Making Monday’s Magical — Balance


Happy Monday, May 4th! May the forth be with you!

#confession …. It’s never get’s old. I’m a old school Star Wars geek!


I believe there is a force in all of us that keeps us going. And, if we pay attention, it directs us where to go and helps us with our own life path. Some people don’t realize it’s even there and ignore the signs. Others just have a higher intuition and “just KNOW.”  You can call it whatever you want. But, bottom line is we are all made out of energy and need to keep that “Balance” in check. I can totally feel when my life it out of balance and my energy is out of whack and periods of extreme lows etc.

That is WHY……

I’m working on “focusing” MY Life Force, my personal balance… on yours truly in the month of May! #ProjectMeInMay

This is a pretty big project! I am kind of climbing out of the “grief” hibernation mode.


* Getting Organized

* Getting Grounded

* Extra Extra Self-Care

* Race Training

* GLOW training

* Focus on my other writing & projects (Success)


* House projects and getting #FengShui (Spring Cleaning) (Space Clearing)

* Core Strength

* Flexibility in BOTH ways! First, with my body because, I want to and injury prevention. Second, in my life.. work on and personal projects.

* Creativity

* Energy

* Nutrition

* Fitness

* Arm Strength (tank top season!)

* Spirituality

* School

* Just a sense of overall BALANCE

* ME (Priority #1)

So, today I am getting my week started off on great note and getting a lot accomplished and have I have some fantastic FUN plans for this month. But, also have some work to put in so I can truly enjoy my upcoming adventures when I squeeze in some FUN time, travel, and hopefully…. lots of fun in the Sun!

Hope all of you are having a great Monday and ready for an AWESOME week!!!




Ahhh…. Another Random Sunday ~

Happy Sunday!

Perhaps, I should of added in blogging in my list to commitments for last week! Things are “very slowly” getting back to normal around here. Every day is different. Good ones and bad ones.

Getting BACK to a Sleep Schedule!!!! Woah! Daylight Savings Time really thew me off all week! Well, O.K. I had more stress than usual last week. But, as far as sleep I have NOT been waking up too early in the morning, (like I have complained about before here,) instead; some days I slept as late as 9-10 am. It was so weird, it felt like there just weren’t enough hours in the day and is seemed extra exhausting! This morning I dragged myself out at 6 A.M. I seriously have to wake up around the same time everyday and 6 is perfect for me. Not 3 A.M. that gets old quick! And, not 10 A.M. because, that is just too late. So, 6 A.M. is my goal this week to make myself to get up so I get used to it!

My days are gonna be super busy this week too. So, I have to got to get everything planned out, prepped, and READY to have a GOOD WEEK! I think I am overdue to have a completely “good week!” Of coarse I am scheduling my ME time first! I have to finish up my online school classes this week and get ready for finals. My house is coming along so good that we are actually doing some remodeling! And, I have yard sales, but it’s TIME! I just hope the weather goes back to being nice! It’s been cold, windy, and rainy here. From almost perfect spring weather.

Getting up early has one really advantage on Sunday’s….. If you have to shop at Wal-Mart you can get in and out before the crowds if you have to get stuff for the week! Plus, I am enjoying the peace and quiet! I have some good music on and journaling and drinking some AMAZING Coffee with Cacco Powder! There is NO RUSH today! I am gonna spoil myself a little bit today when I go shopping! I NEED NEW workout clothes A.S.A.P. I love my shoes, but I’ve wore them so much around the house, It’s time for another good running pair! I need the reward first in this case! 😉

Also, working on some personal Writing Projects! The kind that actually make money! Which is fun! For a little bit there I was a little stuck, but I think I’ve shaken it off and getting back on track here. It feels really good that I have been able to get back to moving in “forward” action. But, this does leave me with even more on my plate. But, I got this. It just keeps getting better and better.

Just gotta keep focused. Eyes on the prize! Getting my workouts all planned out this week #NoExcuses there!

Anyways, that’s it! Just some “Random” Sunday thoughts before I get BUSY around here at home! I hope you all have a wonderful week!!!



Thursday Thoughts — Talking Focus

Happy Thursday!

Definition Focus:

noun: focus; plural noun: foci; plural noun: focuses
  1. 1.
    the center of interest or activity.
    “this generation has made the environment a focus of attention”
    synonyms: center, focal point, central point, center of attention, hub, pivot, nucleus, heart, core, cornerstone, linchpin, cynosure

    “schools are a focus of community life”
  2. 2.
    the state or quality of having or producing clear visual definition.
    “his face is rather out of focus
    synonyms: focal point, point of convergence

    “the resulting light beams are brought to a focus at the eyepiece”
    sharp, crisp, distinct, clear, well defined, well focused
    “submit only those snapshots that are in focus”
    blurred, unfocused, indistinct, blurry, fuzzy, hazy, misty, cloudy, lacking definition, nebulous
    “the shots are slightly out of focus, which gives them an eerie quality”
    • another term for focal point.
    • the point at which an object must be situated with respect to a lens or mirror for an image of it to be well defined.
    • a device on a lens that can be adjusted to produce a clear image.
  3. 3.
    one of the fixed points from which the distances to any point of a given curve, such as an ellipse or parabola, are connected by a linear relation.
verb: focus; 3rd person present: focuses; past tense: focused; past participle: focused; gerund or present participle: focusing; 3rd person present: focusses; past tense: focussed; past participle: focussed; gerund or present participle: focussing
  1. 1.
    (of a person or their eyes) adapt to the prevailing level of light and become able to see clearly.
    “try to focus on a stationary object”
    • cause (one’s eyes) to focus.
      “trying to focus his bleary eyes on Corbett”
    • adjust the focus of (a telescope, camera, or other instrument).
      “they were focusing a telescope on a star”
      synonyms: bring into focus; More

      “she focused her binoculars on the tower”
    • (of rays or waves) meet at a single point.
    • (of a lens) make (rays or waves) meet at a single point.
    • (of light, radio waves, or other energy) become concentrated into a sharp beam of light or energy.
    • (of a lens) concentrate (light, radio waves, or energy) into a sharp beam.
  2. 2.
    pay particular attention to.
    “the study will focus on a number of areas in Wales”
    • concentrate.
      “the course helps to focus and stimulate your thoughts”
      synonyms: concentrate on, center on, zero in on, zoom in on; More

      address itself to, pay attention to, pinpoint, revolve around, have as its starting point
      “the investigation will focus on areas of social need”
    • Linguistics
      place the focus on (a part of a sentence).


It really is thought provoking to look at the whole definition for the word
– Focus – I realized that this is what I have been doing as I reflect on this Month & Year, thus far.
I have been centering my attention on one area of my life at a time. My “focus” as a whole; as part of my life is out of balance.
But, I am working on it.
From this point forward, I am going to look at the picture (of life,) as a “whole.”  Yes, in the moment I can only focus on one thing at a time. Instead of trying to do everything in each moment, I need to take each moment separately, but by looking at the picture as a whole.  Each moments focus, building on one another, in order to achieve my desired outcome… Balance.
Focusing my energy in each moment. One task at a time. One day at a time.  I get it. However, at the very least I have to change my focus from moment to moment to other areas of my life. In the Book The Artist’s Way, by Julia Cameron, she talks about “The life of Pie,” keeping all the areas in your life balanced. For example; what good is putting all my focus on school work if my health area is out of balance, or my financial area is out of balance? What about time for my family?
So, my end goal is to get this circle in balance.
I can’t do everything at once. I know that, I tried “Superwoman Syndrome,” I just need to grab a flashlight and shine it on my life and figure out how to get this circle balanced out, and I can start by upping my level of focus in each moment.




So, there it is my early morning ramblings of bringing more focus to each area and every moment of my life, but by looking at the whole picture.

I took a week off a lot of things, after I got back from my vacation. — I had a electronic break for a couple days while I was away. Then when I came home, I have been working on limiting my time with my electronics. I also, had a bad slip on the ice on Monday, and have been taking it very easy! Add in the fact, I’ve kind of had a cold, and just overall not feeling great. So, I gave myself permission to rest. But, what is weird; in the middle of this rest, I am actually getting a lot of stuff done. But, I feel very off balance. Maybe, it “IS” Mercury Retrograde that is affecting me! So, I am taking some downtime… to focus on balancing out that circle. Just getting all my “mental ducks” in a row, so when my energy gets back, I will be ready.

This isn’t going to be that hard. Just a little focus on each area, “everyday,” this focus can go a long way!

Moment By Moment.


First Random Friday in 2015

TGIF! Happy Friday!

This is the first Friday in 2015, but probably my last Friday that It really doesn’t matter weather of not it is Friday! As soon as school  starts next week, Thursdays automatically become TGIT & Fridays become a great BIG TGIF! I had so much I “wanted” to accomplish with my time off, instead I took my time off as Time Off! I have no hard feelings about this. It was a much needed break.

A few years ago, for part of my New Year’s Resolution; I gave up buying latte’s and erased the word CAN’T from my vocabulary.

If only I had started a “give up buying five dollar coffees,” jug I would be rich!

Giving up saying, “I can’t” was one of the best resolutions I have ever made. It snowballed into a lot of positive thinking and irritation with friends and people who have the “I can’t” or “I will never be able to _______” attitude. The quote by Henry Ford, is so powerful, because I CAN! And, I always say, “never say never!” The power in the quote lies in the truth of it. If I believe I can’t do something, I simply can’t. Well, I can, I will, and I believe……. in myself!

road to success

I am finally on the right path. I am on the Road to Success and there are no detours, no pit stops and nothing that can hold me back!

In retrospect, twenty-fourteen was all about setting myself up for Success.

In 2015, it’s all about “making it happen!” I can feel the magic in the air. If I look within & take a really good look, my heart of hearts knows this is the year to make “$hit” Happen!” Or in my case making “shift” happen! I have shifted, I have changed, and there is no turning back now.

Forward Motion.

One foot in front of the other.

No looking back. Except for reflection.

Past the point of no return.


Chapter One… Let’s Do This $hit!

Making myself a TOP priority. 


I am cleaning house (not just my home but my mind, body and soul!) I am starting from inside and working my way out. Getting rid of everything that no longer serves me. And, I mean EVERYTHING! My path couldn’t be clearer! I am holding the keys to everything I want, I just have to put the key in the door and walk through.

Pretty much, my New Year really happens on the 5th. This weekend I will spend preparing for the changes that are already on their way.

And…. I am freakin excited about….EVERYTHING…Life, Love, and the Pursuit of ME!

Wrote out a commitment to myself. No more self-sabotage. It is one thing, that I have a great track record in the past. But, the past is just that, in the past. Like I said, “Forward Motion!”

So, what is first the first step?

Admitting to myself that I am ready for this. Really, truly, believing that I can achieve anything that I set my mind out to do!


And, that’s it! I’m not going to get into all the details right now. I left those details for my personal journal!

Just WATCH OUT 2015, I am about to “own” this year!

I made it this far I am going to……

Keep Going





Memorial Day Weekend – – Road Trippin — & Catch Up!

Road trippin on Memorial Day Weekend. Since, I will probabally have no service where we are going, I decided to keep a running log of my trip from my phone. We are headed to The Icecicle River, near beautiful Leavenworth, Washington. Hopefully, we catch some Salmon!! I was really stressed out leaving town this weekend when I am in my last weeks of school, finals, exams, I really brought all of my school books like I am going to get anything done! If I get my book read for my book report I will feel accomplished lol. Just hittinn the road, meeting friends there we are towing their boat, because we planned on going to Oregon, but plans changed, and we couldn’t take our boat where we are going. Hopefully, I stay on track brought some healthy snacks & food. Maybe a hike!?!?! Trail run!?! I know if I hook into a Spring Chinook, I will get my arm workout for the next two weeks! Well, just wanted to get this started and will add to it throughout the weekend!!



Well, we got in before dark and fished on the bank and didn’t get anything!



We were gonna sleep in our Honda Pilot but hubby decided to get a room in Leavenworth(a German town.) We had a awesome dinner at a little Italian place. So, good worth every extra calorie!!


Got up at 5am about ready to launch boat its cold and the river is running pretty fast. It’s beautiful out, but I’m sure it will be cold once we start moving.



Ok off we go!!!
Day 2 6am still  no cell phone reception, no fish! I’ve had the most deliciously wonderful cheat meals! Sorry, Not Sorry! Lol hopefully off to catch a fish, head home and homework homework all day Memorial Day! And the gym and green smoothies will be calling my name!!!

Day 3 — Pic at end of trip before we were on the road home. It started raining, no fish, I’ve been freezing, burning up and sun-burnt the last three days! My cell phone kept dying + no service + no fish + plus OWIE I look like a raccoon! O well, we got away, no kids and had a good time anyways! I won’t bore you with too many details. It was quite an adventure! The anchor to the boat got stuck and about a hour and a half the guys tried to get it out by climbing trees, fighting the rapids, and then going to a little hardware store and making their own anchor with chain, a bucket, rocks, holes, and a rope. It worked on some parts of the river. (We were drift fishing no motor on boat just a trolling motor allowed.) You had to anchor off to catch fish. Well, we ate out a lot in Leavenworth and everything was fantastic. I’m not even worried that they could be considered cheat meals! Worth every calorie!


Sunday night — I got back and CRASHED! I think I was sun-sick!

Monday — Homework all day I managed a whole weekends worth of HW in one day!

Tuesday — Back to school and my last two weeks and I have to buckle down like no other quarter! I was super pleased to still be down another pound,(even by not so clean eating all weekend!) when I went to my PE class! So far, in about a month I am down EIGHT POUNDS!!! I have broken my plateau and I am going to take major advantage of this! My weight gets stuck and then when I am off plateau I am steadily losing two lbs a week. Looking for my next marathon. I want to train right, for a 5 or 10 K. I’m thinking 5k that I run the whole coarse is a awesome goal!

Wednesday — Up early and ready to make today great! I love this Quote posted below! I’m still reading Miracles Now daily, and picking a random page. I’ve been doing some serious SOUL searching, maybe because I am at the end of the first part of my school, just summer quarter and I will have degree,but I am far from done! Trying to decide what path to take. I’m signed up to take signed up to take CNA class summer quarter for my remaining random credits. This is really pulling on my heart, I’m not sure becoming a nurse is for me. But, who knows, after this class I will either love it or hate it and decide to continue through the nursing program or change directions.

My truth — I don’t know which road to take. But, I am set up for all options!

I got this message in my email this morning! I LOVE my Daily Email From the Universe!

I’ve got decisions to make. But, I can take steps every day towards my dreams! Right NOW my focus is on the last two weeks of school, finals, exams projects, etc. If I think about it all, I’m overwhelmed! But, I choose to not get stressed and take it one step at a time! Getting in my daily workouts has been crucial to KICKING ASS during this hard quarter! I have to put ME first! And….. it’s working!


I hope this finds you all having a wonderful week!

What can you do today to take you in your direction of your dreams!?!?!?

Finishing this Blog, during quiet coffee time was my step for the day. I’ve decided to really learn what I am doing when it comes to blogging! FYI, I’ve been winging it. After all, this was just a journal. I never expected to WANT more out of it! So suggestions of taking the next steps on improving my blogging skills welcome! This is still a free Blog.

Anyways, many blessings to you all, I hope you are having a wonderful week!!!



It’s Been Six Days Since my Last Confession………..


Last day on the detox! I totally stuck to it and I am really proud of myself! I’ve still had problems focusing to blog, even though I meant to blog everyday. But, I wrote in my own journal everyday. It’s honestly been a roller coaster ride for me! My emotions have been “off the hook!” OK… So I completed the first phase AWESOME! Now I have to stay on track and not go crazy! I will continue on with no sugar, pasta, bread, but adding in my morning coffee with almond milk. To start off I am doing  meatless until dinner. Then I will keep it simple Lean and Green. If I feel myself slipping I will ask for help/ support immediately! The caffeine in my coffee wasn’t the real problem, it was the sugar in my everyday life. That led to binges, and gluten binges. The program continues on, so I’m not just left out there, I have support, and goals!


The Universe has my Back! YES YES YES!!! Every thing happening to me makes me realize this more and more every day!


Pictured above is my YOU DID IT present to myself! I’ve scheduled two weekends in February in Seattle, to attend workout classes, to get out of town and STAY accountable! Plus meet up with my “GLOW” Girls! This year is all about DOING, ACCOMPLISHING, and SUCCESS! I really can’t say I lost a lot of weight. But, I didn’t gain any! Now is the time to kick up my workouts and JUST DO IT!

941943_10151986282873989_1347882934_n YES!!! This WILL be my Way of life this year!!!