Randomness #JustBecause

Happy Wednesday! 

It’s two o’clock in the morning….

The End

Just Kidding! I just can’t sleep! I am not at home, I am watching my friends kids while her parents have surgery. It just so happens that the strongest windstorm ever recorded hit Washington State and the worst is where my friend is at, poor girl in a Hotel in the dark! (I would HATE that!) Luckily, her dad’s surgery was today and she had to spend the night, and she didn’t have to drive back home (which would of been REALLY bad,) because her mom’s pre-op appointment is tomorrow.

If I had my Journal this would be a major Brain Dump moment, but I don’t I have my blog — and here I am.

I have so much to be thankful for and so many exciting things are happening over the next few months, well… the randomness never ends!

I’m currently doing the Holiday Sweat Challenge with Run To The Finish and Fit Approach. I have my 5 miler Virtual Race Next week with Running on The Wall #EarnYourTurkey race. I’m kind of EXCITED! I’ve been getting in shape and my running is improving each and every time I run! This week, Holiday Sweat is focused on Core, which I have been neglecting lately! Something I realized I need to focus more attention on!

Side Random Note: I have another giveaway starting soon! Be on the lookout!

My last giveaway was so much fun I LOVE doing them! My winner Was Sandra from A Promise To Dad Blog.  I am loving her blog!

On another note I WON a giveaway! (I guess what goes around, comes around!) I won the Sunwarrior Giveaway from Susie’s amazing blog Suz Lyfe.

Geez… I could write forever right now, but I need to try to get a couple hours sleep before these kids wake up and have to be taken to all different schools!

Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!




Perfectly Imperfect Race Day –10K YAY #RunningOnTheWall — Halloween Edition

Happy Saturday & Happy Halloween! 

Today… I got up early (4:30, but with the time Falling Back tonight that 4-5 AM wake-up is going to feel like 3 AM!

I already had my running clothes laid out the night before. But, wait where is my SHOE!

Hobbling around room in the dark, one shoe on, turn on the lights, still can’t find it, (note to self today is the day to clean my bedroom…thoroughly!) My running shoe is MIA! so my old, old, shoes had to make due! 

This Virtual Race Day was not off to a great start. at least I looked cute this morning. Super Cute Hat with my Running on The Wall Gear (my camera on this old phone I’m using, is pathetic! For real the camera is so bad, it’s enough to make me cry!) I didn’t even really realize that it was Halloween, until I was done with my race (people were in costumes and I really wasn’t paying attention lol) …YES MY RACE WAS on a treadmill! I was extremely grateful, that I just had to jump in my car and go to the gym!!! I am loving the Virtual Race aspect of this as well as my monthly commitment to it.

However, the treadmill shut off like 3 times and re-started my time/pace/distance. So, all my race time is iffy I know Jogged/Walked under a Hour and a half. And, that’s all I need to know really! My only competition is myself and right now my GOALS are setting the bar and work on self-improvement…everyday!

Distance… I kept track of with my phone and about 99,9% sure I got the distance right.

However, in my heart ❤ I did the best I could! As far as distance, (may be a little sore, but not too bad.) I have completed a 5K and now 10K. And, feeling more comfortable to really start my “training and work on getting BETTER! Also, I know I have been working on this for years, but getting OUTSIDE and running, I am in the perfect time of year for this. Summer, I have the worst allergies and running in heat is harder for me.

Confession: I had the flu for two weeks +, this is my first real week back to feeling like myself and so no real training was performed! I did yoga when I could and practiced lots and lots of Self-Care.

I did way better than I expected, my time flew by fast, my body felt OK, I did the whole marathon more like a HIIT running/walking. With a couple longer jogs. The treadmill was fine today.

My goal for next month is to do my race outside! And, focus on real training.

Does anyone want to Virtual Race with me?!?!? If so sign up for November on Running on the Wall!

Cold Weather tips and favorite things (like shoes that don’t get wet,) would be graciously appreciated!!! 

One More Thing!!! I have a awesome GIVEAWAY  with 5 days left to enter! 

You can also enter to win Here!

OK, Two more things! I forgot to add my Overnight Chia Pudding recipe that was my before and after meal before my own race today!

My Overnight Chia Pudding! 

  • One Banana Smashed
  • 2 TBSP Mighty Nut Powered Peanut Butter Protein Don’t forget to enter giveaway! HERE! 
  • 2 TBSP of Chia Seeds (fold in)
  • I use Almond Milk, whatever you like/use will be fine about 4- 8 oz. (depending on how thick you like your Chia Pudding.)
  • Splash of Vanilla Extract.
  • Dash Cinnamon and Turmeric
  • Top with Blueberries and Toasted Coconut just for fun!
  • Added Blueberries + Coconut in the morning

Anyways, even if it was a 10K walk/run it is still a success!!!




Thursday Tribe Talk — Thankful Thursday

Happy Thursday!

What am I THANKFUL for today?! My Friends & My Tribe!

I don’t know about you, but I have a few amazing tribes that I belong to, both online and in person.

My circle of friends is small and I like it that way. I gave up the friends that cause all the drama, a long time ago. (Well, maybe there is just one .. but love them anyways!)

I can’t even explain with enough gratitude and words my online connections! Like it’s pretty freaking amazing! It’s just so weird, because you connect with people on another level. At least I do. I have different groups and tribes for different areas of my life that “I NEED” support. And, support is always a click away.

How did I find my “tribes?” 

  • Most of the time my tribe just found me via. some sort of Social Media.
  • I joined the right groups on Facebook. (The ones with NO DRAMA!)
  • What you seek is also seeking you — Rumi (Think about it!)
  • Synchronicity.
  • Reaching out personally to people in groups or online that I know belong in my tribe, has been the key.

My Real Life Tribe?

This took years and years of literally weeding out friends. But, all the bad friendship’s that I have had have taught me a lesson! So, I value the time I spent, even if there was a lot of drama, not gonna lie a lot of CRAZY fun was involved too!

As we grow our needs change, our friendship needs change as well! 

I always get this amazing feeling that I am “being led” through life, and the people in my life are there for a reason! and one person I am led to may know my next best friend!

How about you? I would love to hear from you? I’m pretty sure you all have your own tribes! What are your thoughts I would love to hear from you! 

Happy Soul Sunday — Birthday Edition

Happy Birthday To Me & Happy Sunday!!!!


Another year older & another year wiser~*

Woke up at my usual 4 am (no alarm) time. Spent some time with my journal and coffee! I can’t believe how fast the years are flying by at this point in my life. I’ve been waking up at 4-5am for months. If I go back to sleep I feel like crap when I wake up. So, I have graciously accepted that if the universe wants me awake at 4 am then… SO BE IT!

I used to be a night owl. But, this was when my kids were little and had early bedtimes. It’s taking me a long time to come to terms with this early hour. For a while I was dragging all day & a little pissed off that I couldn’t sleep in. Now I enjoy the peace and quiet of my mornings with every one still asleep. I would have to stay up REALLY late now to have this kind of peace and quiet. I guess it’s part of growing older. I do have to have a nap during my day & I am in bed before 10pm. I’ve tried staying up later, but my body clock still wakes me up this early! This may change as the days grow shorter. Just a few weeks ago if I got up at five, the sun was already coming out to greet me. Now it’s completely dark when I wake up. Once school is back in and perhaps I find a job this will all be changing. I used to enjoy my evenings when everyone was all sung in their beds, just as much as I have come to enjoy my mornings.


Everyday IS a Second Chance~* (My mantra to get me through each and every day!)

Now, I have a whole new year upon me. I am actually very excited for it!!!! I have had, major personal growth in this last year and it feels AMAZING!  It’s time to set some new personal goals/intentions for this next year. This last year I spent learning, preparing, and setting myself up for THIS YEAR! I’m at a even age and it’s still a even year and I have BIG plans! Personal growth and development are still my main priority. However, now I am READY in my mind, body, and Soul to take daily action towards making my dreams come true.

Priority #1 — ME — This is my time and TODAY IS THE FIRST DAY OF THE REST OF MY LIFE!



Remind yourself that it’s okay NOT to be perfect! A big fat Halleluiah!

This is hard…..

But, I am getting there and realizing that it really is OKAY!

In fact I LOVE that I am Perfectly Imperfect!


Cherish Yesterday ~ Dream Tomorrow~ Live Today — Richard Bach

I wrote a very long journal to myself this morning, about what I want to accomplish for the next year!

This journal entry is super long and completely attainable. I’m not ready to share all of it here on my blog yet. But, I will write out my main point.

* Daily, Daily, Daily!!! Habits, Workouts, Making time for MYSELF, and taking a step each and every day towards the direction of where I want to end up in a year! #DreamBig

My first major intention is Weight-Loss! This requires some major dedication! I am once again on a plateau! I know exactly what I need to do to break it. It’s only a little extra effort #Igotthis #imREADY — I’m going to be brave and post my transformation and progress on my blog & keep my friends and family aware of this intention, instead of keeping it to myself. I know exactly what to do…Now I just have to DO IT!

I could write all day, I will get more into my intentions in future blogs, but for now I am gonna go ENJOY my Birthday!!!

No Excuses!! Bring it on!!!!!!!!



2014 off to a AMAZING Start!




Some GREAT things to CHECK OFF my bucket list to start the New Year! Jan 1st… I got accepted as a Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador! I am so looking forward to a year filled with adventures! Then,Jan 2nd, I got accepted as a Sweat Pink Ambassador!!! Awesome Motivation to start the year!



This was my FIRST Green smoothie of 2014! And, just think a little over a year ago, I had never had one! NOW, I can’t live without them!


Failure was a hot topic in 2013! Lucky for me I kept getting back on the wagon, and ended the year on a awesome note!  I really feel like I have been moving forward, even when I feel like I wasn’t doing so great!


Anyways, That’s it for now. I will be blogging A LOT this year! It’s time to #getupandglow get my workout in, clean, pack, etc! Secretly, doing a super HAPPY DANCE right now!


Wishing everyone lots of BLESSINGS In the new year!!!

XOXO Laurie~