I’m sorry I am pretty much away from my computer now, because My Mother in Law is in the Hospital and they do not expect her to come out.

I can barley open email, and I just need a few more days before I can even think about doing anything major. I’m stressed out. But, taking care of what I have to…and there seem to me a lot of “have-to’s.”

Have a good Weekend XOXO

Sunday Night — ME TIME


It’s been a long day! I am still sick with a sinus infection. I’ve been allowing me all the down time that I need. When it’s this bad all I can do it wait it out and try to get some enjoyment out of my down time. Which I have been. Like having a To- Do list and the only thing on it was …

Breathe out of both nostrils at the same time!

I can honestly say, I barley remember the last week. It was a long week! Full of twists and turns and ups and downs. I think I feel better and then………… I don’t. Then there was just all kinds of other drama going on around me. I feel really blessed to have made it through that last week with my head on my shoulders.

Let’s just say I am been giving myself lots of grace and trying to do lots of nice things for myself when I feel like it. Like tonight, I am SO HAPPY that almost everyone is in bed (at least the ones who would bug me!) I just got done watching the Oscars. Lady Gaga killed it! I loved when Julie Andrews came out. I am still a sucker for The Sound of Music! Not that everyone went to bed, I lit some incense and candles and put some music on and gonna work on finishing my plan for the week! Gonna do a quick clean-up….. and then…..

I am gonna run some hot water in the shower to make it all steamy….. Then I got some bubbles, oils, Epsom salt, Sea Salt, Baking soda all ready for a super hot bath! Hopefully, I will be able to breathe and sleep!

Self-care is SOOOOO important! I love my Sunday nights! I don’t limit myself to just Sunday, but I do usually make a little extra time on Sunday Night’s for myself! I don’t know, it just make Monday all that much easier to deal with! And, with the way my life is right now I have to take every opportunity to take time for myself.

Hopefully I am getting close to the end of this sickness!!!!

Anyways, totally random medicated blog post! LOL Drinking some Tea cheers to a better week than last!


Late Night Random Thoughts


Yup! That pretty much sums it up!

I haven’t been this sick in a long long time. I have a full blown sinus infection. Even the flu I had for two weeks a couple weeks ago wasn’t this bad! At least with the flu I could sleep, and breathe! I tried so hard to be well, it all caught up with me. I did a few days “playing well” I give up at this point. I don’t care if I have to take NyQuil all day tomorrow I am gonna get some sleep!!!

Making a plan, a grocery list, I am so gonna overload on vitamins ….and good food. Today I couldn’t eat, so I have a feeling tomorrow I will be starving!

Seriously! I do NOT have time for this! Been giving myself lots of great self-care the last couple days. But, it’s time for this to go away so I can get back to my life as normal. Wait! What is normal?!?!

Between the flu, falling on the ice on the one day of the whole year that the roads are slippery, and now this?!? UGH! Go aWaY!

Lucky for me I don’t have anything major going on this weekend, so it will be good for down-time….. so I hope I don’t have to spend all my downtime with this crap!

Calgon…..Take me away!!!!!

Monday Madness — Inspiration — Motivation — Oh My


Happy Monday!

Woke up this morning to puppies my dogs new puppies and feeling really inspired and motivated to have a great week! They are adorable but a lot of work! I think my son stayed up all night while she was having them!

O.K. So, my digital detox is over. But, I am going to take some of what I’ve learned last week, to carry me through this week. I don’t need to be plugged in 24-7 and I am going to work on being more productive when I am online. (Work smarted not harder!)

It is such a weird feeling, I have a visitor coming today and I am NOT stressed about it. Yes, I have a little cleaning to do. but I am no longer living in total CHAOS! It’s so weird to keep up on stuff around the house. I’ve been letting my home hold me back for longer than I can remember. Slowly my home is coming together. Not just my home, but ME in general. I have been practicing lots on of daily self-care. I took quite a break here, focused on myself and keeping up with everything. Took lots of downtime while I have been in “transition” getting my Mother in Law moved in and back to better health, getting my home in order and keeping up with daily routines.

I can do more!

I consider myself a lifelong learner. Besides school, I spend my free time…. learning! I love learning about  different things. I realized how un-balanced all the areas in my life are. It’s getting better, but it’s still a lot of work that needs to be done. With everything that has been crazy that has been going on in my life, I still feel like I am in control. And… guess what?!?! I AM in control.



I’m really excited to get to the gym today and get my week started off right. Other than some allergies, the “I’m sick” excuse isn’t gonna “fly” anymore!

I have goals, dreams intentions……..

When I think about the main thing that I need to be doing in order to achieve balance in all my areas, my health is priority #1. It’s time to start 1/2 Marathon training, daily yoga, and work on my “own personal” exercise routines.

Another BIG focus…..

Going 100% Gluten/Wheat Free.

I know I’ve mentioned it before, but it’s a lot easier to “say” that I will do it than it is to actually “live it.” and Guess What?!?!? It’s time to live it. I’m not one of those people that are going on some “new” craze. I really should have no wheat or gluten and I know this. Every time I slip, I physically regret it. That always doesn’t stop me. Gonna start getting super creative in the Kitchen and just come to terms with “No More.” There are plenty of things that I can eat that I don’t NEED to put my body through pain just to have one stupid snack or meal that doesn’t serve me as fuel.

I may be a slow learner, but I am getting it! I feel myself coming together and it feels amazing!

This week….

* I choose to focus on my house, get the areas organized that I have been avoiding. (Trust me there are a lot, even if the main areas are company/visitor friendly!

* I choose to FUEL my body with “real food.”

* I choose to get to the gym everyday! (#noExcuses)

* Time management. Yes, I need to work on this. My digital detox may be over, however I need to keep a actually schedule and limit my time on stuff that sucks me in to getting stuck.

I’m gonna keep on keeping on! Keep clearing space, space, and more space. Make room for some new exciting stuff to come into my life.

Missed a couple weeks of joining in on the — Monday Madness “Link Party”


Go check it out…there are a lot of good and useful blogs in this “Link Party!”

So, what had been my secret to getting all of this to come together?!?! Honestly, going through this Feng Shui Catalyst camp has been life changing! Seriously, you should go check her out, Dana from The Tao of Dana is pretty amazing, and even if your not in the camp the blog and her You Tube Channel is filled with lots of inspiration and just some really good and positive ideas!

It’s not all superstitious Feng Shui, it’s just a energy thing. I mean ear ARE made up of energy!!! The changes that are happening feel like a “miracle” to me.

It’s all about complete “Wellness!” Mind, Body, & Soul connection!

Stay tuned, I have a giveaway coming up tomorrow on the blog! #yay I love doing giveaways!

I don’t know about you all, but I am ready for an AMAZING week!

Be well my friends!!! XOXO

Hello Sunshine


Happy Sunday~*

O.K. So, I had to take a break!

During this last week of Catalyst Camp, the challenge was to Digital Detox.

This was just fine with me, because all I had been having is internet issues and other things that could go wrong with electronics! It was really hard, I didn’t go cold turkey or anything, but I did keep my computer turned off as much as possible. It really was a eye online on how attached I really am to all my electronics. And, since nothing was working right anyways, it was perfect timing.

I spent my time doing other things. It wasn’t actually a total detox, because I still would have the T.V. on music or something. But, I tried my best to keep one thing on at a time.

All of a sudden, spring arrived early (I hope) and the weather has been beautiful the last couple days. Now it’s time to finish some MAJOR de-cluttering and really put all effort in th

e last two weeks of The Fend Shui, Catalyst Camp. I really hope the weather stays like this, I have so much crap to get rid of still, but I have come so far. I really have a semi-smooth running house. It is the stuff I have been avoiding going through! Probably, because it’s a lot of work! My major areas are paperwork, closets & drawers, and my bedroom!

Also, I spent a couple weeks being sick. Flu made its way around my house. The gray weather wasn’t helping either added to extra stress. Now, I am just trying to get energy back and early spring allergies.

I am going to make some goals that are for my health.

❤ Make my health a major priority. I made it to the gym once last week, luckily it was restorative yoga.

Now I am ready for more and get back into my workout routines! Time to start Marathon training and daily yoga or workouts and just go for it! Summer is right around the corner!


I just wanted to give a update! I will be back on Monday with a Giveaway starting and daily blogs.

It’s Time to get back in action. I feel like; I’ve been really off my game and really needed that time to rejuvenate and unplug.

Hope you are had a wonderful weekend!

Whatever Wednesday


Happy HUMP Day!

Geez halfway through the week already! Insomnia strikes again! It doesn’t help that I slept yesterday away! I think I was exhausted and it all finally caught up with me yesterday.

I woke up to this……….


Yup, that is my back deck off off the kitchen upstairs. My hubby was smoking fish and tried to burn the house down! Lucky the smoker didn’t burn all the way though the floor! Or, do any damage to the house. So, really just have to replace the support beam and 4 or 5 boards.

I put out the fire, (my house smelt like burnt fish all day!) and then I went back to bed! Besides not feeling very good and being exhausted, it just felt like a good day to lock myself in my room!

I slept almost all day! It was NICE! Until this morning when I woke up at 2 AM! Refused to get out of bed until 3:30 and then been playing on the computer, journaling, and catching up on The Originals.

I realized something important that I had not fully realized…………


I’m not even kidding! Somehow, my New Year’s Resolution stuck. and, I have been very, very busy getting my home in order! I still have tons and tons of work to do still… But, my house FEELS really good and has been kept up onto the point Visitors can just drop by! This is like huge for me, all my friends know they need to give me at least a hour to stash and dash!

O.K. So having my Mother In Law move in with us, really forced me to make the change. Forced a LOT of changes! I was just getting used to having lots of time to myself. Now I have to take my time to myself while the whole house is sleeping!

FYI — Feng Shui ROCKS.

Not only is my home transforming, everything around me is transforming. I can’t believe how much I raised my own personal energy. I am changing, for the better! I feel like clutter has been holding me back from EVERYTHING in my life! It only took one month for things to settle down and now starting to put routines in place and now I actually feel like I am moving forward. Not just with the house, but everything in my life seems to be moving forward. Even with being sick, taking care of mother in law, a stupid injury, a fire, and I swear, Mercury Retrograde is kicking my booty, but I am still O.K. and moving forward. My eating cleaned up a lot, my house is full of healthy food at all times, maybe one more day of staying at home and then I am ready to get back to the gym. It really blows getting injured & being sick! AND, keeping up with all my homework…. I feel like my creativity blocks are removed and it feels pretty awesome!

I still have a LOT of work to do on the house. My Mother In Law came with her own clutter. So, now I have to work on getting rid of all my $hit as well as hers! Cleared out spaces only to fill them back up again. I have a lot of cleaning I need to do as well. Especially, the stuff that never get’s cleaned.


It’s time to get back into my workout routines! Going to start with some For The Glow, at home workouts and Tara Stiles videos! My friends should be back from their vacations soon, so I will have my workout partners back.

Right now…

Time for ME…. is the most important item on my to-do lists! It’s so easy to get busy and get burnt out. I feel refreshed and ready to put my “Success Hat” back on! Moving forward…………

I am getting so much better at managing my time. I am also learning the importance of disconnecting from electronics! I just get overloaded and need to take a break every once in a while and make sure that I am using my time productively, while I am online!

I am also, doing a digital detox this week through the Catalyst Camp and learning about EMF’s. Something so simple as changing my wallpapers and screen savers on my phone made a huge difference and now I am working at cleaning up files, pics, emails, etc. And, making sure everything is all backed up.

Last but not least I am putting the work in on some awesome opportunities!

January was not my month! February is short, but I think I will be getting a lot accomplished this month!