily Mile


OK, New GOAL — I can get up put on a video, but getting out the door is the hardest part of my mornings! I have never been a morning get up and run person! THAT’S ALL ABOUT TO CHANGE!!! Y’all can hold me accountable to that!!! I realized that this is the KEY to reach my goals!!!!!

Wake Up And Run

I can’t believe it’s my 2 year anniversary with my blog! Time just flies! I can’t believe June is almost over. I am gonna DO IT I am gonna lace up my “sneaks” and get out the door in the morning! I can’t believe how much I have changed over two years. Not just physically, but mentally! I’m happy, I still have goals to reach and that is just FREAKIN AWESOME!!!!!




I find it so important to take some time outs and just power down and RELAX!!! This is one of my guilty pleasures and I’m #sorrynotsorry !!!!! Tonight is going to be a fun weights class, a treadmill run, and finish with some AMAZING HOT yoga!!!!!

Ready for a Giveaway!!!!


Enter to WIN a really cool swag bag curiosity of Team In Training and LLS! 

Enter to win HERE  or from your mobile phone Here

I hope you are all having a beautiful Workout Wednesday!



Just another Random Saturday~*


Happy Saturday! I took a little break from blogging this week. Even though I vowed to write everyday, during my first week out of school! Part writers block maybe, and part trying to wind down and make the adjustment from something ALWAYS needing to be done. It’s been a good week!Coming off a stressful one!


I had been complaining about the lack of summer weather all this day Pictured Above and I got I got a little reminder that everything happens for a reason! Took a beautiful Soul Stroll, enjoyed the fresh air and beautiful double rainbow!


I feel TOTALLY “official”  now with Team In Training!!! Yesterday, I got a beautiful card, hat and visor on my front porch! I haven’t started my training, but made all the connections with my trainer, and mentor! I did get some awesome workouts in this week and reached my ten pound weight-loss goal! Ready for the next ten!

Got my fundraising page all set up and made connections with the Team In Training Groups!  I am so excited to be on the JOURNEY to my first Half! 13.1 feels scary to me right now! But, I’m ready for the challenge! (I think!?!?)

Last night was SOOOOOOOO Much fun!!!! I went to a fundraiser, blackout party at MY gym to raise money for the local Boys and Girls club! They are starting a fitness program with the Boys and Girls Club, how cool is that!! Two hours of Zumba and one hour of Yoga!

I won the raffle TWO times in a row. I didn’t believe it when my name was called the first time and REALLY didn’t believe it when they called my name! AND the very next raffle draw I freakin won again!!! I got 3 months of free gym membership, full auto detailing, and some cool Zumba towels on the first draw! The second time, I won free one month unlimited tanning at the most expensive tanning place in town and gave the three month membership to my friend that was with me as her Birthday Present! She won a awesome box of Zumba Clothes and odds and ends at the end!!! Itwas a blast! OMG I am totally sore, but up early and ready to go check out a new class at the gym, Pi-Yo!!! My Zumba teacher just got certified in it. I just bought the DVDs yesterday.


All in all it was a good week! Finished up Bikini Boot Camp this week (tear,) but no fear I have another challenge starting Monday!

Need to get ready for the gym, do my grocery shopping today, meal prep maybe too so I can enjoy the rest of Saturday & STRESS free Sunday!

Question of the day!?!? What are you doing this weekend?!?!?!

I hope you are all

Motivation Monday — Weekly Intentions


Happy Monday!! This is the best Monday morning I’ve had in a long time! Why?!?! NO SCHOOL!!! I didn’t spend all day Sunday finishing assignments, and stressing Monday morning before school to finish assignments or cram for a test!  up!

My Sunday was LOVELY! I got some cleaning done, took a long hot DETOX bath  to start my day, I took a nap, my friend cam over just to chill out, my son cooked Fathers Day Dinner, I read a book just for FUN, and woke up to a semi-clean house. AND…. I just spent some quiet time after everyone went to bed to write in my journal and set my intentions for the week!



Things I am loving right now….

* I just LOVE Heather Waxman’s Blog!

* I am in LOVE with Heather Waxman’s Meditation Album! Check it out Here! She really connects with my inner Soul Sister! Typically what she writes in her blog and even her social media posts is just what my SOUL needed to hear! I am a part of the Soul Sisterhood community, and everyone there is so amazingly supportive! I freakin love all my Soul Sisters! It’s so amazing to… just have an instant connection over the internet! I feel like I was led there and I am truly grateful!


*The excitement has really set in about Running the Nike Women’s Half in SF in October. I got an email from my trainer With Team In Training and it really sunk in that I AM DOING THIS!!!

*Goals: Get a couple 5k’s in and a 10K while I am training for the Half! Oh and actually train for them!


*I just picked this image “Slow”…. because I love it! I have so much work cut out for me to REALLY become a runner. And, I am ready to do this no matter how slow the progress may seem!

Slow Progress Running Inspiration

I started my day with a For The Glow “Flow”video workout almost a hour. It’s free week of meal plans and workouts. You can check it out HERE!

Gonna check out a Noon class at my Gym today, It’s called Complexes Cardio and I have no idea what it is!?!?!?! BUT, I will find out! Noon workout classes I have not been able to do because of school, I always had a class at Noon. I will follow it up with a treadmill workout!

My week is planned out, I didn’t get to grocery shop and meal prep yesterday, I will be doing that today.

Monday it’s the New Sunday! LOL

What are your plans for the week?!?!