Moving Forward Monday

Happy Monday~*

Ahhhhh… a fresh New Monday in a fresh new Month!

It started off good, I woke up at a decent time 5am. Which is good! I typically had been waking up everyday at 4 and dragging all day! This has been the time for the last few days. Before the time change all of a sudden, I went from 4am to 6 am, and then with the time change BAM 5am feeling like 6am! I FREAKIN LOVE it!

I woke up got my morning pages done and was dressed and out the door heading to the gym ay 6am. Got my “test run” in. Let’s just say I have a starting point. Came home and took a nice shower that turned into a detox bath, because my body felt achy today.  When I was doing dishes, I briefly noticed my back pain radiating through my back, legs, hips! BUT, when I got into my real workout, I realized… “Houston We Have a Problem Here!” My Hips/Back/Legs are off and the back pain was/is horrible. I made the decision to quit messing around and get in for Physical Therapy. I’ve been trying to avoid this. Been seeing a Chiropractor sporadically, and thanks to insurance I get a massage once a month. But, It’s just not enough. My problem is way bigger than that. I haven’t been listening to my body and the problem has been progressively been getting worse. No wonder I have been skipping certain workouts on purpose and sticking with stuff that won’t hurt. OK sorry that was a long rant, bottom line I listened and now it’s time to fix the problem! and, my point being that I haven’t been listening. Or if I have I’ve been ignoring the voice!

In other news, I actually met my word goal of 2500 words a day towards my Novel Challenge for NaNowrimo. Basic goal was like 1667 words a day, but I decided 2500 was the number I need. It was super fun, and it didn’t even feel like a chore.  I am so relived that this isn’t as hard as I had been making it out to be, like UM, my whole life. I have always wanted to write a Novel or two or 5! I wasn’t so sure how everything was going to balance out by me taking on this challenge. If I could still have time to workout, blog, and homework! But, as it turns out adding this one thing that is time consuming, that I LOVE to do, was the key to me completing other tasks. I planned really good, did food prep etc. 🙂

Now, I have to re-vamp my workout schedule and claim this as “Yoga Week!”

Maybe, I have found my balance?!?!? 🙂


Yes! Yes! Yes!!!!! Right freakin now!!! No more excuses!!!!!


Anyways, had to lock myself in my room to write this and next up in homework!

Hope you all are having a great start to the week!


Happy Halloween — Goodbye October — Hello November

Happy Halloween! & a BIG TGIF!!!

I blinked! And another Month slipped by me! Where I live in Washington State it’s also Goodbye Fall Hello Winter Month in November! So I want to make the most of these last of these FEW Fall days. The weather kin of changes from all out summer to gray, gloomy,crappy and rainy! There are very few “beautiful fall days,” before Winter hits. Winters here aren’t too bad (knock on wood!) But, as a summer girl who deals with S.A.D. more difficult! I am currently looking at Natural Sunlight Lamps in my other window, while I type this. Every year I say, “I need to get one of those!” & Every year goes by and I forget or say I’ll get one later. THE TIME IS NOW! Also, on my fall bucket list is get into the allergist! I know I am in for weekly shots, but the payoff can be huge! I spend so much time wrestling with sinus problems! I can Immunity Boost all day everyday. But, in the end I end up with Sinus Infection after Sinus Infection. I put those two acts of Self-Care at the TOP of my priority list! Also, In between Fall and Winter quarter I need to get to Florida to see my mom and soak in a little Winter Florida Sunshine won’t hurt me a bit! ❤ These are my TOP Priorities!

Now for my fall/winter Intentions and Goals!


Living in the Land of Overwhelm.

I did a big ole’ Brain Dump last night, and continued it in my Morning Pages (at 2 freakin AM,) which I am currently going into week 8 with The Artist Way  ! I have to take a moment to be SUPER “grateful” that I am going through this and also, keeping up with A Course In Miracles.

I have a LOT going on and a long list of things I want and NEED to accomplish during the month of November! However, when I break it down into a time frame and time management every day, there is NO NEED to be stressed out about it! Everything I am doing is inching me a step closer to my dreams and goals. Super exciting stuff going on! Time management and planning is KEY!

My timer is my BEST FRIEND for projects, studying, working out, Fall/Clean Sweep with a Feng Shui twist, ME TIME, writing, etc. etc. I just have to take everything step by step — and day by day and I totally got this.


Today I am working on a rock solid plan to keep up with everything for the whole month. There are things that are just non-negotiable and need to get done.

– November Intentions –

~* I Intend to workout every day — no exceptions/ excuses! Even if it is a active rest day! This is at the top of the list, because this is ME time and and will help with future goals.

~* I Intend to EAT CLEAN — this is for my health and energy levels, this is just as easy as sticking to a plan, meal prep etc.

~* Carve out my study time — Just like it is my job! Eliminate distractions during this time. Time for school studying and time for self-improvement and studying for my certifications.

~* This one may seem crazy — but, it’s something I WANT! I am writing just 50,000 words in November for my Novel. That’s only 1667 words a day. This may seem like a lot of work but for me it’s play/creative time! I joined a group and an taking the challenge and I am not looking at this as one more task To-Do. I have a million stories crowding my head space, time to take the leap and get some of it out!

~* The most dreaded of these tasks is House Stuff! Again, my timer is my BEST Friend! And, sticking to my plan that I will have written out for each day.

Trust me…All this stuff can make my head spin too, if I think too much on it. So…… I am not going to think on all of it after today, I am just going to do it. I’m not working right now I GOT THIS! Breaking out planners, calendars, etc. Success is my only option! I am actually excited for this month and excited to get set in my schedule and work through my Intentions. ❤


Wishing you all your own success in November — On step — One Day at a time~*



Thankful Thursday — Fall Edition

thankful thursday

Happy Thursday!

This morning I woke up way before the sun will come up! I woke up at 4am. Just a few months ago, I was angry/irritated every morning that I couldn’t sleep in, no matter how hard I tried! Over the past week my early wake ups, all of a sudden, turned into, dragging my booty out of my bed every morning a half hour later, a hour later, to late wake ups where, I just didn’t wanna get out of bed. I just wanted to stay warm and toasty,snuggled in bed all day. So, I was waking up feeling like I was hung over. Then stumbling through my morning feeling stressed out and thinking, “OMG I don’t have enough time!” I think I have been actually waking up between 4-5 am and then just forcing myself back to sleep. I didn’t even look at my clock before I grabbed my stuff off my nightstand and got up and headed to the coffee pot. Notice I didn’t say stumbled! I drank my lemon and ginger H20, which I knew was waiting for me, as I had prepared it the night before, while I was waiting for my coffee and lit some incense and sat down and wrote out my Morning Pages.

Voila!!! What came out as I wrote them is that I am thankful for my early mornings! I love being awake while I feel like the whole world is sleeping! and, since I am no longer  Night Owl, mornings it is. I would prefer the time to be about 5-5:30 instead of 4 am, but I will take what I can get. I LOVE my daily naps. Even when I slept in I still felt the need to nap!

So, I just made a short story long, my first thing I am Thankful for is….. drum roll.…Early Mornings!


I am -Thankful to be ALIVE.

I am -Thankful my back is feeling better.

I am – Thankful for my Friends!

I am – Thankful for my COFFEE!!!!!! Very, Very THANKFUL!!!!

I am – Thankful for Fall and all the changes that are changing inside of me as the season changes!

I am – Thankful that I am in school. No matter my complaints I am truly grateful. I didn’t know if I was going to be able to afford this quarter. I feel truly blessed with good/amazing classes, that I feel connected with, and just have a overall feeling that I am where I am supposed to be.

I am- Thankful For Fall. I feel the winds of change stirring inside of me and I love it.

I am – Thankful for “DUH” Fall Sweaters, Hoodies, and Boots!

I am Thankful for Bonfires.

I am – Thankful for Hot Coco & Warm Apple Cider.m

I am – Thankful for my home and lovely Fireplace.

I am -Thankful that I just celebrated my 20th anniversary with the LOVE of my life! (yes, I did get married at 9…lol)

Most of all….. I am thankful for the promise of a Brand New Day, a Brand New Month, and a Brand New ATTITUDE!



List Five things….GO!

Workout Wendesday ~ Summer Bucket List ~ #wowlinkup

Happy Wednesday!!!!

Thank You Diatta For inviting me to the the Workout Wednesday #WOW Link Up! This is my second edition, it was so much fun last week! Lots of connecting between the people behind the blogs in the link up!

Head on over to her page Femme Fitale Fit Club  and show some love! And, Check out the amazing blogs that link up there!!!

WOW link up

Summer Bucket List

My Summer Bucket List — took a lot of thought!

There is so much to do during the summer — I am ready for some Outdoor adventures!!!

My Intention — is to try two different things a month, if not more! It’s time for some getaways!!!!


TODAY!!!!! Scary, YES! I am trying to talk my friend into taking off to the lake today for her SPECIAL B-day and we’ve always talked about cliff jumping and watched everyone else while we were floating on Sun Lakes in Washington State.  It’s a little bit bigger jump but straight down no rocks sticking out like that.

Rock Climbing! I have done this before…But I was like 21! Such a rush!!! I wanna do this with a few girlfriends!!!


Paddle boarding until Sunset! Throw in some Yoga moves, see if I fall off LOL

water rafting

I live in the Pacific Northwest! I can’t believe I haven’t been white water rafting yet!


Learn now to golf!!!

Stay tuned for the REAL pictures of my ADVENTURES!!!!


This is my friend Amy always up for adventure!!! Today is her Birthday Happy Birthday Bestie!!!!

Fitness Bucket List —

* Lose 20 lbs

* Run 5-6 miles without stopping by end of summer!!!

* Become a outdoor/morning runner!

* Increase Flexibility!!! (Lots of yoga!)

* Color Me Rad Run! (OK So it’s after summer) Discount code — RADFIT

* Mud Run! (Still looking)

* And last….. but not least…. be fully prepared for my Half In October!!!!

So, what is on your Summer Bucket List? Anything fun you would suggest? I didn’t list everything, just the ones I know I will complete before summer is over!





*– Motivate ME Monday — *

Motivation Monday1

Good Morning!!  Happy Monday!!!

Jumped out of bed at first alarm, ready to tackle my week! Last week, I had a good week. Mostly non-productive, except for a few good workouts, spending time with friends, family, and really just trying to calm down after Finals! Got my grades all A’s. I worked really hard spring quarter, lost 11 pounds (during spring quarter, mostly from Bikini Boot Camp,) and managed not to go insane! So, overall it was a total success!!!


I am determined to have a great week! I shopped, prepped yesterday. I wrote in my journal my planned workouts, I am doing a free Five Day Grain Free Challenge  from For The Glow. Link is to the Facebook group. Go ahead and check it out! It starts today. I think this will be really good for my body. I shouldn’t eat bread, pasta, wheat, gluten etc. But, that doesn’t always stop me! Going to see what happens and how my body responds through, different kinds on elimination over the next few months. I’m on a quest to find what works for me!

MARATHON TRAINING!!! I didn’t get any runs in last week, just workouts,so lets just say I am “getting started” on my training for my half in October! My biggest challenge will be…everything!

Truth — I am not an outdoor runner! I am about to change that, baby-steps. I’m one of those oddballs that actually like the the treadmill. The temperature indoors is perfect, my gym even has cable ON the treadmill and there are no dogs chasing me! (Note to self…mace!)

Breaking out my Marathon Training Journal, that I have had forever, and keeping track of everything! I keep track on daily mile too, but I need to write it out.

Marathon Journal

Also, have classes at my gym planned with friends this week! 🙂

No Excuses

I have a bunch of other stuff on my list of NO EXCUSES for the week! Really getting my home clean and organized is one of them! I sort of skipped Spring cleaning! So, I guess it’s time for a good WEEK or two of SUMMER cleaning!!!


So, what are your plans for the week!?!? I wanna hear from you!!!






Motivation Monday — Weekly Intentions


Happy Monday!! This is the best Monday morning I’ve had in a long time! Why?!?! NO SCHOOL!!! I didn’t spend all day Sunday finishing assignments, and stressing Monday morning before school to finish assignments or cram for a test!  up!

My Sunday was LOVELY! I got some cleaning done, took a long hot DETOX bath  to start my day, I took a nap, my friend cam over just to chill out, my son cooked Fathers Day Dinner, I read a book just for FUN, and woke up to a semi-clean house. AND…. I just spent some quiet time after everyone went to bed to write in my journal and set my intentions for the week!



Things I am loving right now….

* I just LOVE Heather Waxman’s Blog!

* I am in LOVE with Heather Waxman’s Meditation Album! Check it out Here! She really connects with my inner Soul Sister! Typically what she writes in her blog and even her social media posts is just what my SOUL needed to hear! I am a part of the Soul Sisterhood community, and everyone there is so amazingly supportive! I freakin love all my Soul Sisters! It’s so amazing to… just have an instant connection over the internet! I feel like I was led there and I am truly grateful!


*The excitement has really set in about Running the Nike Women’s Half in SF in October. I got an email from my trainer With Team In Training and it really sunk in that I AM DOING THIS!!!

*Goals: Get a couple 5k’s in and a 10K while I am training for the Half! Oh and actually train for them!


*I just picked this image “Slow”…. because I love it! I have so much work cut out for me to REALLY become a runner. And, I am ready to do this no matter how slow the progress may seem!

Slow Progress Running Inspiration

I started my day with a For The Glow “Flow”video workout almost a hour. It’s free week of meal plans and workouts. You can check it out HERE!

Gonna check out a Noon class at my Gym today, It’s called Complexes Cardio and I have no idea what it is!?!?!?! BUT, I will find out! Noon workout classes I have not been able to do because of school, I always had a class at Noon. I will follow it up with a treadmill workout!

My week is planned out, I didn’t get to grocery shop and meal prep yesterday, I will be doing that today.

Monday it’s the New Sunday! LOL

What are your plans for the week?!?!


Random — Saturday Inspiration — And, The Race That Wasn’t Meant to Be~*


One thing about me is my refusal to give up. I may have setbacks, and mistakes, and learn by trial and error…

BUT, I don’t give up!

*I live with intention~*~*

*These Next four photos were made while I was doing a week long daily Mantra Challenge from Erin Stutland

* Day One was an amazing audio called a Soul Stroll. It was about a 20 min audio with music and Mantras playing in the background. It was absolutely amazing and empowering! I even used the Soul Stroll audio as I was doing chores around the house.

*The rest of the week… was 5 min get you moving workout videos with a Mantra, said out-loud, while you were doing “Just Five Minutes” of exercise. This really set my tone for the week, as I was going through exams and preparing for finals.

*It was amazing how five minuets of positive affirmations and setting an intention for the day changed my whole world for the day!


Sadly… The Color Me Rad 5K is today and I am not going. I am feeling a little disappointing, but it’s just one of those $hit happens, kind of things. I WILL be doing one in the future, however today’s race was just not meant to be. First it’s about a hour and forty-four min. away from me and I planned on going with my best friend. Unfortunately, she has the worst eve infection I have ever seen. And, it just didn’t feel right to go all by myself and cross the finish line with out her. So, we will be traveling in the near future to one of the Color Me Rad Runs and do it together~*

*I am about to embark on an amazing journey….

*Journey to the Half!

This is going to be a dream come true, for me. I am teaming up through Fit Approach Aka. Sweat Pink Ambassadors, with Team in Training LLS. to partner up for The Nike Women’s Half in beautiful SF, on October 19th. I’m sure I will be blogging a LOT about this throughout the next six months! I am so excited and so proud to be doing this, not only for me, but to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

TNTI am Officially, Official part of Team in Training!!! 



I just wanted to share this with you. As many of you probably know I am a member of For The Glow and next week they are kicking off a free challenge that I highly recommend!!! It’s free JUST DO IT!!!

About the Challenge:

They are, kicking off a FREE 5-day challenge next week with online Glow Flow workouts + a slimming #glutenfree menu to maximize your results. To access all the goodies, join our community here:

What is Glow Flow?
Part yoga, part barre, part boot camp — this workout is the total package. The music is bumpin’, the pace is steady, and the sweat is pouring. Glow Flow will work you from head to toe, but in the midst of the movement — you’ll find yourself giggling and grooving. We push, we plank, we party. 60 minutes of bliss to start your morning, and you’ll be on your way to having the best day (and butt) ever.
#fitness #fortheglow #motivation #yoga #barre #bootcamp #glowgirl

Sweat Sclupt

Just wanted to share this Free challenge with you! Gives you a chance to get to know members of an awesome community and really get to check out what I’m always talking about when I talk about For The Glow!


I apologize! Yes, this blog post is random, and I jumped around subjects a lot! This happens when I take time off blogging!! But, I am back, ALL MY FINALS are DONE!!!! Last two weeks of school were nuts!!!

I will be posting a LOT more now and more in-depth with some of these topics.

Especially, my Journey TO THE HALF!!!  I have def got my work cut out for me on this one!!!

Hope everyone is having an amazing weekend!