Just a quick note about me~

I am a 30 something mom of eek teenagers!!! Working hard,  trying to be healthy, lose weight, oh and….. I want to be a runner!!! I’ve been on this HEALTH mission for about 5 years, when I went to the doctor and had to get put on high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and high risk for heart disease. My mother was only 37 when she had her first heart attack. This is just too scary for me! I decided to get it together and lower ALL of my risks. I am a non-smoker as of November 2011 and this was HARD, but necessary!!!

The running obsession is a new thing, pretty much this year, that I have been continuing to progress. Still a BEGINNER taking baby-steps trying to get to where I can run longer that 3-5 min at a time. I do believe this is a FEAR that I need to work through to get over. For now I call my runs HIIT (high intense interval training) because my runs fit perfect in that category. Somewhere around a 2/2 is comfortable for me…but I am ON A MISSION to break out of my comfort zone! I have total faith that I will get to where I want to be it’s just going to take patience, hard work, and perseverance. Part of my daily affirmation  is erasing the word “can’t” from my vocab, because it hold me back in so many areas of my life.

Another thing about me… I am a binge eater. I love to eat junk food until I feel sick! And sometimes I just can’t stop myself. I am on a roller-coaster ride with this, however the improvements that I have made in my life this year are nothing short of AMAZING! If I was not fighting the urge on a DAILY basis I could be easily 300 pounds. I’m not kidding. People often put me down, my stomach is bigger than what fits right on my body. I am continually asked when my baby is due. Not so much lately lately I am seeing some PROGRESS!

The exercise part is easier for me than the eating healthy. I love the http://www.toneitup.com nutrition plan, the Tone It Up community, and the trainers. Possibly the BEST thing I have ever found in my search for what “works for me” to keep me accountable, get advise, and grow friendships with others on the same mission as myself! No matter what time day or night I can find instant suppout with this group of fabulous women!!

Well…That is a little more than a quick note… I could of wrote for days!! Part of my procrastination problem i suppose instead of actually getting up and exercising!

I want to add that by no means am I an example of what to to to get is shape, eat right etc. Sometimes I can be the example of what not to do! But, I thought I would start this blog to keep me accountable on this JOURNEY…Yes it is a journey, a mission, and a challenge to reach my goals and just keep on keeping on.

One (more)thing about me… I get off track all the time! BUT…I never give up!!!!

16 thoughts on “Just a quick note about me~

  1. I am very much like you in that I was binging a lot and exercise was for sure easier, but also a means of burning off all the calories I ate. I commend you for starting a blog as it really does help to keep you on track. Thank you for signing up for my blog though! I hope that my tips and healthy recipes can help get you on track to healthier living! 🙂

  2. I also have another website that I will be posting videos and more about fitness/health about if you want to check it out http://www.staysharpbestrong.com and tumblr now as well 🙂 http://www.staysharpbestrong.tumblr.com x

  3. wish u the best !

  4. I nominated you and your blog for a Liebster Award! Check out how to accept it — I hope you do! ❤

    1. How cool I will check it out after classes!!! Thank you!!!!

    2. I will work on this tonight! Just looked it all over HOW FUN THANK YOU!!!! XOXOXO Laurie~*

      1. No worries lady! Adore your blog and wanted to show some love. ❤
        – A

  5. Linda @ Fit Fed and Happy August 24, 2014 — 7:05 pm

    I wish you had a email…you seem like a fun person and I’d love to see you at our blog hop #LIPlinkup parties!

      1. Linda @ Fit Fed and Happy August 24, 2014 — 7:11 pm

        Ah, did you see the notification on facebook? 🙂 So you know about it!

      2. Yeah I’m GGSA, Sweat Pink, and Fitfluential can’t remeber which one I seen it on!

  6. Hey Laurie,
    I was wondering if you would be willing to help me out with something. Recently, you liked my post, “How to Know You’re Enough!” …on my blog, begintobelieve.com.

    It really seemed to resonate with a lot of women; I guess we can all relate to the overwhelming-ness of being female in todays’ society.

    Anyway,because this post resonated with so many, I’ve decide to write an ebook entitled “How to Know You’re Enough!” – The Manual- The Female Edition.

    It will be a comprehensive, funny and honest list of everything we do, every day, for everyone, more or less!

    Would you be interested in making your list of everything you do, every day, for everyone, more or less, to possibly be included in the book? And If I use any “unique” items on your list, I will include your name as a contributor to the book!

    Your list can be anything you consistently do for anyone or anything that takes you time, mind and effort…things you do consciously or unconsciously, quietly or out loud!

    So if you’re interested and have questions, you can contact me at rdavis4848@gmail.com or you can just send over your list to the same email address along with your full name and email anytime prior to July 1st.

    And if you know any other wonderful females that might like to be a part of this project please feel free to pass it along!

    I know you have a lot on your list, so I really appreciate you taking the time. Thanks so much for considering it!

    Robin Oxford-Davis-

    1. Thanks, I will be in touch in about a week I am out of State taking care of my mother until the 18th.

      1. No problem at all. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


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