Appreciating Monday’s– Avoiding Monday Madness

“Love Yourself First and Everything else falls into place.” — Lucille Ball 

Happy Monday! 

For a while now I have been almost designating Mondays’s as my (almost) day off. I haven’t planned much or else I will feel like I am not getting anything accomplished! So, if I do end up with a very accomplished Monday, it’s just a bonus. 🙂

However, typically Monday’s just end up being CRAZY! Despite the plan or non-plan! I need to work on my Monday’s! If I could just stay in bed all day on Monday’s that would just be great!

I did a pretty good job of planning out my week, this week, but we will see. I tend to underestimate the unexpected life events that always take place.

I am still working on and planning, my intentions for November! This is a short month, and November always goes by SOooooo FAST!

On another note: I am loving the time change! I AM REALLY FEELING THE EXTRA HOUR IN MY DAY! Although, I am tired a LOT earlier! But, with the extra really feels like I can get a LOT more accomplished!

Here is my, Top Ten for a good Monday! (Or a good Morning in General!)

  1. Meal Prep on Sundays! Saturday’s are for grocery shopping!
  2. I do not set an alarm on Monday, unless I HAVE to be up early for something.
  3. Wake up with Gratitude. Write. (Morning Pages!) or sometimes Yoga.
  4. Meditate before I even think about touching electronics!
  5. Chill and kind of absorb what is going on for the week and think about how I want my week to go and what I want to accomplish.
  6. Have my Detox Water ready to go upon waking.
  7. Sunday night’s, I have a spa night! Sometimes it could be on Saturday’s.
  8. Lay out my clothes for the day on Sunday’s.
  9. Take into account my families plans for the week!
  10. Start off the week with a good workout (typically it’s a evening on a Monday!) and eat clean to my fuel my body.

If all else fails…..Stay in BED and read all day! 

Free Challenge! I LOVE this, I think I have done them all!

21 Day Meditation Challenge with Deepak and Oprah (Starts today!)

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Happy Soul Sunday~*

Happy Sunday!!! Time to feed my soul and get super prepared for a crazy busy week!! Can’t sleep (Awake since 2am UGH!)so got up and got my day started off by reading a little from Miracles Now, by Gabby Bernstein!


I am on Miracle Message #3 — I want to feel supported, I must support myself.


I probably couldn’t sleep, because I have way too much on my mind! So it’s time to get prepared for a SUPER BUSY week! Plan my workouts, meals, homework assignments, home stuff. Set my intentions for the week!

I have to admit, I have been feeling overwhelmed lately! I am am only two weeks in to Spring Quarter and my days have been crazy! So for once I am gonna be completely prepared! I have an exam to take today, house to clean, laundry, grocery shopping, meal plan, meal prep… I will stop! You get the idea! The KEY to go into this week Fully Prepared! Also, schedule in a nice nap today and some ME time! It is so important to put myself first lately! Sunday’s are for feeding my soul! And, every little thing I can do to be prepared for my week is ONLY in MY best interest! “I want to feel supported, I must support myself. ” This message really resonates with me today! The house isn’t going to clean itself! The meals aren’t going to cook themselves etc. And my major 4 Chapter Exam will not get ACE itself, if I am not prepared for it! That is first on my list after I make out my weekly intentions!


The opposite is true, if I over-plan, I am setting myself up for failure!

Well, Coffee here I come. This week better be READY for ME! Because, I am going to be READY FOR IT!~*

I want to hear from YOU~!

How are you preparing for your week?!?!?






Success—Gotta LOVE IT!


YES! I totally killed ALL of my December goals! I finished and KILLED the Metabolic Reset and the #elf4health challenge! I can get in the perfect pigeon pose with out any discomfort! #BOOM I loved doing the #elf4health, I had the most awesome partner Jill (who stuck with me for both rounds!) from and with about 1000 challengers doing GOOD for this holiday challenge was AMAZING! I met so many other wonderful people during this challenge! A VERY Special Thanks, to Elle and Lyndsay for putting on such a great challenge! This was my second year. And… you know what?!?! I din’t find the challenges quite so challenging, more like rewarding. But, I have grown so much in a year, everything was just so much easier! Meatless Monday… no problem! I kind of been doing that on my own anyways. Eat a rainbow…. I am pretty good about that anyways! The rest of the challenges were fun, fun, fun! I loved doing the blog swap, and pay it forward, I could go on it was just a great experience!

So What to do next?!?!?I’m feeling so motivated and excited for the The New Year and the upcoming Resolution Challenge! It’s still not too late to join in for the Fit + Fearless Resolution challenge! It’s gonna be amazing I am totally ready for it. I can PROMISE it will be the best twenty-dollars and fourteen cents ever spent!  !!! The Personal Trainer,  AmaZZZZzzzzzzing Sponsors (Shhhhh I know all the sponsors and I know the prizes are off the HOOK!,) Kick @$$ Community, EVERYTHING about this is totally amazing!!! If you happen to join let me know, this will be my second year doing this challenge too!


#GEEKOUT! I can’t help it I’m a sucker for things like The daily Letters From the Universe! I read my horoscope daily, I subscribe to The Daily Love and more! I love to be inspired!


Intentions vs. Goals vs. New Year’s Resolutions!!

Here is my take…

Intentions are things that you intend to follow through with!

Goals are set more often on a monthly, weekly, and sometimes daily basis!

New Year’s Resolutions are awesome, I think of them more as things that you resolve to change! Like my Resolutions have more to do with finances, home stuff, habits things that need CHANGE!

A LOT of running in my near future! I am totally inspired to bet back on track with my running! I am at the point, where I am starting from square one. But, that’s OK! I’ve got this! I have my plan and before the 1st, I am going to register for a couple. I’ll guess I could run for 5 min MAX right now! Good thing I LOVE HIIT and EPIC runs! But, I am going to focus on increasing the time. I am going out for a trial run tomorrow to see where my starting point really is! My plan includes a lot of HIIT and EPIC to make myself stronger!

Daily Yoga & Meditation & Journal are high on my Goals List!

Then there is my, TO- BE list! Read more about it here….

I have had this list on my fridge for a year, since last years New Years Resolutions!


All in All, I am just darn proud of myself and LOVE the person I am becoming!



Happy November~* Or should I say Happy #MOVEmber <3

Not, only is it time to set the clocks back it’s time to………………………….Image

Happy November 1st! It’s so weird that it’s 7 am and still dark out! Here is a quick catch up on where I have been and why I have put off blogging for so long. Well, lets go Back to August, I spent three weeks with a god awful flu! Got better, then started getting, back on track, then my uncle passed away in September,  I had to go take care of my mom in Florida, and be there for the memorial. I returned home in the middle of October. I had to cancel all my classes for Fall, because I was gone too long and I used my school money for the trip. So the last couple weeks I have been working on getting back on track!!! So, far doing very good!!! ❤ I have gained weight since August, and it’s time to shed those extra lbs so I can get back in my jeans! LOL~* I am kinda ready for the time to change, so I can wake up earlier. I’ve had days where I have slept in too long, and next thing I know, the day is over. But, with less hours of daylight, it also makes the days go by faster!

This girl is ON A MISSION!!!! I have some pretty lofty goals for this month. My one BIG goal is to workout, run, walk, yoga, or even a recovery workout #everydamnday !! Image

YES!!! This is exactly EVERYTHING that I want!!!!

* Right now I have a few things going on, I am ROCKING the Metabolic Reset form For The Glow!

* I have signed up for two meditation challenges (I freakin LOVE these!!!) (Starts November 11th) and (Starts November 4th!)

* Reading May Cause Miracles again!!! I am on day 26~*

* Also, staring over Chalene Johnson’s 30 day PUSH GOAL Challenge!!! I am in a group on Facebook to keep accountable for this challenge with some awesome girls! Let me know if you are interested in Joining.


I am just really excited to get this NEW month going! I am feeling very motivated and inspired!!! I am going to work on posting here at least every other day. Even if it’s just to stop by and add some motivational quotes!


I hope everyone has a FABULOUS November! XOXO Laurie~*

Much Love XOXO Laurie~*

Random Morning Thoughts~*~*~*

This his how I started my day~*


But, before I got out of bed, I did day 13 of Oprah & Deepak 21 day Meditation challenge! I just absolutely love his meditations, OK so #confession, Just love doing meditations in general! I sleep every night with my iPod on some kind of meditation, Usually just sleep meditations on You Tube. Ever since I really made the commitment on the last 21 day meditation challenge (October) I am addicted! Sometimes, I do a sleep weight-loss meditation. I figure it puts me to sleep with out my mind running over what I HAVE to do the next day and it couldn’t hurt if it helped me lose weight lol! I didn’t realize it, but I take meditating to the gym with me. It’s when I am in “The Zone!” On my longest runs I typically think of a mantra, of just keep repeating abs, abs, bikini, or keep going. But this IS a form of meditation. My mind is still and just focused on one thing! I don’t even tell my family and only two real life friends that I do it, but I do, and I love it. Keeps me centered and focused.


#confession I was reading Gabrielle Bernstein, May Cause Miracles, but got caught up in school where I wasn’t doing it every day so I am starting over. I also checked out ing~ a hip girls guide to happiness by her, but when I Am in school I lose focus other that the task at hand…. PASSING! Which I did, and I am very proud of myself! I have a hard time getting into books when I am in school, because I always feel like I should be studying or doing homework!

Well, my schedule is a LOT easier this quarter, let me re-phrase…My schedule is a lot easier. I go to school first class at 10:30 and done by 1pm. As opposed to this last quarter which I had a night class in there from 6-9 and M-W and Chem lab on Tuesday afternoons until 5:30. Let’s just say I was busy! Always on the go, there was no such thing as DONE with home work. I tried to fit in some me time, I did at the very least sleep meditations, but I got caught up last quarter, and my home shows it too!!!


SO, here comes another #confession! My home is a disorganized mess. I don’t even know where to start. I start in the kitchen, and A load of laundry, but that was about as far as I got! And, by the time I was ready to take action, I was back in the kitchen and the same load of laundry. Kids and hubby keep their own stuff washed WHEN they need it too. And if there are no clean forks, clean them your self! So there you have it, probably my biggest “dirty little secret” PUN intended! Well, I have one week until Spring quarter starts, so I AM going to do something about this problem. Get some organization in my life!!! It will save ME a LOT of stress!!! I have ONE week, what I really need is a garage sale and get rid of A LOT of clutter. I NEED to find this balance in my life!!!

Hummm…so what else has suffered this last quarter, my exercise habits!! NOT this quarter. My schedule is perfect, I have #NOEXCUSES!


I’ve been re-thinking my school as far as what I plan to do with it. But, for now it is simply survive, get good grades, exercise, lose a few (or so) pounds, and keep the house clean. Not too much to ask right?!?That is my dream!

Planning!!!!! This week, I have already mentioned I am doing the spring cleanse! So I am cleaning out my body, my house, and my spirit! Go into this quarter CLEAN! It’s so nice right now with NO homework to do! OK so I guess I better get started!


Practicing the M word in bed every night~

Not what you are thinking…. The M word I am referring to is meditating!  I have been sleeping so good! I discovered pod-casts, and you tube meditations on my iPod. I was searching for “something” to bring more balance and Zen in my life.


Really focusing on my health from the inside out. I have been trying to fit in more yoga, I am making a commitment to really “learn” everything I can about yoga and meditation.I NEED this balance!!! 



SO… this is my new mission. 

As of now I am not very flexible and beginner yoga is my starting point. I have books, magazines, and I am studying to really work at making this part of my lifestyle. Not only am I “trying” to be a runner, I am “trying” to be a Yogi. I want to eat clean, find this balance that is out there in order to complete my fitness and weight-loss goals! I am really excited about these new changes in my life. 

Another goal in this mission to Zen is eating clean. Nourish my body to fuel my mind, body, and spirit! 



I am going to stay on my path to good health. I am going to have the body I want. I AM going to have the life that I want. I have a late start, I wish I would of had this healthy goal earlier in my life, but whatever! I have it now and I AM going to have SUCCESS!!!