Appreciating Monday’s– Avoiding Monday Madness

“Love Yourself First and Everything else falls into place.” — Lucille Ball 

Happy Monday! 

For a while now I have been almost designating Mondays’s as my (almost) day off. I haven’t planned much or else I will feel like I am not getting anything accomplished! So, if I do end up with a very accomplished Monday, it’s just a bonus. 🙂

However, typically Monday’s just end up being CRAZY! Despite the plan or non-plan! I need to work on my Monday’s! If I could just stay in bed all day on Monday’s that would just be great!

I did a pretty good job of planning out my week, this week, but we will see. I tend to underestimate the unexpected life events that always take place.

I am still working on and planning, my intentions for November! This is a short month, and November always goes by SOooooo FAST!

On another note: I am loving the time change! I AM REALLY FEELING THE EXTRA HOUR IN MY DAY! Although, I am tired a LOT earlier! But, with the extra really feels like I can get a LOT more accomplished!

Here is my, Top Ten for a good Monday! (Or a good Morning in General!)

  1. Meal Prep on Sundays! Saturday’s are for grocery shopping!
  2. I do not set an alarm on Monday, unless I HAVE to be up early for something.
  3. Wake up with Gratitude. Write. (Morning Pages!) or sometimes Yoga.
  4. Meditate before I even think about touching electronics!
  5. Chill and kind of absorb what is going on for the week and think about how I want my week to go and what I want to accomplish.
  6. Have my Detox Water ready to go upon waking.
  7. Sunday night’s, I have a spa night! Sometimes it could be on Saturday’s.
  8. Lay out my clothes for the day on Sunday’s.
  9. Take into account my families plans for the week!
  10. Start off the week with a good workout (typically it’s a evening on a Monday!) and eat clean to my fuel my body.

If all else fails…..Stay in BED and read all day! 

Free Challenge! I LOVE this, I think I have done them all!

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Happy Halloween — Goodbye October — Hello November

Happy Halloween! & a BIG TGIF!!!

I blinked! And another Month slipped by me! Where I live in Washington State it’s also Goodbye Fall Hello Winter Month in November! So I want to make the most of these last of these FEW Fall days. The weather kin of changes from all out summer to gray, gloomy,crappy and rainy! There are very few “beautiful fall days,” before Winter hits. Winters here aren’t too bad (knock on wood!) But, as a summer girl who deals with S.A.D. more difficult! I am currently looking at Natural Sunlight Lamps in my other window, while I type this. Every year I say, “I need to get one of those!” & Every year goes by and I forget or say I’ll get one later. THE TIME IS NOW! Also, on my fall bucket list is get into the allergist! I know I am in for weekly shots, but the payoff can be huge! I spend so much time wrestling with sinus problems! I can Immunity Boost all day everyday. But, in the end I end up with Sinus Infection after Sinus Infection. I put those two acts of Self-Care at the TOP of my priority list! Also, In between Fall and Winter quarter I need to get to Florida to see my mom and soak in a little Winter Florida Sunshine won’t hurt me a bit! ❤ These are my TOP Priorities!

Now for my fall/winter Intentions and Goals!


Living in the Land of Overwhelm.

I did a big ole’ Brain Dump last night, and continued it in my Morning Pages (at 2 freakin AM,) which I am currently going into week 8 with The Artist Way  ! I have to take a moment to be SUPER “grateful” that I am going through this and also, keeping up with A Course In Miracles.

I have a LOT going on and a long list of things I want and NEED to accomplish during the month of November! However, when I break it down into a time frame and time management every day, there is NO NEED to be stressed out about it! Everything I am doing is inching me a step closer to my dreams and goals. Super exciting stuff going on! Time management and planning is KEY!

My timer is my BEST FRIEND for projects, studying, working out, Fall/Clean Sweep with a Feng Shui twist, ME TIME, writing, etc. etc. I just have to take everything step by step — and day by day and I totally got this.


Today I am working on a rock solid plan to keep up with everything for the whole month. There are things that are just non-negotiable and need to get done.

– November Intentions –

~* I Intend to workout every day — no exceptions/ excuses! Even if it is a active rest day! This is at the top of the list, because this is ME time and and will help with future goals.

~* I Intend to EAT CLEAN — this is for my health and energy levels, this is just as easy as sticking to a plan, meal prep etc.

~* Carve out my study time — Just like it is my job! Eliminate distractions during this time. Time for school studying and time for self-improvement and studying for my certifications.

~* This one may seem crazy — but, it’s something I WANT! I am writing just 50,000 words in November for my Novel. That’s only 1667 words a day. This may seem like a lot of work but for me it’s play/creative time! I joined a group and an taking the challenge and I am not looking at this as one more task To-Do. I have a million stories crowding my head space, time to take the leap and get some of it out!

~* The most dreaded of these tasks is House Stuff! Again, my timer is my BEST Friend! And, sticking to my plan that I will have written out for each day.

Trust me…All this stuff can make my head spin too, if I think too much on it. So…… I am not going to think on all of it after today, I am just going to do it. I’m not working right now I GOT THIS! Breaking out planners, calendars, etc. Success is my only option! I am actually excited for this month and excited to get set in my schedule and work through my Intentions. ❤


Wishing you all your own success in November — On step — One Day at a time~*



*~Breaking Plateau — Just a Little Saturday Inspiration ~*


Happy Saturday!

I’m in love with SUMMER! It took a while, spring was just a long series of crappy weather! I have decided to invest in a lamp for my S.A.D. for next year. That is hard to admit, but you really don’t know how bad you have felt until you feel better! I pop out of bed at 5am everyday! No alarm needed! The weight has just literally melted off the last month! One pound away from TEN POUNDS! I feel like “ME” AGAIN! I have energy, I am really happy, and the things that should stress me out JUST DON’T! I’m super busy pulling off the last two weeks at school with a lot of hard work, but NO resistance. Even when I put things off and am busting out assignments, papers, etc. at the very last min … I’m O.K! The last month really the only thing I am doing different with the weight loss is……

I put my mind to it. I had been on a plateau for a while!

Literally! I made the decision that workouts come first above school work. The better the workouts, the better I stick with my planned meals! I have more focus for my school work than when I put workouts last after homework. I have been very MINDFUL about what I eat lately. If I’m full I stop.


My blog has been next to last on my list of things to do. VERY Last being housework! LOL My two week break from school, my goals are to upgrade my blog and clean my whole house, MAJOR de-clutter and garage sale! Oh, and get as much SUN AND FUN as possible!

What If

* What IF….

* What if…. I only buy fresh fruits and vegetables at the store.

* What if…. I go to the GYM on all the days I DON’T want to go.

* What if…. I eat slow and savor what I am eating instead of inhaling.

* What if I do my extra credit for my classes first before assignments that are due.

It’s been my WHAT IF’S THAT have been keeping me going the last couple month’s and they are working!


YES! I am feeling very happy! 6am and ready to tackle my workout and follow it with my TO-DO list and a butt-load of homework! Also…… Make some time for a little Vitamin D (SUN) today and a little FUN!!!!

Question of the day….

I always feel like in Spring and Summer I literally come out of hibernation.

Are you happier when the weather is nice?


~Fearless Friday~


I did two things I’ve been afraid of so far today before 5AM…..

First~ I signed up for my very first 5k! Yes that’s right you heard me right FIRST 5 k! It’s for the Boys and Girls club, It’s local in my own town, and I have exactly 6 weeks to train. My goal is to run the whole 5 k with out walking NO MATTER how slow! To me this is a…. OMG I only have six weeks to train…but, NO I am changing my mindset! I have six whole weeks to train! Let the Training Begin!

Second~ I registered to get my CPR and First Aid Certification tomorrow. I have been putting this off or had plans on that day. I am just going for it and doing this tomorrow morning!


Image via. The Tao Of Dana

I’m pretty excited. But I’ve got work to to! I’m great with HIITs, but running continuously, I am back at beginner mode! No worries I GOT THIS!


My Giveaway ends in 4 days for The Pretty Muddy Race!


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Now leave comments!!! What is your best running training tip?!?!!?

Super Seahawk Saturday~ Detox Day Four


YAY! The brain fog is starting to life and I am starting to feel back/at least half-way, to feeling like myself again! I’m feeling pretty darn proud of myself! I’ve had to witness family eating lots of “goodies!” Staying strong, I’ve got some good workouts in this week. Pretty much every other day, and evening workouts! I honestly didn’t know it was gonna be this hard to detox off sugar, coffee (even though I did it last year!) I have felt like PMS x 1000!!!! Luckily, I am feeling better! I must attribute most of my success to community support, Kambocha, and Wheat-Grass Shots!


I feel like this year is starting off with a lot of good Karma! I am connecting with so many inspiring people. I really get irritated when people complain about how we don’t communicate any more with all the new technology! I disagree. I have so many fantastic Cyber Friends that with out the technology, I would never be able to connect with. Another fun thing, is when you just meet someone and you know you are instantly connected. Call it a feeling, intuition, or like you met a #SoulSister! I have lots of those… and I can spot one from a tweet away! Or just by looking over their IG photos that we are like-minded! I still make time for my Real life friends! I wouldn’t survive life without them! I make phone calls to friends and family. Bonus, I stay connected to family I wouldn’t normally stay connected with VIA. Facebook!

DETOX + Workouts


I have got a bunch of different style workouts in this year. SO I know my starting point and what I really need to work on! The workouts I find the hardest, is where I will focus most of my attention after I am done with the detox. So far this year I have done Boot-camp style class in Seattle, Zumba (where I really ran out of steam about 45 min in,) A couple Treadmill workouts that told me I need new shoes and I am starting all over in running! (So HIIT style and c25k will help me with that!) I did a holy moly Elliptical workout at a JAM packed Gym, I just kept at it, for 3.2 miles after wanted to quit at 2 min lol (no other machines were open. Last but not least I found a AWESOME Yoga (Breath & Balance) class that is late night and I am in LOVE with it. And a couple at home For The Glow workouts for the Resolution Challenge (THAT KICKED MY BOOTY!) Right now, I’m kinda digging getting out of the house for workouts! My new over crowded gym has lots of workout classes! I can’t wait to try all of them! I was watching (lol) the Insanity class from the elliptical thinking….someday soon!


Anyways, Happy Saturday!!! I am EXCITED for the Seahawk Game!!!Just staying home, have healthy snacks on hand! I’m not in a place to put me in front of No-No foods! That’s OK with me really!!! Making my first batch of Kale Chips!


#12thWo-Man Loud and Proud!!!!

14 in Fourteen – Adventures


My Dream/Goal Workout Room at my family’s home near Seattle. We can totally do this! I WILL have this room by the end of 2014! It has a two person hot tub, shake machine, and a nice treadmill, with a TV in the room! It’s even on the second story! This is perfect for my extra room!

First Weekend of the New Year! We went over to Seattle (about 3.5 hrs away!) We stayed with family and I went there for Opening Weekend of the Resolution Challenge! It was so much fun to meet all the girls and Jennifer Jordan in person! A great way to start the year with a getaway!It was AMAZING! Saturday, I (don’t laugh) had my first trip to Whole Foods! Yup, I was a Whole Foods Virgin! We met up and went through the whole store with Jenn (For The Glow) with grocery lists and I learned SO much about what to buy/eat what NOT to buy/eat! Seriously! It was awesome! I felt like a kid in a candy store! Note to SELF: Petition for a Whole Foods or Trader Joes to open in my small town! Then the next day, we met up for a workout in Jenn’s new studio in Downtown Seattle. I got my booty kicked! (no joke!)

This was the view on my way to my AM workout! All the girls I met were so inspiring! One girl even ran a hour to the workout class! And it was COLD out!



I can’t believe I didn’t take more pictures!

On the way over to Seattle, I wrote in my journal. And… decided to COMMIT to at least 14 Adventures (getaways) in 2014! Some may be out of town Marathons, Girls Weekends (to try new workouts), Hiking, Water rafting, Vacations, etc.  where we are doing something out of my comfort zone & adventurous! Maybe even a vacation or two in there! But, looking for new things to do/try will be there theme of the year! Who knows, I may end up skydiving! I’m not gonna plan for these adventures, It’s way more fun to make them spontaneous!


Weight Loss: I admit I am totally guilty of Holiday/winter weight gain! Some of the pictures from this weekend, I don’t even want to post. I look like I’m pregnant in all of them! I will be posting pics as I progress!!! his is my year to get in the best shape of my life. I totally believe with my Mind, Body, and Soul. That the weight is just gonna drop off! I OFFICIALLY start my detox tomorrow! I will be blogging about this. Giving up coffee, is going to be the biggest obstacle in this challenge! Also there is no dairy, or meat, but not as worried about that part. But, hubby loves meat, so I may have challenges, as I go into this!


My Intentions: for the year involve learning, achieving balance, and success. I am gonna put 110% commitment into everything I want to accomplish! It really is gonna be an exciting year! I can’t wait to cross my first Finish Line, get Certified in Yoga and maybe a couple other things! Last year I was just prepping to make 2014 the BEST YEAR EVER!!!


So cheers to 2014, I can’t wait to share my Adventures! I want them to be spontaneous, fun, and FABULOUS!!!!

My Mantra is to be Fit and Fearless in 2014! Bring it! I’m READY!

Happy New Year 2014~*


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Yes!!! I am starting out 2014 with a few CHALLENGES! First I am starting a Detox! Not gonna lie it’s a little scary! I did it last year, but still scary all the same!

1~* Resolution Challenge 6 week challenge, starts with a Detox! No meat, sugar, caffeine, and no fun! JUST KIDDING! I have tons of support and it’s gonna be super fun! Not easy, but WORTH IT!


2~* I started May Cause Miracles over again on Monday.


3~* Picked up A Coarse In Miracles, it’s workbook is 365 days! I will start that tomorrow. Kinda listened to some of it on audio book!


4~* Starting again! It is great for working on your goals! I also have the book PUSH to go along with this!

(Note all these books just have exercises to do each day, nothing very time consuming!)

5~* Last starting over c25k, I am READY to get some Marathons in this year! Just gonna start over at week one and do three days a week along with my Resolution Challenge workouts. 🙂 I also have the c25k free app on my phone!

That’s just my challenges. Other things include Yoga Teacher training, Finishing School, Getting a job, a few more but these aren’t starting out the year, I will work them in as I can.


This is gonna be a great year! I’m excited!! I wish everyone a wonderful New Year filled with lots of LOVE & Blessings!!!