Randomness #JustBecause

Happy Wednesday! 

It’s two o’clock in the morning….

The End

Just Kidding! I just can’t sleep! I am not at home, I am watching my friends kids while her parents have surgery. It just so happens that the strongest windstorm ever recorded hit Washington State and the worst is where my friend is at, poor girl in a Hotel in the dark! (I would HATE that!) Luckily, her dad’s surgery was today and she had to spend the night, and she didn’t have to drive back home (which would of been REALLY bad,) because her mom’s pre-op appointment is tomorrow.

If I had my Journal this would be a major Brain Dump moment, but I don’t I have my blog — and here I am.

I have so much to be thankful for and so many exciting things are happening over the next few months, well… the randomness never ends!

I’m currently doing the Holiday Sweat Challenge with Run To The Finish and Fit Approach. I have my 5 miler Virtual Race Next week with Running on The Wall #EarnYourTurkey race. I’m kind of EXCITED! I’ve been getting in shape and my running is improving each and every time I run! This week, Holiday Sweat is focused on Core, which I have been neglecting lately! Something I realized I need to focus more attention on!

Side Random Note: I have another giveaway starting soon! Be on the lookout!

My last giveaway was so much fun I LOVE doing them! My winner Was Sandra from A Promise To Dad Blog.  I am loving her blog!

On another note I WON a giveaway! (I guess what goes around, comes around!) I won the Sunwarrior Giveaway from Susie’s amazing blog Suz Lyfe.

Geez… I could write forever right now, but I need to try to get a couple hours sleep before these kids wake up and have to be taken to all different schools!

Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!




Surviving The Holidays — Challenge Edition

Happy Thursday!!!!

Surviving the Holidays Part 1.

I have a wonderful love/hate relationship with the winter Holidays! My favorite Holiday is New Years Eve and New Years day, because it symbolizes that I survived the holidays! I plan on doing a better job this year of my own”Holiday Survival!”

For starers, I joined in some Free challenges! This is my third year as a Elf For Health! Sign-up stop tomorrow at midnight! I highly recommend this fun challenge. I’ve made a lot of good friends the past few years during this challenge! It’s a really easy challenge to keep you on track! You are assigned an “Elf” that you get to know, email and do the challenge with! You have one for two weeks and then you get assigned another one for the next two weeks etc. This is hosted by Elle from According to Elle and Lindsay from The Lean Green Bean. There is also a warm welcoming Facebook group to meet a lot of new friends!

I meant to post this earlier, but I’m trying to survive my last couple weeks of school and stay on track with everything else! Deadline to sign up for #Elf4Health is tomorrow! So get movin’ and sign up Here.


Holiday Sweat Challenge! Here is a new one for me! This has been my first year as a Sweat Pink Ambassador. I am totally excited about it! It is hosted by Run to the Finish and The Sweat Guru.

Holiday Sweat Challenge 2014_thumb[2]

Another fun Free challenge is hosted by Erin Stutland. Shrink Sessions!

This is a lot of fun, short workouts and check-ins on a Facebook group and lots of great prizes! It combines Positive Mantras with Workouts! I think I herd there is something like 10,000 people signed up for this!


One more to keep you eye out for will be posted around Black Friday. Is the Resolution Challenge that starts in January from For The Glow. So Keep you eye out! If you happen to be in or near Seattle I also, totally recommend this, because not only do you get the challenge, you get live workouts to bring in the new year. For everyone else it’s all online workouts with a TRULY AMAZING “glowgirl” Community! If you need some extra motivation, be sure to check out the For The Glow Blog!


I’m not trying to overwhelm myself with all of these challenges! They all work well together.

Question Of the Day?

Are you already in for any of these challenges? If yes, let me know and if you know about any other awesome challenge I should check out please let me know in the comments section!