Thursday Tribe Talk — Thankful Thursday


Happy Thursday!

What am I THANKFUL for today?! My Friends & My Tribe!

I don’t know about you, but I have a few amazing tribes that I belong to, both online and in person.

My circle of friends is small and I like it that way. I gave up the friends that cause all the drama, a long time ago. (Well, maybe there is just one .. but love them anyways!)

I can’t even explain with enough gratitude and words my online connections! Like it’s pretty freaking amazing! It’s just so weird, because you connect with people on another level. At least I do. I have different groups and tribes for different areas of my life that “I NEED” support. And, support is always a click away.

How did I find my “tribes?” 

  • Most of the time my tribe just found me via. some sort of Social Media.
  • I joined the right groups on Facebook. (The ones with NO DRAMA!)
  • What you seek is also seeking you — Rumi (Think about it!)
  • Synchronicity.
  • Reaching out personally to people in groups or online that I know belong in my tribe, has been the key.

My Real Life Tribe?

This took years and years of literally weeding out friends. But, all the bad friendship’s that I have had have taught me a lesson! So, I value the time I spent, even if there was a lot of drama, not gonna lie a lot of CRAZY fun was involved too!

As we grow our needs change, our friendship needs change as well! 

I always get this amazing feeling that I am “being led” through life, and the people in my life are there for a reason! and one person I am led to may know my next best friend!

How about you? I would love to hear from you? I’m pretty sure you all have your own tribes! What are your thoughts I would love to hear from you! 

Random Saturday — Hello August


Welcome August!

EEEK! I can NOT believe it’s August already!

Time flies while you are going crazy, I suppose! Crazy in a good way. Me and hubby have been taking off out of town every chance we get to go fishing. And. every trip is unplanned pretty much. He just wakes up in the morning and says lets go. And I’m like I’ll be ready in ten! I kinda like it this way! Just throw in some clothes a bag make sure we have all our chargers and pillows (can’t sleep without our own pillows!) Another reason I truly LOVE summers! Random days with friends as well when we are at home.

So, this is sort of a “Random Saturday” at my house! I am actually AT HOME all day with no plans. Except doing a BIG time cleaning session! EVERYTHING needs to be done. All this fun we have been having the house has been seriously neglected. Also, just taking the time to SLOW DOWN it’s a planning day as well. Time to set some intentions! Of coarse I can’t plan for all the random Adventures that August is going to bring, I can make a meal plan, a home plan, workout plan, work, studying etc. I really wanna stretch August out as much as possible! Get myself more organized, so that taking off is not such a big deal and I am thoroughly prepared!

It’s also, my Birthday Month! 

It’s also, the beginning of Football Season.

And, what feels like the end of summer. 

So, I am ready to make the most of it!

I am also, focusing on running (I’ve feel off the “runners wagon” a little bit with running due to my hips,) Yoga Everyday, and filling all the workouts in between! Some of which will fall under the adventure category! Which makes me smile!

I am about to get ready and head to our local Farmers Market. Eating so super clean is also a top priority this month!

Writing EVERYDAY is way up there on that list as well, as I am working on some projects!

Well, off to go enjoy my “Random Saturday,” pretty excited for a New Month. I feel good, like a lot of pieces are falling into place all at the same time. A lot to get excited about! And, how about last nights beautiful Full Blue Moon!?!?! Maybe that’s where my energy is coming from today! lol Whatever it is giving me all this energy it’s time to make use of it!

I hope you all are having a beautiful weekend!!! 



Finally Friday!!!


Happy Friday! TGIF! 

I don’t know about you…. But, I am ready for some Weekend! #ForRealz

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” (Unknown) I LOVE this quote and that is exactly what I have been doing! Creating MYSELF!!!!

I can’t believe how much time off I took off from blogging! I could write forever on everything that happened while I was on my break. So, I will make a long story short and save the adventures that happened in between everything!

So, long story short, I put my blog under construction so that I could redesign and change to hosted WordPress. And then = Life happened and happened in big ways. Some things super good and some super bad. Let’s just say I have been on an emotional roller-coaster and managing to have adventures along the way. 19 days of my web absence, was spent in Florida taking care of my mom who has taken a turn for the worse and her health is declining rapidly.

The rest of the time I have been working on personal writing and other projects and HELLO it’s Summer! And, just pretty much taking care of business the best I can, while I have been stressed. But, I feel like I deserve a pat on the back just for pulling thorough everything… stronger….

Anyways, I actually made a “actual plan” (with timelines and everything… lol) to migrate my blog and I am giving myself some time to get everything done right. Since, I am transferring everything over to the new site, I will continue to keep this Blog open and get back into writing daily. And, share all my adventures! Past and Present. Did I mention, I LOVE SUMMER?!?!?! 

Well, I do LOVE SUMMER and I am excited about a lot of things that are happening right now! I can’t wait to share!

So, Stay tuned!



Making Monday’s Magical — Balance


Happy Monday, May 4th! May the forth be with you!

#confession …. It’s never get’s old. I’m a old school Star Wars geek!


I believe there is a force in all of us that keeps us going. And, if we pay attention, it directs us where to go and helps us with our own life path. Some people don’t realize it’s even there and ignore the signs. Others just have a higher intuition and “just KNOW.”  You can call it whatever you want. But, bottom line is we are all made out of energy and need to keep that “Balance” in check. I can totally feel when my life it out of balance and my energy is out of whack and periods of extreme lows etc.

That is WHY……

I’m working on “focusing” MY Life Force, my personal balance… on yours truly in the month of May! #ProjectMeInMay

This is a pretty big project! I am kind of climbing out of the “grief” hibernation mode.


* Getting Organized

* Getting Grounded

* Extra Extra Self-Care

* Race Training

* GLOW training

* Focus on my other writing & projects (Success)


* House projects and getting #FengShui (Spring Cleaning) (Space Clearing)

* Core Strength

* Flexibility in BOTH ways! First, with my body because, I want to and injury prevention. Second, in my life.. work on and personal projects.

* Creativity

* Energy

* Nutrition

* Fitness

* Arm Strength (tank top season!)

* Spirituality

* School

* Just a sense of overall BALANCE

* ME (Priority #1)

So, today I am getting my week started off on great note and getting a lot accomplished and have I have some fantastic FUN plans for this month. But, also have some work to put in so I can truly enjoy my upcoming adventures when I squeeze in some FUN time, travel, and hopefully…. lots of fun in the Sun!

Hope all of you are having a great Monday and ready for an AWESOME week!!!



What I’m Loving Sunday + A Special Reader Treat


Happy Sunday!

Spring is starting to “get sprung” here in my neck of the woods. It’s time for me to get Organized, Major Spring Cleaning, and some extra effort and hard work on my part is needed! School, projects, writing, and training for my 12k at the beginning of May I love it when I am busy, and right now I am! Giving myself the present of getting and staying organized! My school work this quarter is def gonna keep me on my toes. So, I have been working extra hard to keep ahead in school, during this amazingly crazy & busy time!

However, I am making one singular priority. I am making sure I get my “Me Time” and “self-care” into my busy schedule! I went out and got myself a new journal. (This is where the magic happens!)

I have been, working on bringing a little Feng Shui Prosperity in my life! I am SUPER excited for, The Tao of Dana’s Feng Shui Catalyst Camp to start again on April 20th. That is the awesome thing about the program, is once your in, you are in for life. I did pretty awesome the first round, but this time the Camp is running just in time for some MAJOR de-cluttering and Spring Cleaning!
















Plus trying a little #FengSui abundance tricks.


RocksBox…well It ROCKS!  It’s so easy and cool. It really is the original Netflix for Jewelry! I’m here to offer a free month. Simply go use the code, laurievxoxo and you get three designer pieces of Jewelry to wear for a month. If you like to continue, it’s only 19 dollars a month and you can pick pieces you like to add to your #wishlist. Bonus, can’t bring yourself to turn a piece of jewelry, you get $10 every month. In case you can NOT let something go! Like this bracelet,  I am buying it! It’s actually more adjustable and I feel really good when I wear it. So yup, I am gonna buy it. The Jewelry, comes with a return postage paid envelope and you just send back the jewelry and in a few days you get three new pieces of Jewelery, based on your preferences and stuff you put on your wishlist!


Amen to this fabulous quote via. the Tone it Up girls, from the fabulous Marilyn Monroe!

I hope you are all having a beautiful weekend!



Happy Easter Sunday — New Beginnings


Happy Easter Sunday!

Coming to you live from our little mini vacay while everyone is asleep! It’s been a wonderful little vacation we are having and getting ready to make the drive home after some MUCH NEEDED time away and I am feeling so refreshed and renewed! Spent some awesome time in nature fishing. We do not have any fish to bring home, but it was still fun. With a little exception of getting rained on the first day while we were fishing on my husbands friends boat. I was cold and wet! I thought I would of been  O.K. with the 5 layers of clothes and the boat had a cover, however it was backwards and all five layers got SOAKED! Especially my feet, which I hate when my feet get soaked! So all day Friday in wet clothes. I have to say, what a workout.

This is my husbands friend John John holding the fish my husband caught, but handed to me not knowing how big it was. I really thought the pole was just going to snap, so I handed the pole back to my hubby! Unfortunately, this is the only picture that I snapped. It was catch and release Stergon out of the Colombia River between Oregon and Washington, but still exciting, and a great workout!

Then yesterday, no rain, but it was cold! I did mange to sunburn my face pretty good and that wiped me out! I was in bed at 6 P.M. Did not plan on sleeping all night! Well, until 2 A.M. I’ve just been up early enjoying some coffee and quiet time.

Hoping hubby wakes up pretty soon, so we can make the five + hour drive home. I have so much to do. I’m sure the house is gonna be a mess when I get there. I am just getting some new goals and intentions written out. Ready for my Spring Break to be over and classes start back up tomorrow. Gotta get myself back into routine, a GOOD routine that balances out fitness, school, writing, and other exciting things that I am secretly working on!


Time to get out my journal and get everything written out! Time for a major Brain Dump!

Well, I hope you all have a blessed Easter Sunday and are ready for an amazing week!